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  1. Pokémon

    Seems he got rid of the MUGEN section from his website. Ah well, link fixed.
  2. Pokémon

    Blimey, it appears the old one got deleted :/ [ Characters ] Word of warning, the majority of these are terrible and not worth a spot in your roster. Then again, perhaps you want a roster full of Pokémon, no matter how awful :U Please be aware that NSFW (not safe for work) characters exist within this collection, even if I don't actively go looking for them. For those who wish to avoid them, I've added a small icon to the download box of each one: - The character is NSFW because of sprites contained within the sprite file, though these sprites don't show up in normal gameplay, or only show up as compatibility sprites against NSFW characters. - The character is completely NSFW, or whatever makes them NSFW shows up in normal gameplay. This collection is also missing characters that I have been unable to retrieve due to dead links and the like. I'd be most grateful if you helped me find them! Missing characters HCL's Jigglypuff Lance.9's Mewtwo InvincibleMugenGuy2013's Snivy - No known M.U.G.E.N version specifications. - DOS M.U.G.E.N only. - WinMUGEN only. - M.U.G.E.N 1.0 only (likely still works in 1.1). - M.U.G.E.N 1.1 only. - Download is unavailable/broken. [ Stages ] [ Misc. ] Screenpacks, lifebars, patches... You want it? It's yours my friend, as long as you have enough bandwidth. Pokemon: MUGEN Edition screenpack by LunarDash Pokemon Type Wild screenpack by Seth Lee Pokémon Type:Wild Beta 5.3 Arrange screenpack by PeeJay Bonobo Pokemon Puzzle Challenge lifebars by Ky/Squirtle A.I. patch for Gladiacloud & Dylanius9000's Pikachu by Galeo A.I. patch for Gladiacloud & Dylanius9000's Heracross by Galeo A.I. patch for Ðshiznetz's Gardevoir by Tudura A.I. patch for Z.A.I.'s Aiant (Durant) by Laharl A.I. patch for Z.A.I.'s Shandera (Chandelure) by Kuron Additional palettes for various Pokémon by Oliver As Latias Additional palettes for Dylanius9000's Jigglypuff by Kater15 Additional palettes for Gladiacloud & Dylanius9000's Heracross by Kater15 Additional palettes for Some Guy's Smeargle by Endercreeper Additional palettes for Minoo's Ramparudo (Rampardos) by GarchompMatt Male voice for Flareon Female voice for Jolteon Super Smash Bros. 4 voice for Ðshiznetz's Lucario by Fist Dracon Male voice for Glaceon Palette patch for Ðshiznetz's Gardevoir by GarchompMatt 'Weak Patch' for Joey Faust's Wigglytuff by YochiThMaster333 [ Full Games ] Gotta play 'em all! Pokemon Mugen Edition by Bruno_SS Project Catch 'Em All by Ryon & Alexei Pokemon by AxKing Pokemon by AxKing (M.U.G.E.N 1.1) You know the drill: you find something not in this collection, you post it up. If any of the links aren't working, let me know. [ Project Catch 'Em All ] "Project Catch 'Em All is a new take on the classic Pokémon games we know and love. It's reimagined and fit for the M.U.G.E.N universe. Created by Alexei (Алексей) and Ryon, this full game features a real-time turn system mechanic called ATB. Each player has a gauge that allows them to perform a move when full. After using a move, they need to wait for said gauge to refill before performing their next move." — Game Description So yeah, to save having a collection just for this Pokémon-based full game, I thought I'd include it here. Seeing as the game encourages the creation of additional characters and stages (and that people have made them, of course), it fits in nicely. In case you missed it, the download is in the Misc. section. [ Characters ] Obviously, the characters listed here are only compatible with the game itself and will not function properly in regular M.U.G.E.N. Even if these are added to the game by the creators, I'll still keep them here because people other than Ryon and Alexei made them. [ Stages ] Like the characters, these stages are designed for Project Catch 'Em All, but unlike the characters, the only issue they'll have outside PCEA is that they'll be too small.
  3. Touhou Project

    Also this:!jUkE2DAI!U5PPfZX-rlBh38uZQZoHTyaLiu-IzLLwnnoQf15Lx7o
  4. Pokémon

    CHARACTERS -Added Riolu by YochiThMaster333. Is tiny.
  5. Touhou Project

    Found an Eirin by gyuki called "Ultimate pretty eirin":!rYMxgK4D!x3vDbdtQJzMUPOWE0WDzIbgzFW_-G84jJwO-qAAPuM4 It uses the sprites of the third one.
  6. Pokémon

    CHARACTERS -Added Pikachu by YochiThMaster333. -Added Groudon by Magiccraft219. -Added Kyogre by Magiccraft219. STAGES -Added Marill's Stage by JoeyTheMarillFan.
  7. Uncle Plas' BGM Loops

    Pokémon Stadium bgmloopstart = 960229 bgmloopend = 2787965 Final of PUYOPUYO (8-Bit Remix - chaoticmarin) bgmloopstart = 700534 bgmloopend = 2877814 Right Behind You bgmloopstart = 710562 bgmloopend = 4749064 Hill Stream Blues bgmloopstart = 163897 bgmloopend = 3386284 Crazy Dancers bgmloopstart = 617837 bgmloopend = 5171418 Battle: New Lumos bgmloopstart = 701247 bgmloopend = 5414151
  8. Uncle Plas' BGM Loops

    My children... First and foremost, I do recall someone by the name of Alpyne_D doing a similar sort of thing, so no disrespect to him, but (correct me if I'm wrong) he looped music by removing the intro. Then again, I could be completely wrong, but that wouldn't be the first time :P Anyways, it surprises me that very few people release stages with properly looping music, not making use of the rather glorious bgmloopstart and bgmloopend paramters, though it's understandable; after all, Elecbyte didn't do a good job of explaining how to make use of them in the M.U.G.E.N docs. As I'm a nice guy, I decided to make this thread for people to request music to be looped by yours truly. Of course, there are a few rules: -Please provide the music you want looped, either as a downloadable file or a YouTube video. -The music has to be loopable. I can't loop what cannot be looped :P -Maximum of two requests per person. You may request again after I have completed your request(s). Once your request is complete, I will post up the altered music file and the values to use for bgmloopstart and bgmloopend. Both parameters go inside the stage's .def file under the [Music] section like so: [Music] bgmusic = sound/Boss Battle.mp3 bgmloopstart = 186368 bgmloopend = 2894688 If you have any questions, feel free to ask; I'm not the best at explaining things :P [ Looped BGMs ] To save having to sift through posts in order to see whether your favourite BGMs have been looped, I decided to put a little collection together for your convenience:
  9. Pokémon

    GC!Marill is quite clearly a Marill, which is a Pokémon, which goes in this collection. I don't remove content from this collection. What edit?
  10. Cuphead

    I ported Margatroid's Botanic Panic to 1.0 if you want to add that.
  11. Uncle Plas' BGM Loops

    NORMAL MODE bgmloopstart = 194135 bgmloopend = 3087632 GORDON FREEMAN bgmloopstart = 35222 bgmloopend = 2100275 Quickly, to the Danmaku Festival bgmloopstart = 387036 bgmloopend = 5865812 Fast-Flowing Drum Dance bgmloopstart = 1579993 bgmloopend = 7878679 HoneyLune Ridge: Escape bgmloopstart = 747909 bgmloopend = 6392828 MODE SELECT bgmloopstart = 65495 bgmloopend = 1453664 SHINING・BRAVE! bgmloopstart = 668568 bgmloopend = 3353450 Rumble Temple bgmloopstart = 252161 bgmloopend = 8442241
  12. Pokémon

    MISC. -Added additional palettes for Dylanius9000's Jiggylpuff by Kater15. -Added additional palettes for Gladiacloud & Dylanius9000's Heracross by Kater15.
  13. Pokémon

    CHARACTERS -Added Gengar_type_Ghost by chaos doumei. -Added Slowpoke by JoeyTheMarillFan. -Changed link for Marill by JoeyTheMarillFan. Been looking for that first one for a while, but I guess it never crossed my mind to actually search the creator's name :P
  14. Welp, I decided to cave into the view whoring scene Few things to note: -I don't upload on a regular schedule. -This thread only includes M.U.G.E.N videos that use the GMᴜɢᴇɴ handle, none of my older stuff. -720p60!! -This post has six videos in it. Sorry for not making this thread earlier :P Lemme know what you think :)
  15. GMᴜɢᴇɴ - GarchompMatt's M.U.G.E.N Videos

    Mamizou has nice Specials.
  16. Cuphead Completion and availability status, yes. Labelling each character as good or bad based on the opinions of the user who manages the collection, no. Of course, it's up to Super to decide, but there's no harm in a fellow collection owner sharing their opinion on a collection.
  17. Pokémon

    I wasn't bothering with portraits. I'd honestly forgotten about those palettes to be honest, so I'll go right ahead and add them.
  18. Pokémon

    At last, the Junk section has been removed (sorry Glisp/Mugo); all that resided there has been placed within the appropriate sections.
  19. Pokémon

    I am aware of the Ultra Space stage, but since it isn't designed for regular MUGEN, there's little point in listing it. The Project Catch 'Em All section was specifically requested by one of the game's creators, though it also had enough custom content for it to warrant its own section anyway. CHARACTERS -Added Marill by JoeyTheMarillFan. MISC. -Added additional palettes for Some Guy's Smeargle by Endercreeper. -Split full games into their own section.
  20. Pokémon

    I am aware of it, but I do not consider it a Pokémon stage. Now, a brief summary of what resides in the Junk section: Omegarotom An effortless overpowered character with some of the worst spritework in this collection (bearing in mind this was before Alerkina's stuff), constantly restoring its own Life and being able to attack you while idling. Bonus points for its creator causing a bit of a stir when it was released and bandwagoning off the back of a false claim that I apparently hacked someone's computer to release a character they were working on, though he later apologised for both that and making this character, but not before releasing the greatest character ever created. Oshapeter/Peterwot The .sff and .air from Placemario's Oshawott merged with the code files from Judgespear's Peter Griffin. It only functions due to both characters having similar attacks/motions, and that they're both "MvC". Ugly Snivy True to its name, it's an ugly character. Cheap MvC bollocks with various sound clips that are reminiscent of early YouTube and Most_Mysterious' stuff that play almost every time it does anything, complete with references to what I assume to be the creator's circle of friends, or perhaps they were people he didn't like, I don't really know.
  21. Pokémon

    As I mentioned in the Discord, I don't really put anything under Junk anymore, so what's there is basically utter shite carried over from the previous owner's iteration of this collection. I may get rid of it and place what's there into the appropriate sections.
  22. Uncle Plas' BGM Loops

    The Decisive Medic bgmloopstart = 57515 bgmloopend = 2375915 JUNE FIRST bgmloopstart = 31298 bgmloopend = 2450661 Reincarnate bgmloopstart = 453376 bgmloopend = 8315629 It's to Show bgmloopstart = 918144 bgmloopend = 8562122 Theme of Chun-Li -SFIV Arrange- bgmloopstart = 1259230 bgmloopend = 5190222 NEBUTA bgmloopstart = 123162 bgmloopend = 3509130 Real Eyes bgmloopstart = 40831 bgmloopend = 2686830 And some updates to previous loops, since I've managed to acquire higher quality versions of them (the first two have had their loop points changed): Bullet Curtain Break Down bgmloopstart = 81077 bgmloopend = 6488837 Night of Nights bgmloopstart = 976847 bgmloopend = 5680842 U.N. Owen Was Her? (Touhou Koubutou) bgmloopstart = 34200 bgmloopend = 9207000
  23. Pokémon

    The Junk section is for very special cases.
  24. Pokémon

    I can't access MUGEN ARCHIVE because they banned my IP. I cannot add the character if I can't download it first, so it is fortunate that MissingLuigi reuploaded it elsewhere. CHARACTERS -Added Lillie by Alerkina4. It's revolting.
  25. Uncle Plas' BGM Loops

    Forest of Light bgmloopstart = 712700 bgmloopend = 2562985 Boss Battle bgmloopstart = 639513 bgmloopend = 1208227