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  1. Is there gonna be ice cream and ryon is invited?
  2. that's bigsally's job!
  3. out of hatred to the
  4. fell off the top of
  5. Its cool. We forgive you, now more than ever. Its always a good thing to come clean and own up to things, Even if they only are known to you.
  6. Self-explanatory. Vash the Stampede. But my usual username? RoboShinKen? Robo - I don't even know lol. ShinKen - My favorate mugen character. So, yeah. I'm not interesting lol.
  7. You are already dead! - Kenshiro
  8. Then Ryu uppercuts the cow
  9. Can't. I never bought a gun. Jump off a bridge!
  10. Bro, you and Ryon do this without me? Damn. I am so zealous that the j in that word left me.
  11. Stay, turd. Lol. If I can stay around you can too! >.>
  12. Granted but you end up selling it all for crack. I wish superman died by batman.
  13. Granted, as soon as you found out you suffered a heart attack from excitement. I wish I had a good high paying job.
  14. Granted, but the Simpsons now gets canceled for being to much like futurama. I wish good things didn't end.