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  1. This -is- a decent character, though.
  2. You know that this is a direct location from Twin Peaks, yes?
  3. He didn't though. They're still up on his site.
  4. That still seems incredibly rude to the author, but okay.
  5. Actually, Chinese.
  6. "from: The Queen of Duellist Gaiden alpha+"
  7. I don't like the new sound replacing the hits on his beatdown super. Does anyone know what's with that? It totally lacks impact now.
  8. There's a bit of a reason for that. The original game only had two buttons.
  9. This isn't CyberWarren, that was a custom edit by Lord Sinistro. This is normal Warren as he was originally in Deadly Moves.
  10. Approve. Most people don't because his characters are broken, but they also don't realize the Asura series was very broken from the start, so it's not necessarily his fault.
  11. This is indeed Bola, just renamed, apparently.
  12. I don't see anything wrong with it. Kuma and Mr. Bear are both bears and are pretty interchangeable because of it, what's there to really change?
  13. Which is 'Joden', actually. That's how it was written in the bootleg game he came from, Top Fighter 2000.
  14. Nope. Hence "Joker_SF", meaning Joker_SuperFighter. He's been around since 1993. No reason to pass him off though. He's still a very interesting character.
  15. [preview] [download] [comments] I actually grew up on Super Fighter, so this was a pleasant surprise to me. It's a very interesting arrangement to say the least, however. For whatever reason, this author decided to give him a bunch of crazy-sounding voice clips. I eventually found out this was Jack Lupino of Max Payne, dubbed by none other than Joji Nakata (Wesker, Sol Bad-Guy, Nero Chaos, etc). His level 3 as pictured even references the whole scene with Jack conjuring up spirits and ending the original line with 'BLOOD TO YOU ALL!', but here he ends it with that line...and slashes himself, splattering blood all over his opponent. He also has a Matrix-style slowdown level 2, which is interesting to experiment with by itself. Overall I definitely recommend it. He plays pretty much like a Street Fighter 2 character (what with Super Fighter being pretty much SF2 in the first place) but with very strange yet amusing supers. If you want a surreal arrangement of an obscure DOS fighting game character, I really suggest getting this. I had to post a thread for him here because nobody else seems to really notice his release, which is sad.