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  1. Cool!! I hoope her fireball come out a little faster in this update.
  2. Nice. Somehow N-Robin feels like a Jojo type character with the limb specials
  3. Oh yeah the Virtual fighter guy!!t . Had you going though LOL!!
  4. Wait a sec? Akira?? as in the kid form that old Anime movie with Kanada and that cool tron like motorcycle or someone else?
  5. John Crawly?!! Who would've thought?! Well it's nice to see him finally in KOF form.
  6. LOL!! Heh!! She's aiming below the belt isn't she? Should be fun!! Gonna get her and the other guys and gals of DFC!! BTW has anyone released any stages from this game? And is Slivia the Sub boss? I'm thinking Sagat because she's so tall and powerful.:
  7. Awesome!! I've been waiting for her to come out!! Downloading!!
  8. Issues aside, This character is pretty ok. Just take your time and fix all the errors that have been pointed out and he'll be a great addition to the roster.
  9. And the SF EX goodies keep right on coming!! A must have in the collection!!
  10. Hey happy belated birthday to you mang!! I'll pick these stages up and checkem out when I get some free time.
  11. I guess this counts as the first mega robo boss of the year. Gonna download it and see how he fares in my Robo Mugen game.
  12. Well Well!! Nice to hear you're still alive and kicking man!! Welcome back!!
  13. Hunn. Well this is a rather unusual take on Saber Lilly.
  14. Hey Happy New Year Dissonance!! Now that we got a trial version of the final K-on member I'm gonna download her and see what she can do. Wonder what new stuff you have in store for Mugi?
  15. SWEET!! CRACKER JACK is here!! This may be the year for SFEX characters huh? Still waiting for Pullum and Duram Meister!!