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  1. "Very well." The mecha maid unlocked the door. "We'll have a look to make sure." The woman simply did as told and followed.
  2. Flare flipped the switch again. "There's one right outside the entrance of this room. Show it to her and she'll notify the others." "It's more like a clinic than a hospital. Is the injury serious?"
  3. "Excellent." She summons a small portal and takes out a pouch from it. She begins to take out the gold, counting it as she does. "That should be enough for 5 rooms." She looked over to Idealis. "Before you ask, I prefer to have my own room. I'm sure your friends won't mind." One of the mecha maids could be seen approaching the door. "Please don't hit the door. We're closed early today." "Such a pain in the ass. Why couldn't you all come together as one? I suppose I could, but I would rather we don't waste too much time on this."
  4. "Simple, you're going to Candor, right? Your group shall escort me there. I'll pay your rooms as payment. While I can take care of myself, I believe it's better to have close allies nearby. I believe it's a fair deal." The door is locked with a Closed sign. The Hangout had closed early today.
  5. "Fraulein, anyone with working eyes could notice. Regardless, if you're willing to do a simple job for me, I believe I can assist you with your problem."
  6. The woman from before entered the inn noting the group. "I wasn't so sure if I would see you again so quickly, fortunate that you decided against heading off to that forest so late." She approached Idealis. "I take it that you ran into a problem due to your poor planning, fraulein. Perhaps you would like to discuss it with me?"
  7. The only other Birkin is a Haruhi spriteswap. That's really not saying much.
  8. "There is no shame in choosing to play it safe. It would be hard to complete your errand if you're not among the living, after all. I trust then that your group will not be such dummkopfs as to head toward that forest until the sun rises again." The woman turned around to head back to the magical city. "You mentioned the oracle. From my studies, I've determined that it's impossible to see the future, at most what you could see is the most probable future, one that has already been altered just by your knowledge of its existence."
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  10. "I was planning to stay here for the night and head there myself tomorrow morning, but if I can get there earlier I wouldn't mind taking that opportunity. Although, I've been told something is happening over in that city. It might not be such a good idea to head there now."
  11. "Your hasty actions tell me otherwise. Although, I suppose this group is sufficiently large enough to survive the dangers if you don't get too distracted. By chance, you wouldn't happen to be headong to Candor, would you?"
  12. "Over here, fraulein." The owner of the voice made herself known to the group as she snuffed out the flame she created. "That forest is very dangerous as is. It's even more dangerous at night. It doesn't seem to me that you're in the proper mental condition to go through."
  13. "I don't think that's how Alchemy works, Light. I would ask Mycale but she's in a place called Verve I believe." "Regardless, it does give us a new objective. These things have a source, find the source and cut it off. If it works, we could have a powerful ally with us." "I know what you're thinking. Unfortunately, as it has already been proven, these guys are shooting to kill. In a life and death situation like this, we can't afford to hold back. I don't like it either, but it's us or them." Her path would suddenly be blocked by a flame that would appear in front of her. "Do you wish to die, fraulein or are you incapable of realizing how dangerous it is to go out now?"
  14. "Hang on one second, Light." He heads toward a corner and proceeds to open a hidden compartment on the wall. He flips a switch causing machinery sounds to be heard around the room. "Room's bug free. Transmissions can't get in or out right now."
  15. "Do you all have problems with hearing? I said to remain accompanied by me or a staff member while in this area. Please don't run off ahead again." "Consider this your last warning." The trio finally arrive at the Hangout. Flare signals one of his mecha maids to come over. "Put the facility on Last Call. No more sessions for today, we're closing early. If Kiske and Tokinomiya are still around, tell them that something important came up." The mecha maid bowed before heading off to carry her orders. Flare proceeded to lead Hina and Yui to the underground further below the arenas towards the Meeting room. "This area is normally off limits so I need you to stick close to me and not wander off while we're here." After another minute, the trio would enter the meeting room.