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  1. Chances are the stage's .sff is incompatible with the version of MUGEN you're using.
  2. STAGES -Added celesteelashowcase by nobod.
  3. CHARACTERS -Added Logcocleo by LTD911.
  4. At about 5 AM this morning, I learned that wasps have no objections to attacking those who are sleeping.

  5. You imply I knew about it in the first place. STAGES -Added Saffron City by atomicdog2020.
  6. Donesies:!rQtxXCRZ!PJcBH93yCknQih5g2M-x9A I'd upload the non-Touhou stages, but my upload speed is garbage.
  7. CHARACTERS -Added Ho-Oh by JoeyTheMarillFan.
  8. CHARACTERS -Added the following characters by cesarsombra (are ya ready, kids?): -Wartortle -Weedle -Kakuna -Pidgey -Pidgeotto -Rattata -Raticate -Spearow -Ekans -Sandshrew -Nidoran -Nidorina -Clefairy -Vulpix -Zubat -Golbat -Gloom -Vileplume -Venonat -Venomoth -Dugtrio -Mankey -Growlithe -Poliwag -Poliwhirl -Kadabra -Machop -Tentacool -Geodude -Golem -Slowpoke -Slowbro -Farfetch'd -Seel -Grimer and Muk -Shellder -Cloyster -Drowzee -Krabby -Exeggcute -Cubone -Tangela -Horsea -Seadra -Goldeen -Staryu -Porygon -Kabuto -Bayleef -Sentret -Spinarak -Crowbat -Mareep -Flaaffy -Skiploom -Pineco -Dunsparce -Slugma -Mantine -Houndour -Stantler -Tyrogue -Pupitar -Ho-Oh -Blue Hah...
  9. CHARACTERS -Added Ivysaur by Camren Springer. -Added the following characters by XavierYagami: -Charizard -Gardevoir -Lucario Fingers crossed I'm going to be a sad piece of piss and add cesar's characters over the weekend.
  10. Welcome to MFFA! Please make yourself at home, but be aware that the fridge is off-limits.
  11. Repeating what I said on YouTube, it's a known issue with 1.1. The way around it is to increase the fade transition between screens, but that ends up looking really odd. It's not just Arcade Mode where it occurs either, as any menu transition will cut sound effects off.
  12. I can download them just fine. What happens when you try?
  13. CHARACTERS -Added The Pikachu by -Eco-.
  14. I'm holding a Choice Scarf.
  15. CHARACTERS -Added Choice Banned Gyaradros by Brergrsart.