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  1. Happy B-day ma'fella! :D :D

  2. Screenshots Mffa Style

  3. Rouga Zanma by R@CE AKIR@ & LANCEL

    Rouga Zanma is a beast! Thanks for another dope character R@CE!
  4. Screenshots Mffa Style

    A versus portrait to go with the above.
  5. Screenshots Mffa Style

    That should be the final design. I don't want to look to cluttered with all sorts of things. Did you have something in mind? I am always up for ideas..
  6. Screenshots Mffa Style

    Messing around with some Victory Screen concepts
  7. Screenshots Mffa Style

    Versus screen update:
  8. YO!

    Maybe @ MFG I'm usually there. Thanks bro. YO KAI! Thanks & Good to see you here too man.
  9. Screenshots Mffa Style

    An intro that I'm working on for my SP
  10. YO!

    LOL yeah I'm so going to delete myself now. Haha. Legend of the Hungry Wolf cough*fatalfury*cough. Thanks for the welcome guys. I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay.
  11. YO!

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. @ Winmugen11 aka DarkWin12 I presume :)
  12. YO!

    Whats up MFFA! Hungry Wolf here, some may know me some may not. Not new to Mugen but new to this place, thought I'd check it out.
  13. Sodom by R@CE AKIR@

    Another great release. Thanks for sharing R@ce!