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  1. I would go for a tourney, but idk about winter. Plus I gotta check my schedule since rodknee just told me about it and he wants me to host it.
  2. Swag... Signing up (as soon as I see a challonge link or something).
  3. Shit, I forgot to add a cursor for selecting either Single, Simul or Turns. Updated. Link is in first post. Thank you...
  4. The Black Heart Online has been released...

  5. And here we go... From the creative mind of Andres Borghi, The Black Heart! A classic MUGEN full game, now brought to you for IKEMEN! Created to replicate the original game as close as possible, with Online and Replay support! More Screenshots: Hope you enjoy! There might have been a few liberties taken (only for the SP and fonts), but the core game itself is untouched. So expect some pretty damn authentic game play. Thank you... Download Link - Discord Group -
  6. Well, I wanted to get this out as soon as possible. So yeah... I'm done... I decided to finish it off stream (since it would be quicker that way). So expect a download link soon...
  7. Streaming more progress... part 2.
  8. I wanna do it... But i need people who actually want it. Kappa. Link of live stream above.
  9. The Blackheart Online Edition... I will make and livestream it if I can get 10 people to vote. Link is below:


  10. Gonna be streaming Capcom Vs The World 2 (yes, there's a sequel). Come check it out.