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  1. Holy crap, I am super glad this site is back.

  2. MEGA X just did a version of Foxy in a KOF style just like with Toy Chica.
  3. MEGA X just did a version of Foxy in a KOF style just like with Toy Chica.
  4. MEGA X just did a version of Foxy in a KOF style just like with Toy Chica.
  5. MEGA X just did a version of Foxy in a KOF style just like with Toy Chica.
  6. The links to NHK's stuff is not working due to freett not having free service.
  7. R565

    Kung Fury

    ONLY for MKP MUGEN, to make it work for regular MUGEN you have to cut out a lot of compatibility with stuff because each fighter and stage in the MKP have codes that let them talk to each other and do MK stuff.
  8. Hmm, maybe a future MvC conversion in the mix for her? Who knows...
  9. Gui didn't make this, he just provided video coverage for this fighter. Armin_iuf is the one who made her, along with a couple other EX fighters.
  10. I just played her and she's a bit OP but she is from an anime that requires stuff like this. I can say she's more balanced than the other Mami, and that dial-a-combo she does deals some decent damage. I'll keep both of them in my roster because they have good things in both of them.
  11. Mami by Fuddyfunny? This is awesome indeed. Always room for more fighters from this anime.
  12. You can use VSelect and put characters in certain spots in arcade mode, or you can open up select.def manually and find characters you want and then assign them that way.
  13. Hey RodKnee, if I download this, you willing to play a bit?
  14. It's in the same style of Nanase, drawn over the 3-D sprites. He plays pretty well too.
  15. A custom-sprited Tuxedo Mask that plays good? YES PLEASE!
  16. Nope, this is Ikaruga's take on Riesbyfe Chaos Breaker character. Beta but it's still pretty good.
  17. I get a feeling of Fate/Stay from her....I don't know why but she reminds me of that one character.
  18. Breaking Ground.

  19. Oh cool, he finally released it. It was a pretty good mini game back then.
  20. Yuka is like a nice mix of sagat and ryu. But this Minigame had already been out and K-Fox always gives time to update it.
  21. If you played Kohaku's Senna, she uses a variation of the new awakening system.
  22. See, all a big misunderstanding...now back to things. I would definitely love to see someone make new sprites for both of these guys, and cleaning up the coding on them really shows how good they are. The only thing holding them back is the sprites...
  23. Wow, never thought I would see the day when Anne of that old book series would get mugenized...either way i'll try her out and see how she plays. Also noted that I grew up on the TV show as well. Edit: Apparently, they had a Japanese dub...interesting... Plus you have to see the video, it's hilarious and cool on how she plays like.
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