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  1. this site feels so different from what it used to be.

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    2. thebestmlTBM


      Oh, so that's why there's not much update for the MvC2 Projects. :P

      Well I'm sorry to hear that and I understand, and hope you have a better luck with the other project you have so far.

      I know I have. :)

    3. DarkWolf13


      Heheh. Looking good so far. I have like one more fighter for MTFJ before I can release the game to the public but right now I'm focused on getting a few more Digimon my other one. 

      My recent Digimon MUGEN video: 


    4. thebestmlTBM


      Not bad. Digimon is pretty cool and all, but I'm mostly into Pokemon.

  2. Happy Birthday DarkWolf 13.

  3. Happy birthday, mate

  4. happy late birthday man :D

  5. Little late but happy birthday to ya Man!  :-)

  6. Happy birthday Dark, hope you have a good day.

  7. Happy Birthday, Darkwolf! :)


  8. I just want Wolf to return. And I hope we get a Gen 7 rep from Pokemon.
  9. J. Talbain/Gallon (Vs Team version, edited to MvC2 styled by me) and Lobomon (My version)
  10. For my Digimon fullgame, Digimon Tag Arena Main Protagonist: MachGaogamon Main Antagonist: M. Bison (Guest character)
  11. I'm not risking disobedience thru wt/trade. Pretty sure disobedience will be there is some form.
  12. Now more news OCtober 4th... I'm sad that Lycanroc's evos are version exclusive. I want to get the night one too. Guess I'll have to invest more money to get Moon if I want that werewolf one in my Sun team alongside my other trusty wolf.
  13. Just a heads up, tomorrow we're supposed to be getting more news.
  14. If the circle command starts with Up, you'll be able to pull it off as you will be on the ground again just before you finish inputting the command. Onto this: What I can never succeed in 95% of the time is combo from a move to a Half-circle command move.
  15. These Ultra Beasts remind me of the Bio-Digivolution in Digimon Data Squad... I don't know why... maybe because of appearance. But AYE!!! Lugarugan looks freaking sick!!! I'll be using both forms in my Sun team so that's 4 Pokemon I plan to use. It also showed today Midday Lugarugan carries a new priority move called AccelRock while Midnnight Lugarugan carries Counter. We might see their English names tomorrow or Thursday.