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  1. Thanx for recommending my stage
  2. What about #9 by elecbyte
  3. Best Match I ever did

  4. It look legit but that not her the color is spot on but her entrance and attacks are not the same If you look at the video I posted on the top you'll see the different it might be this --->
  5. Thanks but that Orochi X I already have that character but I was looking for Orochi Whip but thanks for the effort Orochi X - Orochi Whip -
  6. Well I found the password it's ares2.1.1 but that not the character i was lookiing for it's not "Orochi Whip"
  7. I hope is Orochi whip [beta] cuz i already have Orochi x
  8. thank you but i dnt know the password (Send me a message if you dnt want it to be public)
  9. I don't know if this is the right forum to tell someone where I could find Orochi Whip
  10. I see but I'm still a Noob so I don't know how
    1. Galvatron


      Yeah I played the Rpg long ago it was Anime cross over with old FF 1-6 gameplay. It was probly made with RPG maker.

  11. Die or Die Again chose your path

    1. FlipSide
    2. xstarter


      A choice ONLY for Raziel..

  12. Does Anyone has Leona XIII they could send me?

  13. Really Damn Than I should start with something easy then.