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  1. ClayFighter Series

    Cool... a little detail: says "63 1/2" in the link to my soundpack instead "63 1/3" And also some resources from spriterips pages: ClayFighter 1/TE: The Spriters Resource (5 chars by A.J.Nitro, Blue Suede Goo by Maxim, Taffy by Megamonk4, 4 stages by Maxim and SmithyGCN), Sprite Database (2 chars by Jurae818) ClayFighter 2: The Spriters Resource (3 chars by ShadeDBZ, Hoppy by Solink, Octo/Jack stage by sutinoer, title screen by Tonberry2k), Sprite Database (Bad Mr. Frosty, Blob and Nanaman by Jurae818) ClayFighter N64 (63 1/3 & SC): The Spriters Resource (14 chars by Mr.C, 63 1/3 Earthworm Jim by Random Talking Bush, SC Sumo Santa and T-Hoppy by Maxim)
  2. Basara's WIP Thread: The MFFA Branch Office

    Those things will be done, so don't worry ;) Also... As you can see in the pic: -Lynette fully functional as part of Envy's movelist (instead just a simple striker) -SFA hitpsarks added to Envy, the same ones used on Scott and Nega Scott -Palettes done, this one with Envy cosplaying Mai Shiranui To be done: -One more Envy's move, a kick that resembles Adon's Jaguar Kick -Supers in general -A BG for Envy, already added to SFF and AIR now should be coded -Todd and Gideon as strikers (Todd with a Blanka-like move aka Electricity, and Gieon with his pixel projectile) -A couple of voices to be added
  3. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

    I'll be waiting for them then. At least I'm glad you're still working on them, I hope you can release at least one character. Also, found Lorenzo The Comic's Envy (probably made before maverick PK's rips) downloaded from MA. It would be great if someone can reupload Jango's and z0mbie's stages to be added here (and eventually to Guild Database)
  4. ClayFighter Series

    Wow, was this remade?? I remember there was another thread about this game series before... Also, Some Guy is making Lockjaw Pooch from Sculptor's Cut, to be added at the list as WIP
  5. What the f*ck happ'ened to the forum!? I can't post in any of the posts and can't even edit my threads in Collections!!

    Also the error is EX144, if some of you asked, mods and admins

  6. Hi people, I'm back not just with my WIPs, also I'm back with MUGEN collections, and I come back with the beat'em up adaptation of Scott Pilgrim comic books by Bryan Lee O'Malley in its own MUGEN collection as it is now. As always, anything to be added here is welcome, and I'll update my other collections as soon as I can, so don't worry ;) Red is offline, Yellow is WIP and Brown is for collection purposes only. Characters Main Characters Scott Pilgrim: Basara-kun (normal and joke versions) || Nega Scott: Basara-kun || Kim Pine: Basara-kun To be made: Ramona Flowers, Stephen Stills, Knives Chau, Wallace Wells Evil Exes/Bosses Envy Adams: Basara-kun - Lorenzo The Comic || Matthew Patel: Ultra Fatality || Lucas Lee: Ultra Fatality || Todd Ingram: Ultra Fatality || Roxy Richter: Ultra Fatality || Katayanagi Twins: Ultra Fatality || Gideon Graves: CamChao - Ultra Fatality To be made: Super Gideon Graves, Lynette Guycott, Mr. Chau, Robot-01, stage enemies in general Original Characters (needs image) Zack Tough: Kiske Otoko Stages Itanori - Zion - Jumbopaulo - z0mbie - Jango Resources Sprites: Paul Robertson (gifs) - Stephanie Boutin (stages) - Basara-kun (Scott resprited) - Teenpioxis101 (Nega Scott) - Maverick PK Others Palettes (Basara's Scott Pilgrim): ZombieBrock/Lord Batros - Rosh Custom Portraits: Squallsoft - Ehat - NDSilva
  7. Gideon Graves by CamChao released

    I was about to say the same, but I just limited to post the release instead Also, I came back, and I'm working again on my SPvTW chars, take a look to my WIP thread BTW
  8. Download: Original thread:
  9. Basara's WIP Thread: The MFFA Branch Office

    Hi guys, I'm back!! after my little retirement of... 9 months?? I'm not sure, maybe it was 10, whatever... anyway, I'm back in MUGEn and I'm working in some of the projects I left, mostly this one: Envy Adams (& Lynette Guycott) is back to MUGEN!! Since both girls haven't enough moves top get them separately, and because Envy & Lynette are already a battle team in SPvTWTG, I decided to make them together, with Envy as the main character and Lynette her assistant, which will be called by special moves instead normal strikers (think about Yamato Nadeshiko as part of R. Mika's moves in SFV). Originally I was to start on Kim Pine, but Envy got more advanced than her, so I prefer to focus on her and finish her as soon as I can. By now, apart of basics, she has almost all he special moves ready, including the ones with Lynette as seen in the pic. Now coding one more special move then I'll start with super moves, one of them including both of them fighting at the same time
  10. As Fred Durst said: "Guess who's back!!" :fuckyea:

    1. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      Nice to see you again Basara 

    2. Noside


      Gee I wonder who? Eminem? ♪ Guess who's back? ♫ *dancing* :haha_dunk_by_pineapple_soup-d8ryyed:

    3. Basara-kun


      Hahaha, thnaks guys XD I'm necroing my WIP thread during these hours :P

  11. Well, now an official release in my website and now they're separated releases (character and stage). Thanks to all who enjoyed Saint Pepsiman for the AF this year now I got more time (but not enough to post here as usual), I think I'm gonna retake some old projects and finish them, won't be a bad thing I guess
  12. PEPSIMAAAAAAAN! My return this 2017 is with this revamp to Sutenko's Pepsiman character, now with more moves, new specials and supers!! For WinMugen only of course, DOSM is too VAPE for you ;) (you can try it in 1.0 if you aren't プリペアド enough) Also, I made a stage to accompany him, another Vaporwave stage, this time based on Pepsi that comes with the character in the same pack, also with SUPERJUMP as the other pack, also for WinMugen. Screenshots So, enjoy it, just like a ice cold Pepsi and a Cherry Pepsi BGM ;) The choice of a new generation Characters -> Jokes/Bosses -> April's Fools Series
  13. MUGEN1.0 versions added ダウンロード