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  1. Inuyasha(player) vs Genjuro(cpu) Battle against Genjuro.
  2. Dark Athena 3rd(player) vs Madoka Kaname(cpu) Battle against Madoka Kaname.
  3. Orochi Ash(player) vs Demitri(cpu) Battle against Demitri.
  4. Red Arcueid(player) vs Tatsumaki(cpu) Battle against Tatsumaki.
  5. MC'Chris(player) vs Human Saiki(cpu) Battle against Human Saiki.
  6. The problem is fixed. Please redownload the file. Sorry and thanks for your attention :)
  7. Oops, I missed the thing that the vertical cell space is same with horizontal cell space. I'm sorry, I will change select cell to fit well now. So sorry
  8. Dark Super Sonic(player) vs Demiurge(cpu) Battle against Demiurge.
  9. MUGENGERS 3 HD Screenpack by Duralminn The third version of MUGENGERS Screenpack is released. This time, I had some works for 1.1 HD MUGEN. It was not so easy but quite interesting and have many advantages. After I recorded this video, I edited some select cursor(done). Hope you like this. Please enjoy :) This is for MUGEN 1.1 and 1280x720 screen. And also I added Orochi Kyo MA by MichaelArmaros which I edited some portraits for this screenpack. This also included portrait sample files like psd and png. You need Photoshop to edit. Lifebar portrait is suitable with localcoord = 427,240 * This screenpack doesn't include - Victory Screen (Only loading logo) - Ending Credit - Fightfx Files (Basic Fightfx) Check here for download. http://jxhkld.wixsite.com/duralminn-production/single-post/2017/03/09/MUGENGERS-3-HD-Screenpack-Released If you find any problems for this, please notice me. Thanks :)
  10. Nanaya Shiki(player) vs Black Goku(cpu) Battle against Black Goku.
  11. Kohaku(player) vs Morrigan(cpu) Battle against Morrigan.
  12. MC'Chris(player) vs Trevor S(cpu) Battle against Trevor S.
  13. Inuyasha(player) vs Haohmaru(cpu) Battle against Haohmaru.
  14. MC'Chris(player) vs Mr.Karate(cpu) Battle against Mr.Karate.