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  1. Ultra Fatality

    The League of 7 Evil Exes (Scott Pilgrim Vs The World)

    QUICK UPDATE : I know i haven't posted in this topic for awhile been ultra super busy (still is sadly) but anywho i thought you guys should know that not only is Todd ready but so is Roxy so instead of one release you will be getting 2 along with AI Updates for Matthew and Lucas, all exs will be challenging so be ready all that is needed for Todd and Roxy are now just a few sound files and effects but other then that there good to go and all thats left is the Twins and Gideon so yeah alright awesome lol Todd may get released sooner then Roxy but she will follow along with him dont worry reason being is because i have no testers and Todd needs a stress test so yeah i feel good about Roxy but Todd seems a little off but i'll let you guys judge me judging makes my characters take forever to get released (sorry i just really want my stuff to be good for everyone) but yeah thats it for the uodate -Stay Ultra Fatal

  3. I Stayed up all night and at long fucking last, Todd ingrim, Roxy Ritcher = 99% :kamina_head_by_ismaelcherro-d4y74y6:


    1. Solid Snivy

      Solid Snivy

      Very nice on both! When do you think you're gonna release both of them?


    2. Ultra Fatality

      Ultra Fatality

      this week if personal affairs dont get in my way ? 

    3. Superkingkong65
  4. Ha lol i accept your plea of love with open arms but anywho my roxy is 95% done i just been slacking on her honestly >_< thats my bad but as for todd i'll take whatever help i can get to give him more sprites to work with my sensei ryon is working on a few things for him so when he gets done todd should be ready to go and roxy will follow right along with him
  5. Im doing all the evil ex's first and Todd is next the only reason i didnt release him yet is because he lacks jumping and courching atacks and hat bugs me not to mention i need a good beta tester to tell me if he's broken or whatever he's made to be a character that fights from afar and relay on his band mates Envy and Lynette so if he spams them thats why also Roxy she's near 100% her helpers need a voice and i need to do her Ulitimate after that only the twins and Gideon will be left i will make the rest of the heros to if basara kun doesn't i really like kim like im in love lol
  6. Ultra Fatality

    Deep Forest by Vegaz

    i know this is off topic but is that F-zero Gx "You got Boost Power" Playing lol thats all im hearing but anywho its a nice stage downloading
  7. Oh so you downloaded them awesome and thank you oh and by the way lucas sitting is fine i was just nitpicking dude i love the stage i was trying to make them but you did it so much better kudos and also since you have my characters is there anyway i could make them better you know of
  8. to all who have played my Scott Pilgrim characters is there something i can do to make them better before i continue to release another

    1. Solid Snivy

      Solid Snivy

      Only thing I can say is that with the two released so far, their AI is inconsistent. Matthew's is challenging while Lucas's is pretty much the opposite. I'd say that of course, their AI should be consistent. Either with them not being hard to deal with or them being formidable since they are bosses in their own games. I did like the cinematic super with Lucas though. That was pretty neat. 

    2. Ultra Fatality

      Ultra Fatality

      So aside from that everything is fine, alright good note and Matthew AI was me messing around i forgot about it for Lucas at the time but ok i'll work on his AI im not a good AI coder i had lots of help from Ryon with Matthew so i'll think of something 


  9. Beautiful, kinda strange watching Lucas at a bus stop but still great job :)
  10. Ultra Fatality

    [STAGE] Scott Pilgrim - Snowy Street (animated)

    No way that's mine
  11. which should i release next a Scott Pilgrim character (evil ex) or an dragon ball character

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ultra Fatality

      Ultra Fatality

      damn now i need a tie breaker one more vote guys and then its final

    3. Darkflare


      A Dragon Ball Scott Pilgrim Character.


      Or a Scott Pilgrim Dragon Ball character.

    4. Ultra Fatality

      Ultra Fatality

      You ass -__-
      but since I seen Scott Pilgrim character first in that sentence SP character it is 

  12. At last, I'm feeling Motivated 

  13. So much more to come as long as the site doesn't keep shutting down ugh 

  14. so how much longer must i wait till i get an creator title just saying >_<

  15. Dragon Ball Fighterz Tien by Ultra Fatality http://www.mediafire.com/file/5cdwp73mrowt8z4/Tien.rar Here's your surprise character release guys i hope you enjoy, more Ultra Fatal "Fighterz" to come Video by Ryon Character by yours truly Ultra Fatality