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  1. CHARACTERS -Added Machoke by willg8686.
  2. Like I said on Discord, the criteria for the silver and gold trophies enforces a specific design for characters and thus kills variety, as you're basically telling people to flood their characters with content they don't necessarily need. Having too many moves leads to moveset saturation and thus results in redundant moves; it's better to have a smaller moveset where every move has a purpose than to have a large moveset where some moves are useless compared to others or just serve the same purpose. In addition, assists require the character to be designed around them, but what this suggests is to just have them for the sake of having them. In short, I cannot agree with the current trophy criteria because it pushes quantity over quality and rewards creators for following these ridiculous standards instead of making what they want. As a side note, the platinum trophy criteria doesn't take into consideration the complexity (or lack thereof) of the original game, so someone could spend ages figuring out the nuances of UNIST to get that trophy, only for someone to also get it just for making something from Kart Fighter.
  3. Beat you to it 😛 CHARACTERS -Added Diancie by vo-jk. STAGES -Added Temporal Tower Summit by CozySquirtle.
  4. https://erosgiovanni92.wixsite.com/ikutronhdsites/personajes
  5. EVO lineup looking good this year.



  6. I feel like I've seen you somewhere before... Welcome 😛
  7. Lol, you only post here to shill MA. Go do something more productive with your time than talking down every site that isn't MA.
  8. CHARACTERS -Added Zangoose by MugenFan1998. -Updated Hitmonchan by willg8686. STAGES -Added Hoenn Plains by Kater15.
  9. Depends on the screenpack and the layout of the associated select.def. You won't lose those characters as long as you keep the chars folder intact, but it's unlikely your current select.def layout is the same as EvE's.
  10. CHARACTERS -Added Hitmonchan by willg8686.
  11. I doubt there's no system.def, as MUGEN wouldn't load without it, but what you're actually looking for is select.def if you want to add characters. This is MUGEN, right? You posted this on the wrong board if that's the case.
  12. It would appear you forgot to include the stage in your zip.
  13. CHARACTERS -Added Dark Mewtwo 2nd by sparta412.
  14. CHARACTERS -Added Machop by EarthwormJim4. -Added Celesteela by a bunch of people, but for the sake of simplicity I've credited it to CS x TBM.
  15. CHARACTERS -Added Pikachu by Pizzasause. -Added Cyndaquil by LameR.
  16. While I'm slightly leaning more towards Ver. B simply because the text is clearer, I'd have made it so Goku's portrait was actual artwork like the rest of them, as the pixel art is kinda jarring in comparison. EDIT: Also noticed the text isn't properly centre-aligned.
  17. For starters, you'll be wanting to embed an image that's hosted somewhere we can see it. I'm not seeing a game on the end of that link, only a soundtrack consisting of one song.
  18. I had a feeling I rehosted this ages ago.
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