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    Thinking about Super Mario Fighters... Wonder if it was actually real, and not a dream. Creating answers to stuff I don't feel like researching... Sorta enjoy fighting games, and platformers, and whatever type of game Bomberman is classified as... Also, procrastinating... That's about it... To be cont... I also like playing customizable engines... Might start trying 3D animating... That's really it...

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  1. I finally tried some stuff here. Had to see if Sanic was worth the download, and he was. I hope he gets a 1.0 update someday. Could you please add warnings for which ones are A.I. patches/auto A.I./stat buffs or which are substantial edits please? It is the main reason I'm a little nervous to try anything here, but after Sanic I'll open up a bit. Maybe a 1.1 only warning as well?
  2. Thank you so much for finding this stage again.
  3. Loving that adorably simplistic design. Is she original?
  4. Uh, yes they are. That seems to include image links as well.
  5. Due to... "other site" incidents, yugusic might cancel or delete Oira. Hoping he doesn't quit, but just a warning before he's gone.
  6. I think I got why Mugen "doesn't count" in some communities.


    They're salty we have characters like Deadpool and Shadow and Ronald McDonald. Characters no other crossover will ever have all together in one place. It makes sense to me.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      Ronald McDonald?

    3. Pluscross


      Oh, no. This little islander guy in Knuckle Fighters. He's like Master Higgins but e.v.i.l.

    4. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      Evil Master Higgins? interesting...what was this character's name?

  7. 3 years ago, a teacher once told me: "I have never met a stable person who likes anime". 

    Come to think of it... 

    1. RARE.FAN#1



      Hi, I would like to ask you if you keep a stage that I did 5 years ago, half fire I eliminate it and I have no way to get it again .. you commented on my post

    2. Pluscross


      I never actually downloaded it. Very sorry about that.

    3. RARE.FAN#1


      bueno gracias de todas maneras, seguramente nadie lo tiene ya :(


  8. I do not recall Klonoa being in it. I could have sworn it was a human protagonist, but since it is a decade old memory, maybe I'm slipping. It was in a golden sky platforming stage very similar to Wario World's, do not think it was an RPG as it was not a turn based battle. Also, these old sections are definitely going to need an overhaul at some point. They're so... Dead.
  9. Peek

    A Boo

    Call me back me

    back me nuisance back!


  10. (Picture) (Download) http://ryu1sou.blog.fc2.com/ (Comment) Minecraft Steve. He's such a crafting master at this point that he is not only a sworduser, but also can generate iron ore and sticks with his sword in battle, by poking the enemy or slamming the diamond sword into the ground. Normal sword strikes make the cursor in his inventory move over a space. By utilizing these sword strikes in various patterns, he can craft a variety of Minecraft items that act as his hypers. His only other non-item hyper is refueling that meat meter, which must be a form of stamina. It drains as he performs attacks, and he cannot attack if it is near empty. He has a basic punch and kick as well. His 7th palette is a hidden joke mode too. Made by ryu1sou.
  11. Thank you so much for all your conversions.
  12. I hope Larry Bird gets created in Mugen since he is popular to draw now.

    1. Pluscross


      I guess it is Larri now, though...

  13. So cool to see this bizarre game get a thread. Strangest Fighter Maker game I have for sure. From it's roster to it's gameplay. Love the "revival super move" gimmick, but it is a bit rough around the edges. It supposedly translates to "NES Dying Corps". Sometimes this thread gives me a virus warning and won't let me access. Not sure what the deal there is.
  14. Really a big fan of your quirky stuff, especially your adorable self insert. Thank you so much for releasing him.
  15. trust me buddy. i thought SMF was a dream for awhile too lmfao

    1. Pluscross


      Thank you for the empathy. I still cry everytime.

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