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  1. They're finally here! The big updates of Shantae, Pac-Man, Shovel Knight, and Retro Suika are now live! And the East Driftwood Desert stage has been released, along with the updated Pac-Land!


  2. East Driftwood Desert from Tin Star Take a sip with a cappuccino and watch the sunset! That's right! Another Tin Star stage has finally been released, and Pac-Land has been updated too! Video: 1 New Stage: East Driftwood Desert (Tin Star) 1 Updated Stage: Pac-Land Download:
  3. Shantae, PAC-MAN, Shovel Knight, and Retro Suika updated! Shantae: PAC-MAN: Shovel Knight: Retro Suika:
  4. In the next few hours, you'll be able to play as the massively-updated Shantae, and Pac-Man, along with a new stage!


  5. New Namco Roulette sprites for Pac-Man! Can you guess what games are they from?


  6. Happy Birthday dude, I also loving your characters especially Ristar

  7. Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes you gave me! You guys are awesome! It has now been confirmed that Shantae, Pac-Man, Shovel Knight, and Retro Suika will be getting an update TOMORROW EVENING, along with two stages! One new, one updated!

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      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Happy Birthday RoySquadRocks! Keep Being Awesome! ^_^