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  1. The massive uploads of my creations on MA have been returned. Please do not download anything mine from there, you might get some of my creations which are not updated or something. Be always sure to download my stuff from my Official OneDrive folder.

  2. Lilac has been updated again. What's done this time? She's in same folder where she should be.
  3. Check out my Nokia 3310 for mugen in Releases section, if you want to :)

  4. Nokia 3310 by Synck a.k.a DuckSS has been released! Well it's finally here, I present to you my yet finest creation for this year! NOKIA 3310 Sound crazy right? Phone for mugen engine xP Well it took me 3 and half months to create this simple character, and I hope you'll enjoy it. Sprites are pretty much made by me, so I didn't look for others' sprites on internet :P Video Showcase: Download:!AkdG2cHZeaxYarBY8vzWFf4Zl5o Nokia is in "Original characters" folder. Enjoy! ================ Synck Media 2017. ================
  5. PPL of MFFA, I fucking beg you to stop necrobumping my old threads from the past. At least PM me if you need something, don't necrobump my threads. Dang it.

  6. Sash Lilac's Important Update *Topic originally released 22.03.2017 on MFG* Well hello there guys. Today I'm giving ya an update for my Sash Lilac for mugen. Update Log: Also the patch for Veanko's Carol has been also updated. I found some terrible mistake when I made the first one xD So I actually decided to release a totally new one. The thing is, you copy/paste the files from patch folder to Carol's folder so that means that there's no code editing like last time. Re-Showcase video: Download:!AkdG2cHZeaxYarBY8vzWFf4Zl5o Lilac's in "Original Characters" folder Patch for Carol is in "Patches" folder Have fun! =============== Synck Media 2017 ===============
  7. Check out the update of my Nokia 3310 wip thread, you might like what I posted there :)

  8. Check out my new track on my youtube channel, if you want to :P


  9. The Nokia 3310 WIP thread has been updated, check it out! :D

  10. Why you even bother replying? Yes it's me. You can tell that by my Profile. I changed my nickname back in 2016, cuz my old one was little bit controversal. Thanks.
  11. Check out my new thread ;P