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  1. diavolo ai:!116&cid=4F3DC73E97640478
  2. Kei kars can transform into ultimate kars?. Is another ultimate tan the cheap versión?
  3. Hello, someone can help me? here i find some autor who did some voice patches for jojo, but i cant acces his drive. I tink is working, because he put it in the video description
  4. drop boxx dont left me download, can someone put alt link
  5. I cant here too, i thry autor blog but the download did'nt start
  6. Hello, i cant download here, please can someone fix it?
  7. And i tink i have all others except this bobobo, frisk and masterhand. I get error when thry download this and the others too, but i have downloaded sans succesfully.
  8. Hello, how i download him? i get a forvidden messaje. Can you strenghten her ai like you did to itachi?
  9. yes, that exactly
  10. Ai for white len by sion
  11. Hello, how i do to configure the ai in these patches? AI Patches for ⑨'s MBAA & MBAACC Characters by Unknown Author
  12. Hello, what the pass for ryougi by 無名
  13. i have idea someone who download them, please can upload
  14. how i use the korose kamishini no yari and the other bankai technikes if he have them?
  15. if you dont know ai, ask a friend or someone here maibe can help you, i have seen ai patch for many chars, someone with time can make ai for him, because he dont is dificult at all compared with other char