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  1. CHARACTERS -Added Latias by Secret1056.
  2. @Eclaire Farron The OP hasn't been updated in a long while due to it becoming increasingly difficult to edit (it's very slow). #1 Yer music bgmloopstart = 1036465 bgmloopend = 3594212 #2 Yer music bgmloopstart = 82955 bgmloopend = 4315923
  3. Stronger bgmloopstart = 51577 bgmloopend = 3451831
  4. Right, cool. Does open the floodgates for more of this though.
  5. @Eclaire Farron #1 Yer music bgmloopstart = 109993 bmgloopend = 2957796 #2 Yer music bgmloopstart = 106157 bgmloopend = 2352995 Search a seal ~Tethe'alla~ bgmloopstart = 125402 bgmloopend = 3690521
  6. Kagerou x sundae
  7. Someone remind me why anonymous users are allowed to post again.
  8. Lifebars have been updated. CHANGES -Created 640x480 version (pictured above). -Added 'The winner is...' to Time Over animation. -Added draw text. -P2's powerbar background now uses the correct graphic. -'Red Team' and 'The winner is...' now use the correct shadow opacity.
  9. Export all three images, open them up in Photoshop, put them onto separate layers within the same document, change the blending mode for each layer from Normal to Linear Dodge, save image as png.
  10. CHARACTERS -Added Phantom Gardevoir by Kater15. -Updated Shadow Gardevoir by Kater15. Dis boy sure does like his edgy Gardevoir edits.
  11. Never have I considered A.I. to be a reason to call a character bad. Patchouli simply doesn't have an A.I., sharing this trait with Reimu and Sakuya; it does attack, just not often. To be fair, outside of Yukari, Eirin, Yuyuko, Alice, Lie and maybe Marisa, his characters don't tend to have great A.I. anyway.
  12. Pokémon Giga Flare.
  13. +Ken +GEEEEEEESU +Piccolo +Youmu +Byakuren -Kirby -Meta Knight -Gengar
  14. Seems to be private, so I'm not interested. CHARACTERS -Added Mimikyu by SomeGuy. -Added Urayne by SomeGuy. STAGES -Added PWT Arena by SomeGuy.