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  1. Harabah

    Anyway, nice result From what game is it please?
  2. [Power Quest] Speed by NS (updated 2017-07-23)

    Another version of Lucky Glauber too! - AFAIK never announced
  3. Where is ? - 1.1.

  4. Shirou Yusa by aka65535 [7/4/2017]

    Thanks a lot!
  5. Shirou Yusa by aka65535 [7/4/2017]

    brocken link?
  6. MVC Okuni

  7. Akuma -ReHyped- for Win MUGEN & 1.0+

    Another strike!!! Thanks a lot my friend
  8. Sonic by Abro

    That's precisely what i'm happy to read. I don't approve this Adfly shit method too but, at least, the website itself is safe...
  9. Sonic by Abro

    Of course! Thanks again
  10. Sonic by Abro

    Thanks for this... confirm Well, to be honnest, if i've correctly understood the "trouble" (& my purpose isn't to defend this community or not), it's not directly linked to the site itself: the risk is only for the non-VIP members that dont have a direct dl link access... Am I wrong or are there "direct" risks? Short, if you pay, the site isn't dangerous...
  11. New Job Openings

    ... Maybe that I could offer my services... But what does these functions involve exactly, in terms of work?