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  1. Like I said in my last post it has been a long time since I have done any mugen stuff. I go to use the stage Creator and it's not working anymore. wondering if there's a version of the stage Creator floating around somewhere that actually works. Any help?
  2. Hello again fellow mugen people's. It's been maybe three or four years since I was last here and I'm looking to return to mugen. Anyways, I'm looking for side scroller type bonus games for mugen like the adventure game from the dungeons and dragons mugen. Any help?
  3. Freakin Username 666. Shit's scary when you're drunk though XD
  4. Where can I find the girl in this pic?
  5. Thank you guys very much for this stage collection :)
  6. Someone move these to mediafire please.
  7. Is there another dl source for these? I'd like to add these to my collection.
  8. So it's been quite a while since I posted anything here, but need not worry, because I'm making a return sometime next year with a full game version of the cartoon project I'm throwing together and a special surprise project. It will be great to make a comeback
  9. Is it possible I could get Japanese sound files from all characters?
  10. Please update links to characters. I was sent to a site full of porn ads and no links to the following characters.
  11. Looking for good quality voices from the following characters Ayane DOA Kasumi DOA R Mika StreetFighter
  12. Could you fix these to where I can click and download completed folders without clicking individual files?