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  1. Nice to see he's still updating his stuff. Wonder is he gonna update KONONEKO and add more High School DXD strikers to her?
  2. Just a quick heads up/warning. There is some weird virus haunting Media fire of late. Sometype of ransomware. Until that has been removed, I suggest using another site to upload your characters. maybe sendspace or One-Drive. Stay cool!!

    1. TheJMan


      Aich, I just have sent several links to some collections with mediafire... Thanks for the heads up!

    2. Darkflare


      Well fuck. I had some suspicions since trying to download from it was beginning to send me to other ad sites. Looks like it's time to switch file hosting sites now. Fortunately, I don't have anything that would be hard to replace.

  3. Blast!! IT would've been cool if there was a larger version of this bot.
  4. NO WAY!!! Sektor is making DFC characters now?!! Gotta Check this out!! Should tide me over till Kohaku's comes out.
  5. Titan Lucario and Mewtwo?!! are they like super sized like Onslaught or do their heads pop off and become titan masters?
  6. humm!! Looks like Mai has yet more competition eh?
  7. Oh ok I haven't seen that episode in ages. Yeah Hoping to get the rest of the gang when she's done. Good luck with her!!
  8. Wasn't there an episode where Kuki went like Orochi Iori berserk on the bad guys because she was afraid of the dark? That could be a HDSM or a super hyper attack or something.
  9. that would be pretty cool. I have been hoping for the longest that someone would at least make Mojo to fight the Powerpuff girls but hey I wish him luck on Kuki though. one decent KND character is better than none.
  10. Nice to see someone is doing decent KND characters for mugen. I'm gonna ask are there plans to do the rest of them or at least one of the villains? We need more cartoon villains!!
  11. Yeah She and his other characters were updated around last year he even made his own version of Orie.
  12. Sorry but I still couldn't fix her strong kick problem. I'll have to mothball her until either you or someone who is better at coding than the two of us can fix her.
  13. ok then I'll see what I can do. I'm kinda surprised she doesn't have a super genocide cutter super attackl or a super chun li super kick special either.
  14. Nice to see some new hand drawn characters for mugen. The only thing with Rulue is that her standing strong kick doesn't hit the player when she's up close to them. Is there anyway to fix that?
  15. Thanks for the info about turning off the AI because I was about to delete this character When I realized I couldn't control her when I tested her out.