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  1. Update got deleted but we thankfully still have the backup by Auditor. The Gradius mode on this character may be the best power-up mode I have ever seen, and the "glitch" aspect is done wonderfully. Don't know what I'm missing out on the update but I regret not getting it now.
  2. Got Andres' Rick and reuploaded it: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2s8h9e7w2lcj004/rick0.zip/file
  3. I want Super K' to be ported so badly.
  4. Instead of celebrating Halloween...




    I made this Hunger Game Simulation... In 2019... Will never forget this little meme generator.

    1. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      Ah, Hunger Games Simulation...such greatness


      I'll never forget this generator, Not even Fed Simulator could replace Hunger Games Simulator for me

    2. Gaulbetti


      Also, "Asriel dressed as Hina" won after Numbah One and Baseball Donald fell onto each other. It's a long story why I have a image of that on my computer, and how I got it...

  5. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ut5c4ngyclzsk0g/vampiress.zip/file Here you guys go. It's a lot rougher looking than his other work.
  6. Should I just reup her on Mediafire or something?
  7. I have all 4 of them. Which one do you need?
  8. Mario Cereal (that had Cappy on it for no good reason) died so "Baby Shark and Mommy and Daddy Shark" cereal could exist.


    I would rather have Johnny Johnny sugar. But this means we can have Baby Shark vs. Johnny Johnny: New Age of YouTube Kids. Spider-Elsa would be the final boss.

    1. Jansen121


      e l s a g a t e .

  9. I had to try that WarioWare microgame one ASAP. Interesting that it and Mugenmon is connected to this franchise somehow. It was pure gold, how have nobody noticed this until now. Thank you so much.
  10. Congratulations on the release, Chu Chu Rocket is a underrated gem. I would really like to suggest having 1v1 gameplay of Chuih to make it easier to tell how it plays though. EDIT: Nevermind, the video starts with a basic demonstration. My bad.
  11. Wait a second, is Teen Titans 2001's intro a riff off Secret Agent Man?

  12. Smash Bros. isn't a fighting game. Yeah that's all I have...
  13. The Ricks by Sir Tigol and Andres Borghi have gone offline. I never knew Andres had made a Rick either. EDIT: I found I had Sir Tigol's in my download pile: https://www.mediafire.com/file/wm53i8zsxwuon6w/shouse_v20.zip/file
  14. Thank you so much.
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