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  1. Kohaku(player) vs Morrigan(cpu) Battle against Morrigan.
  2. MC'Chris(player) vs Trevor S(cpu) Battle against Trevor S.
  3. Inuyasha(player) vs Haohmaru(cpu) Battle against Haohmaru.
  4. MC'Chris(player) vs Mr.Karate(cpu) Battle against Mr.Karate.
  5. MUGEN 1.1 Problem (close down) Hi, I was working on making new screenpack. I almost done the work, but during test it, it caused a problem. When I first start MUGEN, It does not make any problem yet. But after like these below, It closed down with no messages. (sometimes not) - When I finish watch mode game. - When I finish watch mode game and start arcade mode or another new game. - And sometime, when I finish a game, some sprites of select screen or versus screen broken or disappeared. I don't know why I have to go through this. I checked all def files or sff files to check whether I have some mistakes, but nothing was wrong. (like versiondate, sprite no, actionno..) I had thought that this was caused by a lack of memory. But I'm using 16GB(8x2) RAM(though I don't know much about computer..) and maybe this would not be a problem. I tried to change some option in 'mugen.cfg' but nothing solution happened. (like cache, video option) And I also tried to reduce the sff file's size. But it is not solved at all. This is my sff files size. logo.sff = 203KB press.sff = 12.6MB system.sff = 445KB menu.sff = 20.6MB select.sff = 1.88MB versus.sff = 1.62MB fight.sff = 24.4MB (Add) I changed like below but sometimes it happened. logo.sff = 203KB press.sff = 4.63MB system.sff = 445KB menu.sff = 7.62MB select.sff = 5.4MB versus.sff = 8.52MB fight.sff = 24.4MB Could these size be a problem?? Or are there any other reasons??? I am suffering from this problem for two days. Really want to get out of this terrible hell. Please help or give some advice. Sorry for my bad English and thanks for read.
  6. Red Arcueid(player) vs Shadow Labrys(cpu) Battle against Shadow Labrys.
  7. Orochi Ash MA(player) vs Evil Ryu SSF4(cpu) Battle against Evil Ryu SSF4.
  8. Nanaya Shiki(player) vs Shiki(cpu) Battle against Shiki.
  9. Dark Super Sonic(player) vs Boss Broly(cpu) Battle against Boss Broly.
  10. MC'Chris(player) vs Dark Ryugen(cpu) Battle against Dark Ryugen.
  11. Red Arcueid(player) vs Shadow Lady(cpu) Battle against Shadow Lady.
  12. Orochi Ash MA(player) vs Nightmare Krauser(cpu) Battle against Nightmare Krauser.
  13. I had some improvement on Dark Super Sonic. I finished this time, but I'll add and adjust some moves later. This char was made for compete some tough chars. But it will be hard for "cheap" chars. Hope this would be a gift for Sonic and MUGEN fans :) These are some elements that I added. - Improve mobility - Improve most of effects graphic - Change hit sparks - Change intro and winning pose - Add some Skills - Add some voices - Add some Hyper moves - And maybe more later.. * Skill Commands (There is no exact skill name though..) - Basic Move x, y, z : Punch Moves a, b, c : Kick Moves x + a : Charge - Black Wave (Projectile) D, F, x or y : Normal D, F, z : EX - Black Claw (Upper) F, D, F, x or y : Normal F, D, F, z : EX - Spinning Kick D, B, a or b : Normal D, B c : EX - MAX 1 D, F, x+y : Dark Cannon D, B, x+y : Dark Explosion D, F, a+b : Dark Rocket Dash D, B, a+b : Homing Dash - MAX 2 B, D, F, z : Dark Eruption B, D, F, c : Dark Blast - MAX 3 D, B, D, F, c : Fatal Storm * Original Author is "dshiznetz". * This char has no AI. Link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByHkMXnbaIddR0c5TlBJaG1lOVU/view?usp=sharing Duralminn's Wix Homepage http://jxhkld.wix.com/duralminn-production
  14. Nanaya Shiki(player) vs Jedah Dohma(cpu) Battle against Jedah Dohma.