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  1. tiloger


    makoto Devilpp? someone has the link
  2. tiloger

    MUGEN 1.0 Plus

    I do not see anything new in this job
  3. tiloger

    Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

    as I do to lower power Shana is very powerful is already quite unplayable as modified? thanks
  4. tiloger

    sold complaint chars

    hello people of mugen want to put a complaint as an individual is selling chars something that Mugen is illegal and not allowed the subject sells chars to 6 dollars as shown in the video I hope you will help us give you not like the video and thanks denounce mugen community
  5. tiloger


    cooll men
  6. Hey guys I bring an edit by me of screempack WARZONE by Noz friend style cvs3 to 1.1 1280x720 screen resolution at 640x480 sprites why not in hd I hope you disfrueten brings two types of select: Categories: 10 Categories capcom, marvel, dc, Melty Blood, dragon ball st, etc. Normal: to 435 chars editing life bars, select, menu, win, vs options, and new audio intro improved animations and new well also brings template for portraits and 8 chars greetings guys !! INTRO: MENU: SELECT CATEGORIES: SELECT NORMAL 435 SLOTS VERSUS: LIFE BARS: WIN: GAME OVER: LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co2DMOiqFlI&feature=youtu.be
  7. tiloger

    Winmugen Edits and Conversions to 1.0/1.1

    beautiful works friends
  8. tiloger

    World Heroes 2 Jet LifeBars for 1.1 & 1.0

    cute friend work
  9. this is a normal version as it is a common screenpack is not personalized because it contains chars chars can fit as you want and thanks for your appreciation
  10. OldGamer ready friend and I went back up to the font folder and the folder bar life fonts system fonts 2 is called GEARS will not have problem :)ok turn it back down I went back to the folder health bars and fonts him back to download :)
  11. Hello good guys leave my screenpack ultimate samurai Mugen 1.1 designed from 0 I hope I take some time realize the download link is in the description of the video on two servers link with screempack and two chars with portrait PNG and another link for portraits work and the same two chars with the portrait in pcx you enjoy and live the mugen and this forum community is great! Animation: yes, pictures in 8 bits, 24 bits and 32 bits png and pcx number of boxes: 331 chars and 28 boxes for bonus stages or hidden chars intro, start, menu, options, select, versus, life bars, winner, game over fonts designed from 0 greetings and good luck INTRO SCREEN: START SCREEN: MENU SCREEN: OPTIONS SCREEN: SELECT SCREEN: SELECT TEAM SCREEN: VERSUS SCREEN: VICTORY SCREEN: LIFE BARS SCREEN: GAME OVER SCREEN: Download the screenpack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi7lnYiLXTs
  12. HELLO Well guys this is my penultimate video in some ways the last morning, the last video will have the download link of this video screempack in the intro finished the START finished, the menu, the select the options versus screen shown is the animations and audio'm done some portraits in the video I show that each color section also will take the portraits of select pra identify your category yOU ENJOY tHE MORNING yOU CAN DOWNLOAD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-R3KaHWzkc
  13. screen versus life and bars where kuroko morning star will upload a video