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  1. electrocaid

    Budoboy 2018

    Another great revival experience!!!!
  2. electrocaid

    Ainsley Castleria 1.0 & Dexter Wilhelm 1.2

    Great job my friend!
  3. electrocaid

    Carlos & Riggs from SHADOW war of succession

    For sure!!! Thanks!
  4. electrocaid

    [Blandia] McGill by Cannon Musume (2018/05/03)

    God yesssss!!!!
  5. Thanks a lot friend!
  6. electrocaid

    Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Mugen Edition

    Yes, would it be possible to reup please?
  7. I know that it's late but would it be possible to reup please?
  8. electrocaid

    Touhou project edit

    File isn't currently shared...
  9. Muhahahaha You dared, my friend!
  10. Greaaat release! Thanks for the information BTW, he also updated a lot his previous chars in 2017 (not sure at all that it has been mentionned somewhere)...
  11. electrocaid

    Kuramoto by BOH released - 05/21/17

    ... updated in a sure future
  12. electrocaid

    Aquapazza - Castle Avalon.

    We enjoy! Thanks a lot for this new pearl
  13. electrocaid

    Captain Sawada by NS updated 8/30/17

    ... so great to have good ports of this mythical game