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  1. thats also a very good chance for it happen... I say Wolf and Ice climbers will be the next veterans to come back around along with a few (or more) newcomers for the roster..
  2. Hello there sir, excellent site you have here, or that you are a part of, i had a huge question, i have 1 guy trying to take a look as well, but i know hes busy with school and dont want to be a bother, so Im trying to get as much help as possible, I noticed you had a lil info regarding getting characters to work with xmugen, mugen for xbox. Well I have a total of maybe 10 characters that crash the game everytime, i was trying to follow the look in the cns files, but i get totally lost, do you think you can possibly help me get these characters working for the xbox please, its Cloud, infinite and pots version, and all soa characters, well Kirito SE specifically they all crash the game. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will forward this message via pm, in case you dont want it in the feed. Thank you in advance for taking a few moments to read and hopefully respond to my msg.

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    2. Darkflare


      Or you realize they use sff2 and won't ever work in WinMugen unless you break them.

    3. JoeAngel


      i dont have a clue, if thats what we gotta do thats what i hope he can either teach me or do for me on these few characters, im learning, but thats the last part im stuck on

    4. Galvatron



      Well DarkFlare have some points about some of the characters Not all will work properly due to the fact that xmugen was mainly made for character from winmugen (which I recall from history winmugen was just a hack from old Dos-mugen). So that mean most characters that was made for 1.0/1.1 will not work properly due to code changes. in other words you practically have to recode a 1.0 character to prevent it from crashing xmugen..:-P

      I wish i can help more on this but since i lack an xbox/360 I can't really assist you with this problem...

  3. Cool! welcome to MFFA..
  4. This makes a nice poster.. :-)
  5. [NS] Ultra Street Fighter 2: Final Challengers Pretty much a port of the SF2-turbo HD for the NS.. with Evil ryu and Violent Ken added..
  6. Okay just a bit more speculations since the NS trailers. we might see some of these New comers jump in SSB: Alm (fire emblem gaiden/echoes) bomberman (Super Bomberman R) {if Konami is cool with this.} the New hero from Xenoblade series ( Xenoblade chronicles 2) Inkling(agent 3), Callie(agent 1), or Marie (agent 2) (Splatoon 2) {.......high likely the Inklings} far that what im predicting but we'll see around the spring-summer time.

    Man Nintendo is really putting alot out this year .. :-)

  8. {topic update} Change the video on the first post for showing trailer + abit of gameplay
  9. [iPhone/Android] Fire Emblem Heroes The known FE series is now coming to Smart-Phone Devices and will be available 2/2/2017
  10. [3DS] Fire Emblem: Echoes A remastered version of Fire Emblem Gaiden with new game play and features..
  11. Alright! im locking this up before things gets any worst here........ >:-(
  12. .....okaaay... thats one big bunny girl....
  13. And now some Koa: