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  1. MAGICAL KINGDOM OF VERVE: Elysia Inn Idealis followed behind the girl as well, the girl going into the back. It wouldn't be long before she came to a halt and held out a hand to five doors right next to each other. ???: All yours! Have a nice rest! Idealis approached the first, nodding towards the blonde woman, then at the girl. Idealis: Thank you so much! Without another word, she headed into the room of her choice, leaving the door open for the second person to come in. CANDOR CITY: Warriors' Hangout Penelope: Yo! She got right up and, acting as if she hadn't just run right into the door, waved at the mecha maid to try and get her attention. Penelope: We needa get in there! We heard there were some people in there who went to the slums, so we wanna talk with them because we went to the slums, too! So could you let us in, too? Pleeeeeeease? The commander smacked the palm of her hand against her face and pinched the skin between her eyebrows.
  2. Idealis nodded. Idealis: That's okay. You're the one footing the bill, after all! The girl shot a brief suspicious look at the woman, but took the money all too happily. ???: Thanks for your patronage! Let me see if I can find some open rooms close to each other! She made her way to the front counter with the gold purse and put it away. She then started to check a piece of parchment with a list on it. She picked up a quill and made five marks before going around the counter and gesturing towards them to follow her. ???: I'll show you to your rooms.
  3. MAGICAL KINGDOM OF VERVE: Elysia Inn Idealis: Can't disagree with that... Idealis: Okay, it's a deal. ???: I just want to know. There's no city Daddy's taken me to that makes coins like these. CANDOR CITY: Warriors' Hangout Penelope crashed into the door face-first, causing her to fall backwards. Penelope: Owwwww, that hurt like a bitch! The commander snickered, losing her composure. She couldn't help but smile as well. ???: Pay more attention next time, Penelope. ???: Anyway, her mistake has probably alerted them to our presence. If they do not come out soon, I suppose we should come back tomorrow when it is open.
  4. It was a necessary out, but one that was also risky. Idealis: What is it? The commander looked up at the building, but Penelope immediately ran towards it. Penelope: Heeeeeere weeeeee cooooooome! The commander sighed. ???: She is going to get us in trouble before we even get inside... ???: Anyway, let us go in and meet with the others. The commander started to make her way to the building, followed wordlessly by the robotic knight.
  5. The girl gasped. ???: Earth? Are you telling me that you're...?! She quickly shook her head. ???: I'm no fool...just tell me where you got those coins from, okay? Idealis held up a single gold coin for her to examine. The design upon its head was significantly different from that of a gold coin minted within this area. Idealis: The coins aren't the same, and she noticed...
  6. Idealis dug out some pocket change from her coat. All of that money she gained from those hunts was gone...it was almost exactly like she had just left home for the first time once again. She let out a sigh. Hopefully there would be ways to get more money here, otherwise, sleeping on the streets was going to become a viable option. However, there was an issue: if she didn't pay enough, some of them were going to have to find somewhere else to sleep. Idealis: How many beds are in each room? ???: There are two beds per room! Idealis: Okay...give me a moment. She placed a gold purse upon the table, then sifted through it to count how much gold she had. 500. She had to manage 500 coins, and she was already giving away 300 to ensure that her party would be able to have a warm place to stay. At least she didn't have to exchange them. Silently, she hoped and prayed that there would be a way to get more of it, otherwise, she was going to run out of it quickly. She handed the coins to the girl, who examined them, then raised an eyebrow. ???: Huh? What's with these coins? Oh dear. That was the last thing Idealis wanted. Idealis: U-um...they're gold coins, right? ???: Yeah, but they have a different look. Where'd you get these? Idealis: I got them from home... ???: Where's "home"? Idealis glanced back at the other party members, as if seeking a solution to this problem she had just put them in.
  7. Eventually, Idealis would stumble upon a large building with a wooden sign hanging upon the facade depicting three Z's going from top to bottom, getting smaller as they went down. Without a word, she made her way into the building, expecting the others to follow her inside as a bell was struck by the corner of the door, causing it to ring. The smell of a hearty soup cooking upon a hearth filled the air around them, but it was preceded by a very warm gust of air punching them in the gut. Seemingly used to the differences in temperature causing a shock to her body, Idealis marched in and took a deep breath. Idealis: I like this place already! Meanwhile, between the tables was what appeared to be a short girl dressed in an unusual battle suit. To those capable of sensing power, hers was no greater than that of a commoner within the city. ???: Hello, visitors...Daddy's sleeping right now, but I can help you all. Are you here for a meal, or maybe to spend the night? Idealis noticed the girl. Idealis: Oh, hello...we're here to spend the night and...maybe get a meal at the same time. ???: Yay! It's not expensive at all! Only seventy-five gold coins! ???: We can also take copper and silver, if you have them. ???: But no pompadillions. It's money you can't hold nor spend except in dumb fancy towns. Idealis let out a sigh of relief. She dug around in her pockets for a moment to see if she was lucky enough to have kept the money she had on her person. She glanced back at the others. Idealis: Any of you have any gold on you? I'm hoping this world's gold is the same as my world's gold...
  8. Idealis: I'm assuming gold. Seems like it'd match the theme of the place! Idealis: Then we could be in an even worse situation than we're already in...ugh, let's just look for an inn. I'm going to make myself worried sick at this rate. Idealis: Let's find an inn to discuss it at, then. Idealis began to head away from the gate, scanning the streets for any sign of an inn.
  9. Idealis bit back a harsh remark, instead opting to let out an irritated sigh. She was right, after all; in their current condition, the chances of them getting away without getting hurt were very slim. Idealis: Fine...you win. Let's spend the night here and hope that we don't find everyone dead in the morning.
  10. Idealis: It's just one thing after another, isn't it? Idealis: We need to go now. The rest of our party is over there, and I'd rather not go back there only to find out that they're all dead or badly hurt. Come on. Idealis: That's...pretty handy, actually... Idealis: But, anyway, let's go. I guess we'll wait at the gate for them or something... Without another word on the matter, Idealis began making her way to the gate they entered the city through.
  11. Idealis: Eh? Wouldn't that be even more of a reason to get there as soon as possible? Idealis: Hmph. And if we are?
  12. Idealis let out a sigh. Any delay at this point would possibly give them trouble later on. Idealis: I know that it's dangerous, and I could guess that it was more dangerous at night... Idealis: ...but we have somewhere to be and a goal to achieve, and I refuse to allow anything to get in our way. And I'm pretty sure I'm fine mentally.
  13. Idealis glanced back at the guards behind them, then back at the flame in front of her. Instinct was going to have to take a back seat for now. Idealis: Neither, but what does it matter to you, talking fire?
  14. Idealis: Looks like someone should've taken up Hera's offer. Idealis: I like it. It reminds me of home. Idealis: As much as I would like to track her down and kill her, I'm pretty sure she's out of our league at this point. We need to regroup with the others, anyway; we've also got the slums to deal with... Idealis continued to make her way out of the city, headed back the way they came from. Her katars weren't far from her hands. Considering the last time they went along the path, it was a given that they were going to encounter more creatures. The fact that it was night wasn't helping that.
  15. Jude's attempt at talking him out of his moment of insanity failed as his muttering seemed to slowly intensify. Idealis slowly made her way towards the exit. Idealis: That went about as poorly as it possibly could... Idealis: I don't know if I got the same thing out of it as you guys did, but I do know that it's safe to assume that getting back to our worlds is not going to happen any time soon. We're stuck here because some manipulator caused him to use the wrong spell somehow, and she's been doing this for a while with whoever she meets. So...I think our first target has got to be this Athena person. The Oracle guy, though I really wanna shove a katar into his face for messing up, is...well, by all accounts, he's innocent in this matter. He couldn't do anything but listen to her if Hera's story is true. But if her ability really is that strong, we should probably look for that Princess Hideko person. If she was able to resist it to an extent, then maybe she's our only hope in dealing with her. Idealis let out a sigh. Idealis: I had a feeling things weren't going to be as simple as I had hoped they were...anyway, let's get out of here and head back to that hangout place; they're probably worried about us. She pushed open the door to the outdoors open, a blast of cold air punching everyone in the gut as the door slid open.