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  1. Do we have a good version of Mikoto Misaka that uses DBFC sprites yet?

    1. Sylveon-Chan


      The only "good" version is probably the one by S.Y. She's slightly overpowered, but has alot of moves, accurate Supers and REALLY nice sprites.

    2. Sir Ghostler

      Sir Ghostler

      I'll check it out, thanks.

  2. N3can2P.png





    Finally adding attack effects, lol. Just got the normals done now, going to work on the specials. They aren't as accurate to source as I'd like, but they'll have to do for now.

  3. I'm working on a massive update for Akira. Improved hitboxes, new effects, revamped throws, new moves and more improvements. Hoping I can get this finished soon.

    1. Xiristatos


      Ay, don't want to throw you off-track or something but... is... is that super duper deluxe evil goddess waifu Hades Izanami of Blazblue fame you have in your icon?

      Just curious here...

    2. Sir Ghostler
    3. Xiristatos


      Ayyy bruh... you know what's fresh!

  4. Custom Gouken released Something I was motivated to work on. This is essentially a remake of Alexlexus's Gouken which revamps the character and fixes all the issues the original one had. The character is coded completely from scratch. The gameplay style is similar to Vyn's SF3 Evil Ryu with some changes. Feedback and critique is always welcome. Enjoy. Link:!AgiPXTIYC2lbkRHY5lhNxccuSx9z
  5. Practicing GFX again, made a Yuuki sig:


  6. New stuff: Those two were recent commissions. Older unposted stuff:
  7. Some recent commission sprites I've done:




  8. For the record, my Gouken was actually coded from scratch. NOT edited. As such, it doesn't have any AI either.
  9. What ever Happened to nanase?

  10. Can't we get this damn logout problem fixed already? It's been a reoccurring issue for weeks now.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Ricepigeon


      @(GK) Sir Ghostler Okay so according to RMH, everything should hopefully be resolved by later today. He suggests clearing cookies & cache in the meantime if the problem keeps persisting.

    3. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Dude, you guys sound exactly like the inside of my head has for the last month and a half lol

      So in that time period, I've learned MySQL, Applescript, Automator and MySQL Workbench, set up remote database interfacing, learned how to access specific tables, locate corrupted rows and remove them, and solve all the bugs for about a week at a time, give or take, by rebuilding the search index each time they pop up, in hopes that the next forum software upgrade would resolve it's permissions bugs so I could stabilize the database before converting it to the new format, which I should have just done weeks ago, because the upgrade didn't solve the problem.

      All the while the back of my mind saying exactly what you guys are now lol

      Hopefully we're at the end of the problems. 
      And if by some horrendous anomaly we're not, I won't let up until we are.
      I've learned so much, and gotten so much software set up dealing with this, that the 
      corners of 'lack of understanding' that this problem has to hide in are rapidly shrinking anyway.

      But yea, we should be through it at this point.  The forum will be a little glitchy for the rest of the day probably until the new DB format works the kinds out :)

    4. Sir Ghostler

      Sir Ghostler

      Thank you for the responses. I hope these issues are finally ironed out as well. I just want to be able to visit without issues again, lol.

  11. Damn, I've been playing SFV all day today, just grinding for XP to level up Nash. The struggle is far from over.

  12. Happy Birthday, bro.