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    Thinking about Super Mario Fighters... Wonder if it was actually real, and not a dream. Creating answers to stuff I don't feel like researching... Sorta enjoy fighting games, and platformers, and whatever type of game Bomberman is classified as... Also, procrastinating... That's about it... To be cont... I also like playing customizable engines... Might start trying 3D animating... That's really it...

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  1. I hope Larry Bird gets created in Mugen since he is popular to draw now.

    1. Pluscross


      I guess it is Larri now, though...

  2. So cool to see this bizarre game get a thread. Strangest Fighter Maker game I have for sure. From it's roster to it's gameplay. Love the "revival super move" gimmick, but it is a bit rough around the edges. It supposedly translates to "NES Dying Corps". Sometimes this thread gives me a virus warning and won't let me access. Not sure what the deal there is.
  3. Really a big fan of your quirky stuff, especially your adorable self insert. Thank you so much for releasing him.
  4. trust me buddy. i thought SMF was a dream for awhile too lmfao

    1. Pluscross


      Thank you for the empathy. I still cry everytime.

  5. Better palette selection than all of Smash Ultimate combined. Beautiful. Thank you so much for showcasing it formally.
  6. OK, what is that? Someone actually found Super Mario Fighters? I am going to die.
  7. I am not sure what that means at all, but I will keep an eye out for more updates on him.
  8. Well, crap. I kinda enjoy all 3 of those. About that "Ultimate Mario", what style will you aim for?
  9. Pluscross


    I always wanted Ado in Smash, but something about her screams Mortal Kombat to me far more now. Nintendo better take notes and make her the Switch special guest.
  10. Remember when we all thought Tatsumaki was an original character? Good times... I had no clue there was this many One Punch Men, thank you so much for noting them all. Could I suggest warnings which ones are true to his name and which aren't though?
  11. Very, very strange game it comes from. Would have not have expected to see it's stage game is that high level. Neat animation workaround you took for it as well.
  12. I can't understand balloon knockback.


    I've played Mugen for over 5 years, spent most of that with foriegn memes and original characters, and primarily collect children's drawings turned into characters... But I can't understand balloon knockback and it gives me a massive headache.


    They only had one job.

  13. Man, it has really come a long way since those Pocket Fighter edits. I can finally mention that is my favorite hyper sound ever now. RIP Dr. Bitch.
  14. Congratulations on the work so far. I had actually once thought of a Hello Kitty character a long time ago but moveset wise, she never really evolved past using Kirby style weapons for me. Hope it can grow into a full character. I would like to suggest having the "speed blurs" thin out on her second animation on the last frames, but that is a very clean sprite otherwise.
  15. Before Fish Susie there was Kirby Susie. I don't know much about either though. Wake me up when there's an Air Ride 2...