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  1. Dumanios takes out the Trash

    Tanic has other bash-worthy creations. Mugen Database stuff. He does have some on Mugen Archive though.
  2. I'm back! Again...................

  3. Dumanios takes out the Trash

    A new pile of garbage from him:
  4. Pokémon

    There's Chespin, Noivern, Honedge and others in development (I am making Gourgeist, though I really don't want it to be as bad as the first version of Lilligant).
  5. Touhou Project

    There's also a character of a Walfas-user made by the same person, but said user gives the good Walfasers on dA and YT a bad name. So does the creator, Pgrs111MAGEN or whatever it is. Plus he made a spriteswap of Lola Bunny out of me. That's pathetic.
  6. I'm back! Again..................................

    1. llyyr


      Were you gone?

    2. Slkmugen


      Yeah. I'm mostly on YT, Wikia and dA.

    3. DartzPie
  7. Touhou Project

    Another crap character: Spriteswap of Beanfan's Megara. Need I say more?
  8. Still confused that sometimes, authors become overrated for the WRONG reasons, such as making bad characters (I can name over 10 that are like that). Then again, overhated can get mixed up with overrated at times. But that's just me.

    1. Slkmugen


      For example:

      I think Adventure Time is OVERRATED

      And I think that Sanjay & Craig is OVERHATED. Seriously, I can name a bunch of Nick shows that are over 10 times worse than that. I mean really.

    2. MugoUrth


      The style in Sanjay and Craig looks like a mix between Regular Show and Bob's Burgers. ...It might just be because Sanjay kind of looks like characters from Bob's Burgers. ...Also, Adventure Time is pretty overrated, but if you ask me... I think Gurren Lagann is about the most overrated show ever.

  9. I think he'll do Yukari/Cirno next.
  10. I'm back! But I don't know if anyone cares......

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Galvatron


      I just recently came back myself. =) Good to see you again.

    3. SeSsHoMaGoKu23


      Welcome back... and I care... even though I don't know you... but your part of this site and made contributitions... so I care :)

    4. Vality


      Welcome Back.

  11. Aya Shameimaru by Amzak UPDATED (08/31/2013)

    I'll check this out later. The last one wasn't really bad.
  12. Touhou Project

    Would it be worth it to put RP's Patchy on here? It's in the Releases board after all..... Also, Seravy released his Sakuya beta on his website.
  13. Patchouli Knowledge released (09/16/13)

    Who made that Marisa? o.o
  14. Gyokuto (Moon Rabbit) by Minoo released 9/3/2013

    So is this some Touhou manga character I don't know about?
  15. Chespin's evolution looks like a fatass. Still probably getting Fennekin, even if it becomes Fire/Fighting.

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    2. Kanbei


      But I do like how they give you a chance to get the old starters again. That's awesome.

    3. Slkmugen


      I am kinda thinking that the final Chespin evo would kinda be a Swampert/Emboar-like thing, mixed with a groundhog.

    4. FlipSide


      To Me , Chespin's Evolutions Looks Alot Like Pignite . Still Getin' Chespin...