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  1. VNix gets everything he wants. Isn't it obviously?
  2. Cream the Rabbit? Brazzers logo please!
  3. Meh. I hate KOF XIII sprites.
  4. Isn't 5% a bit too soon for a release? Just saying.
  5. Can't wait to finish school.

  6. Looks amazing! Trying out soon.
  7. Post a preview maybe?
  8. Why do I see FaceBook and Google in the online users list?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. gameboi9321


      RP accounts?

    3. Laharl


      its bots for the sites to get us more visitors, Essentially they traffic info we type on here so it comes up on google facebook ect if ppl search it.

    4. DELETED


      I just saw MSN/Bing too.

  9. Finished Asura's Wrath. I almost cried.

    1. D.B.S Revive

      D.B.S Revive

      It Wasn't that sad

    2. Yagami Brando

      Yagami Brando

      Me too, but not because it was sad. It's because 60% of the game is movie watching. The story and soundtrack is good though.

    3. C.R.O.M.verydannyboy


      one of the few games i'm playing far so good.....

  10. Thanks!
  11. Amazing!
  12. Not working. I just get a white screen.
  13. First, welcome to the forum. Second, can you tell us this Krizalid's password?