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  1. .........

    you could say something like that
  2. Random pic.

  3. .........

  4. Capcom VS SNK Mini Mix

    Thanks you for the compliments guys,who knows,maybe someone out there with great programming skill will create a Mugen out of this image!
  5. More Chibi Characters

    A few more Pocket style sprites for your enjoyment (^___^)
  6. Capcom VS SNK Mini Mix

    Sorry no WIP just a dumb pic I put together.
  7. Lucky Note (Lucky Star + Death Note)

    ohh geez Ryon you truly know how to out do yourself hahahahaahz
  8. Old Super Mario Bros.

    hahahah kicking it old school!
  9. Those with Orochi blood

  10. Capcom VS SNK Mini Mix

    Thank you very much fair maiden. (^__^)
  11. I'M ON FIRE!

    No seas Culo y deja de ser Troll
  12. The Hardest Boss that YOU have ever faced.

    Clone Zero from King of Fighters 2000,cheap ass BASTARD ARRRRRRGH!!!!!!!
  13. Pagina Chat en espaƱol.

    Alguien me puede pasar la receta para hacer Zacahuil?
  14. I'M ON FIRE!