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  1. Happy B-Day Kanodoom! :D

  2. kanodoom

    Requesting 3 fire stages

    Thank you, Ryoucchi. 3 of them are completed. Now marking this as answered.
  3. kanodoom

    Requesting 3 fire stages

    Thank you. 1 more to go.
  4. kanodoom

    Requesting 3 fire stages

    Thanks. 2 to go.
  5. kanodoom

    Requesting 3 fire stages

    Dead Forest (with fire) by JeanBureau Diavolo in me (2ever) by Matter Playing With Fire by Ryon3 of them got taken down and i can't get them. Anyone has it?Thanks.
  6. kanodoom

    nbc_sagat released by Sora Chiyo (31/1/2015)

    I think that NGBC supposed to stand for: Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum. Just a reminder.
  7. Quote from Chimoru: A feedback would be appreciated. Tell me what you know, then i'll inform him. I already gave a few feedbacks, so i need more feedbacks from you. Thank you. Reference: http://mugenmultiverse.fanbb.net/t5040-blue-beetle-jaime-reyes-by-blagoy-pilgrim-chimoru-released
  8. kanodoom

    Martian Manhunter Beta Release by Efrencortes

    I already gave a few feedbacks... The sprite is good, but he's incredibly buggy: -He superjumps without D+U when i press U, which is ridiculous. It needs to have a regular jump without having superjump when pressing U. When Superjump is needed, you have to input D+U to make superjump look good. -He uses hyper with 2-3 buttons without using an input that was supposed to be like this - QCF+2 Punches - Needs to be fixed. -Voices is missing. He should be using Injustice voice, which it is available to get him. -FX is left to be desired. It's all i can gather for now.
  9. Post your feedback here. Thanks.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC7KpKYPa9Q This seems to be similar than i previously requested. Can anyone send that stage to me, please? Thanks.
  11. kanodoom

    This Kain stage edit?

    I actually want that stage to be in my collection, but seeing as you said that stage is down, i might have to wait until something happens. At least it's what i think it is. Might be one of my favorites to be in my list. :)
  12. kanodoom

    Looking for this stage...

    Thank you, Ishiro. Good to have that stage. :)
  13. kanodoom

    Looking for this stage...

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jvev52lkBLQ That stage it is depicting. Please?
  14. I was very disappointed when i saw on Spriters Resource that Linn's sprite is in there, but that was not enough sprite to have. So i was forced to do it, because the original author of sprite ripper didn't even bothered updating her sprite sheets. This will be the only time that i'll ever rip sprites from Win Kawaks (an arcade emulator on PC). No other sprite sheets from other games i'll ever do. I'm working on to rip Linn's sprite to make it completely updated, but it may not be that accurate as from what i saw while i was working on her. FINAL UPDATE: Added portrait, fire frames, more hits. This is it. It's my final update, people.