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  1. *Sits in front of a table with a small birthday cake with a lit candle in it while a music box plays "Happy Birthday"*

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      I guess im late but happy bday mane

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    In a galaxy far far away...



    Been a while, since I've posted these, but the place I get them from, loops them so they tend to repeat.

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      So, are we technically all.....


  3. Damn, even Wario can draw better than I can


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      You wouldn't draw Smash 4 stuff.

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      Still better then the portraits in Brawl Minus

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      The Auditor

      Not as impressive as the badly drawn style of our favorite mean and bad kitty cat, Garfielf



  4. No stranger to dark abilities, Lilith finds herself surprised to see Lightflare capable of such abilities as well. "So.... our so called "hero" has a dark side."
  5. Although, no words were spoken the glances between the hero of Kalos and her it told her plenty. He was familiar with her abilities, so it was likely that he knew the Darkflare of this world. It seems there was something between the two after all. "He was called the Hero of Kalos? That's quite a reputation he must have built up." Lilith approached the monitor to watch the fight, it was no secret that she was interested in what this so called hero was capable of. "Lightflare.....it might be in my interest to have a word with you."
  6. The sounds of the crowd cheering clued Lilith in that the match ended. ("I better pay attention just in case it's my turn.") She took note of the meditating fighter. ("To remain meditating like that despite all this noise, he must be quite deep into it.")
  7. Actually, it's called the Guts system and it's prevalent in many fighting games.
  8. Whatever grudge you have against this Cesarshadow you should keep off this discussion. You say MA has had considerable growth? Here's my question, on what basis are you measuring this growth? We both agreed that the majority of those accounts are only there just to download. I've taken a peek over at what MA considers their community and I found that it was laughable. There was barely any community at all. Also, doesn't Archive let anyone upload to there? I trust an author's pride and reputation more than some random person that may have other intentions. - MA bans anyone that disagrees or suggests anything the staff doesn't like. - MA bans anyone that interacts with any of its "rivals" regardless of whether they've broken MA's rules or not -As an example of the above, I know a few people that have asked to have their creations taken down from MA, only for them to be banned instead and their creations remaining no matter how polite they were in asking for their removal. - MA believes Plasmoidthunder has multiple accounts made to defame them You claim that you're looking at MA's negatives, but to be honest, I believe you're just brushing them off as nothing. As long as MA is run by people like Dizzy and Sol, it and it's shillers can go eat a bag of dicks. I have my beliefs and you have yours, let's not waste any more time with this since neither of us is going to budge. If I wanted to DL Warusaki's Jotaro, I would just go to Warusaki's site. It's not hard to navigate at all and I know for sure I'm getting Warusaki's Jotaro and not some cheap edit of it. A lot of japanese sites are easy to navigate even if you don't know a lick of japanese. It's only stealing if we were in the year 2007.
  9. Yea, all those files can be found elsewhere. And if you can't find them, mugen forums have a request section. Someone is bound to have it and if not...well, it must not have been that great to begin with. Either way, even if it's a very old creation that not many people have anymore aside from the fact such an old creation is outdated and there has to be a better version of that made somewhere else, MA has been making it hard to actually download from their site no doubt as a response to being forced to remove the adfly links. Especially with those community weekends. Come on, more than half of their registered accounts only registered to actually download from there, not to participate in their community. Melodramatic? Actually, that analogy of mine is more accurate than you think. What a coincidence. I was thinking the same about you.
  10. If I have personal beef with MA then so do a lot of people in MFG and here. No, it's less personal beef and more my belief that certain people shouldn't have power. The fact that you claim MA provides a useful service is amusing. Their "service" isn't exclusive to them. The collections section here in MFFA is a good alternative for example and I'm certain there are other places that provide the same "service". Mediafire can go down like other file sharing sites. True. You know what else can go down like other file sharing sites? Mugen Archive's servers. They're not immune to this possibility either. MA can suddenly go kaput without warning just like any other site. Terrible analogy. When I shop at Wal-mart, I don't have to have a thorough check up on myself to see if I've been infected with cancer. Wal-mart doesn't steal other products and claim it as their own. Wal-mart doesn't go to other megastores to cause a commotion. Wal-mart doesn't ask it's customers to go to their competition to shit on it. Wal-mart isn't paranoid that the other megastores are conspiring together to shut it down. Wal-mart doesn't believe that multiple people that don't like the store are in reality the same person with different identities. Here's the type of characters you can find in Mugen Archive -Stuff that is still online that you can still get in original author's site. -Same as above but edited with either a mere color change and nameswap, given ridiculous stuff and adding a bunch of prefixes to it and/or editted to fulfill a fetish. -Shit that you only download because you absolutely hate yourself.
  11. He's probably going to get banned here as well. Way to completely miss the point. By now, the majority of creators expect their works to be hosted somewhere else and edited. This whole thing isn't about that, but the reason why you're told to get it from the author's site is because A) It's from the author directly so you know exactly what you're getting and B) You know you will always have the most up to date version since again, it's from the author directly. This isn't about not wanting stuff to be hosted somewhere else, this is about how MA's staff is the scummiest of the community and how they treat everyone else like shit. How they wanted to risk infecting other computers for the sake of making an extra buck. And the reasoning behind doing as such has more holes than swiss cheese(They need more money, but can afford to make a contest with money as a prize. Wait...hold up.). They removed adfly? Great! There's still the underlying problem that the head of MA staff is an asshole to everyone that even hints at not agreeing with him and the rest of the staff are like minded. Mugen Archive has been very hostile to the other Mugen communities because the rest of them didn't agree with them putting up adfly and decided to turn it into "a war". The adfly may be gone, but there's still the severe hostility of their actions. This is why I've been saying to keep it black listed. This hostility is not healthy for our community and actions have to be taken that such actions are not tolerated. When MA changes their head staff to someone that has more reason and won't automatically become paranoid of anyone disagreeing with them, then you can drop them off the blacklist.
  12. English dub because Japanese screeching makes my ears bleed.
  13. - Level 1 supers doing crazy damage up the wazoo. - Unfair invincibility frames everywhere. - His transformed state makes him do way too much damage. Like, blink and you're dead high damage. From just a few minutes of testing. It's another of those broken DBZ characters for the sake of being broken. Sorry, but I fail to see how this is remotely close to the best Goku around.