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  1. MUGEN1.0 versions added ダウンロード
  2. アプデートUPDATE: MUGEN1.0 versions added I make a break of my "retirement" (it was more from my duties in the forum than from MUGEN itself, BTW) to bring you this A E S T H E T I C pack of 3 stages based on Vaporwave, my new drug right now, all of them with (of course) Vaporwave songs and with S U P E R J U M P, presented by デアドポオル and エアルドヲルムジム And to complete the combo, I added some N O S T A L G I C palettes for my characters: Eric, Blizzard, Shelly, Mad Grinder, Another k9999 and Frosty Ninja I hope you like this P A C K, it was intended to be released at April Fools Day, but I prefered to release it last night instead. Maybe something related to this maybe done for that day, but for now, just relax and enjoy ;) SUBARASHII
  3. Phew, what a lot of info now OK, added Other MUGEN Stuff (stages, screenpacks, etc) and Resources (Sprites & Sounds), now it looks more complete the next are Special Edits Versions... yes I promise that will be the next, I swear XD
  4. OK, added some few creators I missed as well some online links for offline chars, I hope during today or this weekend start with Special Edited Versions, included the other game sprites (CvS, SFA) as well edited chars PS: Admins, don't delete the original thread yet, there're some things I've to add to here, I'll tell you when to delete it, thanks :P
  5. After some long time, I'm back with my collections for MFFA. This time remaking the Street Fighter III collection to have something more up-to-date. Red is offline, Blue is custom, Green is different gameplay and Yellow is WIP. As always, if you find some stuff I don't or you have links for offline chars, you're free to post it here. Let's go!! Phase 2: Added all Other Stuff (stages, screenpacks, etc) and Resources (Sprites & Sounds), next are Special Edited Section SFIII: New Generation Alex: GM / Felicity / Yo- / Ex-Inferis / Fido / GigaHertz / Most_Mysterious (joke char) / Ethan Lives (Power Gear) / 608 (Belial) Dudley: Gargoyle / Tin / JamielAshley / Buckus (CvS) / Kamekaze / Fido / GigaHertz Elena: Phirmost / Umihei / Fido / Kaz / GigaHertz Gill: GM / Villain / SlayerGatsu / Kong (MvC) / Fido / Froz / Tokage (Adam) Ibuki: GM / Jetsetgo & Reza / Farengeit / Kong (MvC) / Midnight Spirit (MvC3) / Jedah12 (MvC) / Mazemerald (SFIV) / Fido / GigaHertz Ken Masters: GM / Cloudius / Rei / ESFAndy011 (MKvSF) / Shirokuro-Neko / Ex-Inferis (Master Ken) / aZCal (Ken lvl2) / Kaz / Duracelleur / Felicity / ShoShingo (Shin Scrub Ken) Necro: Umihei / Cloudius / Rajaa / Saito / MrPiffy (CvS) / Vs Style Debuts Team (MvC) / Fido / Duracelleur / GigaHertz Oro: Umihei / TheIgniter / Kong (MvC) / Fido / GigaHertz Ryu: Umihei / GM / ATICE (MvC) / DG (MvC) - Edits by / Rei (SFIV) / Kaz / Vyn (Evil Ryu) / Duracelleur / Felicity / aZCal (Ryu lvl2) Sean Matsuda: Muteki / Rei / Misterr07 (MvC) / Buckus (CvS) / DG (MvC) / MrPiffy (CvS) / LaQuak (Master Sean) / Ethan Lives / Kaz / Alexlexus (Dark Sean) Yang Lee: intense_mc / Adamskie / NGI / Buckus (CvS) / Kamekaze / Fido Yun Lee: Umihei / TheNecromancer / Buckus (CvS) / Fido / Duracelleur SFIII: Double Impact & Third Strike Akuma/Gouki: Umihei / CrazyForSF / GM / fAyt / Izumo (SFIV) / aZCal (MKvSF) / Jedb Chun-li: Muteki / J.Lee / ESFAndy011 (MKvSF) / Alexlexus (MKvSF) / MGMURROW Hugo: GM / Adamskie & Tin / Teddylam / Fido / Ethan Lives (Andore Jr.) Makoto: Ruben / One Winged Angel / NHK / Fido / Demon's Eye / Yamori X / GigaHertz / KojiroBADNESS Q: Umihei / Adamskie / Wild Ali / Rajaa / Vs Style Debuts Team (MvC) / Fido Remy: Umihei / Homura / One Winged Angel / MrPiffy (CvS) / Vs Style Debuts Team (MvC) / Fido Shin Akuma/Gouki: Kung Fu Man / MGMURROW / Duracelleur Twelve: Rei / Kung Fu Man / Fido Urien: Umihei / One Winged Angel / Rajaa / Rei (CvS) / Vs Style Debuts Team (MvC) / Fido / Froz / Ethan Lives (G Project) / 608 (Urien-Type-B) Special Edited Versions Soon... Other MUGEN Stuff Stages: Zion (NG) / Dark-Shade / Dany-The-Dog (3S) / Caddie / Dark Saviour / Ibukah / Phirmost (2I & 3S Elena) / Kung Fu Man / TestP (2I Akuma) / NeoAtlas (3S Ken) / Rei (3S) / Ruben / Yzan Lifebars: Zion (2I) / Dark-Shade (NG) / Matmut (3S) Screenpacks: Dany-The-Dog (3S) - 1.0 edit by Gui003 / Dr4ch1R (3S) - 1.0 edit by Gui003 / AJ & Kyo-San Kanzaki (3S) / URA(Re:) (Bad ADD-ON 03) Portraits: Saikoro (3S) / Omega Black1990 (3S) Patches: Umihei (Muteki's Chun-li fix) / Jesuszilla (GM's Alex SND) Intros & Endings: Rugal2 (NG & 2I) / Dany-The-Dog (3S) - Capcom Logo Resources Sprites: ZweiFuss / Kong / Grim (3S Twelve) / Badassbill (2I Stages) Sounds: ZweiFuss / Nick09 / Vans (3S Urien)
  6. Only the CVS Artist & Nexus Games' X, all the others have MMX gameplay adapted to MUGEN. For VS style MMX chars, better to look MVC Recreated Fighters collection than here
  7. Some more finds for this section: -Pulseman also has been made by N-Mario -Sonicadam2 also made Ristar, but it's offline (in his old videos there's a 4shared link that doesn't work anymore) -Kairi made noneless than Ecco the Dolphin
  8. Hi there, I noticed your collection is pretty outdated and abandoned, I thought you were MIA, but I see you're still active and all. Since there's a year with no updates, I was thinking in remake the SFIII collection, but first I want to know if you still want to update the collection before I started mine, just in case

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Basara-kun


      Thanks guys, I promise to make a good job there then :OhYeah:

    3. Ryon


      Once you have remade the topic, i'll delete the old one .


    4. Basara-kun


      OK, I started with the new collection. But please don't delete the existing one, there's some stuff I need to get from it before being deleted (mostly edited chars)

  9. Thanks a lot for all the reports, @fxfreitas added almost all of them to the main post... ... and I mean almost all since all links from mugenfull (especially Gustavo's chars) only can be seen by members of the forum, also the thread about Alex D. X4 (but here I found various of his chars and there're links for them already... and I changed his nick too to Alex instead) PS: have you think about get a DD account (MediaFire, MEGA, etc), make a website or host your chars with someopne else to be online again in one place?? It would be great to see all your creations in one place and downloadable
  10. Hey @gui0007, is there a problem if I remake this collection?? As I said, it seems very outdated and had passed so much time without an update
  11. As I said before, in a beginning she started as Poison, but since there're a lot of them (DivineWolf's Poison is the best of all IMO), I prefered to make Roxy instead
  12. Well, finally I can release these girls, both part of a little experiment I called as "Doppelganger Project". One has been released before (and updated), now it's the turn of the second one and a third is coming soon. Enough talk, let me introduce you:1. Roxy The other girl who was part of Mad Gear organization along with Poison, now joins MUGEN to get some fun with the boys and girls. Originally as a possible SFA Poison, her development ended with Roxy, who has a megamix of MUGEN's Poison versions and Capcom's official Poison appearances (Street Fighter X Tekken and Ultra Street Fighter IV), always using Dampir sprites, mostly the first set which emulated SFIII (the later set is CVS-like), and also borrowed some anims from Hugo's poses aren't used in actual Poison versions. More details in her readme ;) 2. Shelly Tarlar The rival of Tia Langley is back with a vengeance. Basically almost all her bugs has been fixed, some few details has been added and now she's fully compatible with MUGEN1.0+ (data, winquotes, etc), just choose "shelly-m1.def" instead"shelly.def" and you got it ;) Doppelganger Girl Power is here, so go for them!! Soon new projects to be unfrozen (like False Yuka, also for Doppelganger Project) as well some surprises Chars -> Experiments
  13. ^Added, thanks man :D
  14. There're a couple of chars unlisted here Also, most of WWE edited chars on Mugen Archive are made by Randy Bighead, if you're gonna add them, list them apart of the rest, mostly because the 99% of his chars are shit and probably should be added for collection purposes only Also, some finds: -There's a PSX Smackdown! Screenpack by The Heartburn Kid, but sadly it's offline (I tried to look about this with no results) -Caddie made a fullgame based on NES Wrestlemania game -There're 3 WWE stages listed on MUGEN Wiki