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  1. UPDATE 17.06.21 : Shadow Dio edit. Check first post. ++
  2. Update 17.06.20 : New bonus character added : Dianus (By A-KUE). Check first post. ++
  3. UPDATE 17.06.20 : Broly edit. (been a while...) Check first post. ++
  4. Same thing as the ReHyped/Megamix characters I've edited (Ryu, Ken, Ryuuken, Iron Man, Dr Manhattan). MVC styled gameplay based on my ToSix project. Original character by Crazy For S.F. : https://tinyurl.com/crazyforsf ReHyped edited version with a bunch of new specials and hypers based on : 119Way's Evil Ryu, Bathtub's Freya, HM's Haruka, Kain the supreme,Zanna & Rikard's Kyashan, Akue, Joseph & Zavala's Lodiac, AMZAK's Shameimaru, Siegfried8823's Valmer Rugal, A-Kue & Kill's Zodiac, Akuma's Mr.Ansatsuken. SCREENSHOTS : PREVIEW VIDEO : https://youtu.be/JTVEuyl75QE DOWNLOAD : http://www.duracelleur.com/mugen ++ D.
  5. Thanks gui! UPDATE 17.05.20 : New voice by DukeNukem 2417 (http://mugenguild.com/forum/profile/dukenukem-2417-59448) Thanks to him! Replaced by another hyper. ++
  6. Update 17.05.17 : 1 first bonus character added : Jun Lee. (Based on 119way's ShingoAS, Sprites by Wirlos Dignidad, Voice by Cadiaco82, Big portrait by Orochi Dark Kyo) Check first post. ++
  7. Dr Manhattan updated today. And yeah I'm still not an AI Coder.
  8. MGMX = Megamix. After 2 years of kofa, back to cps3 style. Same thing as the ReHyped/Megamix characters I've edited (Ryu, Ken, Ryuuken, Iron Man). MVC styled gameplay based on my ToSix project. Urien's original character by One Winged Angel : http://randomselect.piiym.net/hosted/urien.htm Carpa5 used the RACE45 patched version : http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/custom-mvc-patch-one-winged-angels-sf3-urien-rce-45-92899.0.html and released the first Dr Manhattan : http://mugenmultiverse.fanbb.net/t8125-iron-fist-wu-ao-shi-dr-manhattan-edits-by-carpa5-released Palettes by Yolomate : http://mugenmultiverse.fanbb.net/t5574-new-yolomate-s-palettes-blind-man-creator Megamix edited version with a bunch of new specials and hypers based on : Arkady's AntMan, 119way & Stephen's Apollo, Crucifix's Aura, BUG¾øÔµ¿á×Ð's Benimaru, Logansam's Captain Atom, Jin's Dark Adel, Wucash's Darkside, Hell's Exile, Kotori's Kyo213, Kotori's MK, ‚Ý‚©‚¦‚é's Orochi K', Acey's Sentry. Voice by DukeNukem 2417 : http://mugenguild.com/forum/profile/dukenukem-2417-59448 SCREENSHOTS : PREVIEW VIDEO : DOWNLOAD : http://www.duracelleur.com/mugen ++ D.
  9. Hi! With most playable characters and stages made and inspired by the gold age of SNK sprite-works from KOF 94 to Neogeo Battle Coliseum. KOFA 3rd version is not just a simple compilation. Almost 2 crazy years of seeking and digging about everything done in kof sprited style in Mugen. 720p screenpack designed by myself (same structure as the MMV one (wide menu and 4/3 fights)). 585 characters (+ hidden -not much kofed- chars) and 250 classified stages. Each character has been worked, edited, improved (with a simplified gameplay, 4 buttons easy combos and specials/hypers frenzy) in order to have the most complete homogeneous game. Every original authors credited. http://kof-anthology.blogspot.com ++ D. Preview : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxemGOaYwSY Screenshots :
  10. Update 17.03.31 : one last update. Coded some hypers to chars that needed one or two. Every chars have dodge forward/backward now. Adjusted life values for everyone (base 1500). Expect the whole full game tomorrow (wait until this april fools day finished) Check first post. ++
  11. Update 17.03.10 : Wayback Machine : added Alex Coold, Kazuma, Kevin Rian, Kim Dragon, Lilica, Loba, Loki, Luffy, Lynn, Marco Hwoarang, MK, Mr R, Ouroboros, Roomi, Rumble McSkirmish, Sacola Man, Sakuraba Sakazaki, Samus, Sharptail, Sheryl, Shin Akuma, Shin Go Hibiki, Strider Hiryu, Tifa, Treey, Yang and Yun to their respective letter. Check first post. ++
  12. Update 17.02.03 : Wayback Machine : added Allen Snider, Angry Joe, Bill, Claudia, Dai-Seki-Mon, Dante, Dark AI, Evil Ken, Evil Soul, Exile, Ghost Rider, G-Mantle, Green, Hyo Korinagi, Jagaoh Jazu, Jimmy Lee, Jubei Yamada, Kagami Taei, Kairi, Kasumi, to their respective letter. Check first post. ++
  13. Update 16.12.20 : 26 -X&Y&Z- characters. OK guys, 553 characters edited since september 2015. I didn't think I could do it but yeah I'm a crazy-head machine. Still got 40-50 characters to do (wayback machine...). Next step is the 720p screenpack to hold everybody. Stages and music selection. And the full game. Give me one or two last months and I'm done. Check first post. ++
  14. Update 16.12.03 : 18 -V&W- characters. Check first post. ++
  15. Update 16.11.08 : 17 -T&U- characters. Check first post. ++