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    About damn time....... Now if they would just release SO2 as well....

  2. Yeah people are tearing that console and presentation to pieces. I'm not surprised though. Most are trolls, and the others are people who expect too much just to end up getting disappointed. I do think paying for online sucks but I don't play many games online anyway. No big loss for me. 1 xenoblade 2 2 splatoon 2 3 shin megami tensei 4 Mario odyssey 5 no more heroes 3 6 fire emblem warriors 7 skyrim 8 arms 9 1 2 switch 10 fifa 11 Zelda Breath Of The Wild 12Disgaea5 13Dbz Xenoverse 2 14 Mario Kart 8 15 Ultra Street Fighter 2 HD I think those were all the games shown? Hope more are shown tomorrow. Was hoping for Smash Bros. Port or that Pokemon Stars people have mentioned.
  3. wow talk about tragic not only did carrie fisher die, but her mother died of a stroke the day after....really sad.

    1. Galvatron


      Man!.... that crazy.. :-(

      I tell ya 2016 has been rough for the famous folks...


      It goes to show ya no matter if you are rich, famous or not no one  can not escape from death.

    2. Ricepigeon


      " no one  can not escape from death. "


      Geese Howard intensifies...

  4. I hope they make this game more user friendly I guess because i'm having a hard time learning Umvc3. Kinda regret getting it on Ps4. In training mode when they tell you to do combos. I don't understand the inputs it gives you. (I don't play many fighting games either so that don't help much as well lol) I sucked at Mvc2 as well but felt I could pick it up easier.
  5. Rip Carrie Fisher. I thought she was gonna make it :( They said she was in stabilized condition. Just shows you never know what is going to happen....

    1. Galvatron


      Yeah me too I was hoping she would hanged in their for at least for more years but sadly her illness over took her. :-(

  6. Late to tell you this but happy birthday to ya Man! :-)

  7. Miiiiight be a bit late, but happy birthday nonetheless!

  8. A mosquito on steroids lol.....I dig it. I'm guessing that is Rockruffs evolution also?
  9. I am so catching this guy and naming him Falcor from The Never Ending Story...... He is my favorite new pokemon so far.
  10. I would insta buy this shit so fast if Ace was playable. He will most likely be an assist though.
  11. Wow the new Star Ocean game is getting torn apart. I just picked it up and from what I have seen of it, I thought it looked pretty good.(will have to play it tomorow and see) The Last Hope scored better than this game which is kinda funny tbh. That game IMO was a cringe fest piece of shit to get through....

  12. Lol at Superman needing an armor suit...... Also heard Atrocitus is in this game which is awesome. I hope they add Larfleeze as well and if Raven is in the game again she does not look like an old hag ._.
  13. Unless they change and balance A LOT (mainly with the created characters)of stuff in this game, then it is not worth getting at full price anyway.