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  1. @Scumbag Lee In time, laddie, in time! ^^; I'm missing an integral piece for making that happen, so it's iced until further notice, buuuuuuuut there's definitely a future in that! Loads more custom sprites are called for, too, on top of much of the whole going over Dear Skunk got in terms of love and care, but until then, I need to generate the resources and make 'em shine. ^^
  2. Skunk from Skunk Fu! (NEW ORIGINAL SYSTEM) Welp, this took long enough. Sorry for the wait. Making this system on it's own took some time, let alone what's new. I'll fill you kids in on the skeleton of what he does, now. Features new to this Skunk are: -BRAND NEW SYSTEM. It's present enough to shift gameplay towards the strategy you're looking for without being required to win. It just gives you different ways to seal the win. (You'll suffice with supers just fine if you don't feel like learning a lot of new system stuff.) -A different spin on your average Target Combo. -Command Normals! -Supers cancel into one another! You can go from your basic super and empty your meter on the next one right after as the first one ends. Alternatively, sit on that meter for a full blast version of the second super you cancel into for more hurt right away! -A brand new move! It's 3 in 1! One's a low, basic projectile invincible, low profile roll, one's a palm that's all about timing, and one's an overhead, blockable, basic projectile invincible command throw that can also be a low if you don't do anything about it. Just don't expect that second low to hurt, it's tricky. All of them are combo openers, 2 of them change their deal with a second punch press, all 3 of them can cancel at the start with a kick button, too, and are Crouching Medium Kick cancellable to boot. It's a handy multitool called "The Shaolin Scramble!" It, also, replaces Rockhead Launch (That DP Headbutt) entirely for the trade of more general Kung Fu. This is, also, a Quarter Circle Forward move. It more than balances out! -A move that came hot off of the cutting room floor of the Alpha 3 Skunk! Hope it's still fresh! -White Stripe now lets you cancel the attack on versions stronger than the light one by pressing a kick button while he's rushing forward. -Each move has a stronger version of itself through the new Qi System that ends combos with versatility. One opens up to the most hurt, one gives you bonus meter to play around, and one adds stun with the ability to put the target towards the corner, or you OUT of the corner as a reversal option! Depending on whether or not you wanna hold forward or back, that is! -Proper Stun! Well, stuns. It's in the manual. They're in the manual, that is. -Techable throws! Honestly, that deserved to have been in the Alpha 3 Skunk, but it wouldn't be true to the Alpha 3 system. -Guard Shove! Pay a little meter to get those pesky frame traps, rekkas, and general pressure on block out of your face! -A new attack that's Dash Cancellable and also completely cancellable on startup by holding back! It can become a lot more, too! -12 palettes. That's 10 more than I remember releasing last time! -Taunts for different levels of health remaining and after winning! Also, both at once! He's got heaps more to say in general! -More intros, winposes, and more to see in general! -Nifty new system mechanics like a dash that builds a little meter and eases up the push towards dealing stun, a move that catches attacks and pays you Qi for it, two snazzy options to do after that catch that use meter (unless you wanna catch more,) a secondary recovery option off of knockdowns (even the hard ones for the price of Qi), and the ability to unleash your potential! See the manual for details on what Qi is even any good for! (Trust me, it's pretty good for stuff! Especially when that move that catches attacks can be done on blockstun OR HITSTUN for the price of Qi and holding forward during the command! (Hitstun version of that requires you to eat 4 hits, first, though.)) -Finishing moves for when your target's down to their last ounce of health before being knocked out! Signature Finish wins it in style, where Simple Finish closes the match in a snap! Signature Finish features an improvised Meteor Hammer Conker! Yeah, I know, it's rather meaty for a skeleton. :x If it helps, the skeleton's very fresh. Screencaps may not do a whole lot of justice to show how he's grown like motion would, but he's come a loooooooooooong way! Do be kind and report any bugs so I can attempt to fix ^^; Thanks for your patience, this one's different, this time! I can patch in an AI when I find the time, I just gotta get this out there, he's been a long time coming. GET HIM HERE! EDIT: Welp, just paste this into your address bar, I'm too tired to deal with links not behaving: https://mega.nz/#!hbQB2boB!8LihqkqnB7TvKzxnKoQC-MREpQP-1AI96vGqZx30llg If that don't work, just bug me in PM's.
  3. Um, I'd rather you hold on to that idea until I update Skunk into a new custom system I may/may not have mentioned earlier in this topic. It'll be a more complete-ish version that'll flow a whole lot better than this one. Plus, he'll have actual dash animations for you to make that conversion with, too, so please hold onto that offer until I finally get done with him. As of now, his final make's nearly 90% done. I was kinda holding off on saying anything really since someone had requested a Rabbit character that I already had in the works on the backburner, and by that, I mean I've ripped sprites and written down combos, but gotta edit a lot more of them, so I may just end up releasing them separate D: Kinda wanted a 2 for 1 companion release, but eh, what can ya do. LONG STORY SHORT: Yes, but after he's DONE done.
  4. Well, welcome aboard, y'all! Glad to have ya both!
  5. Dan Avidan's vocals in Skyhill are

  6. Does closing my browser and leaving the MFFA tab saved count as signing out?

  7. A good lot were ripped from a flash game, but I frankensprited a bunch of them, like backwards walking, several normals and the intros, designated mouth parts for lip-synced quotes, and replicated necessary parts from episode screenshots like missing mouth poses and some extra goodies like the crossed legs and the crossed arms. Also, I forgot to anti-alias the closed mouth smiles and scowls, so they may appear a bit jagged, but fuck it, even I can hardly tell when he's in motion.
  8. Oh God! Jafar did this stage some real justice! :O Love it!
  9. Yep! Also, has Alpha Counter, as pictured in the Urien screenshot
  10. Well, at one point, White Stripe was a launcher, but I didn't wanna have two at once, since I thought the headbutt did pretty well. I could bring it back to that. As for the spin, it would combo, but I think I made the startup too slow, so that's on me. I might get around to fixing that one.
  11. Yeah, combos are pretty limited in SFA3 afaik, but all of what you said might come when the framework for a different system's down. I did want to up the pace a bit with him, which is also why I initially wanted to go the 3S route. I also don't wanna go as far as chain-combo normals because I didn't want the specials to become obsolete and I wasn't big on chains in the first place, save for the likes of Vampire Savior. I know, I may be a little too vanilla. I'll think of something, though.
  12. I actually do want to make Rabbit, but I'm probably finna wait until I make up an original system. And if the new system does happen, I'd have to rig Skunk to it, too, which shouldn't be that big a deal. :)
  13. Thanks a bunch, dude! And he totally is! That's, like, the main reason I wanted to make 'im in the first place.