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  1. [Preview] [info] Well to start it off, I had like, no ideas. but I did find some stage sprites I never used from a Fighter Maker game called Mudougaikitan. The characters in the background are from Lunatic Bellvet, another Fighter Maker game. UPDATE: Spotlights and 1.1 version added thanks to Excahm. This also counts as my first high resolution stage. Also super jump has been added. Dark_Warehouse.def - Winmugen and 1.0 Dark_Warehouse+.def - Mugen 1.1 If you want to make the stage red, a Blood version if you will: [bG Floor3] type = normal spriteno = 0,3 mask = 1 delta = 2,2 [Download] If you want the red version of the stage only/don't feel like replacing the code in the original stage
  2. Under Night In-Birth

    Click the author names below the images to download. Red text = Character is offline. Yellow = Character is a WIP Ryoucchi did the ports and found the Eltnum sprite patch, as well as some missing links. I am thankful to him for that. Character Select Hyde by Websta (1.1 only) / Seth by Websta (1.1 only) / Linne by Websta (1.1 only), by Kira (beta) / Eltnum by 酷斯査 波里諾 (spriteswap of Shiroto's Sion) - Shiroto's Update / Akatsuki by 酷斯査 波里諾 (spriteswap of Mikita's, HM's - EN1 version, and Way-Oh's Akatsuki) / Orie by 41 - Old Version (1.1 only), by AnToR_M / Merkava by Dronekiller / Yuzuriha by Kouya [Mirrored Link], by Dronekiller / Chaos by Websta / Erika Wagner by 41 (beta, 1.1 only) Joke Characters POTS Styled Eltnum by Margatroid Add-Ons Lifebars by Rayzo & PandoraSM [1280x720/1.1]/ by Rayzo [640x480/1.0] Lifebars by Hloader [640x480] Screenpack by SxVector Stages Training Room Stage by Excham
  3. I may be dead, but that doesn't mean I can't be there for my birthday.

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    2. Sir Ghostler

      Sir Ghostler

      Happy Birthday!

    3. SSBK65


      Happy Birthday SK.

    4. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      Sorry for the late response man, Happy Birthday!

  4. Characters: Characters with special gameplay marked with blue color. Kaede by Arms, Dala & HiroHiro, Ildanaf, Ohgaki, Ribeiro, Duracelleur (MVC) Awakened Kaede by Bagaliao, Ohgaki Moriya Minakata by Claudio Toxi, Dala, Deuce, HAL, Ildanaf, Tukisuna (Big Bang Beat) Yuki by Amago, Aya, Nana, Noe, Ohgaki, Third, エス(KOF), 119way (KOF), Duracelleur (MVC) Keiichiro Washizuka by Claudio Toxi, Dala, Ildanaf, Ohgaki, Duracelleur (MVC) Shikyoh by Mappy, Ohgaki Lee Rekka by Abuhachi, Claudio Toxi, Cyanide, French Guy & Melonman0, Rabz, Duracelleur (MVC) Akari Ichijou by David Demianoff, Mappy, Roque, Roque + Nanashi, Ohgaki (KOF) "Akari" Ichijou/Ponta Akari by Ahuron Zantetsu by Deuce, Kokekoko, Nyankoro, Duracelleur (MVC) Juzoh Kanzaki by Gama, Ildanaf, Nyankoro, Duracelleur (MVC) Okina no Genbu by HAL, Nyankoro Shigen Naoe by M.M.R, Ohgaki Hyo Amano by Abuhachi, Luchini, Pacific Angra, Rabz, Duracelleur (MVC) Musashi Akatsuki by Abuhachi, Third Shinnosuke Kagami by Ahuron, HAL, Orochi Herman, Ohgaki, Tukisuna (Big Bang Beat) Hyper Kagami by HAL, Third Mukuro by Ahuron, HAL, Mappy Hibiki Takane by Claudio Toxi, HSR, Nana, Sos Kojiroh Sanada by Ohgaki Kaori Sanada/Kojiroh Sanada (LB2) by Claudio Toxi, Drowin, Hotaryuso, Ildanaf, Mappy, Rabz Kouryu by Abuhachi, Third Setsuna by Claudio Toxi, HSR, Orochi Herman, Bgrsb6 (KOF2K2UM), Tukisuna (Big Bang Beat) Stages: Last Blade 1 and 2 Stages by Ryo2005 Stages by Slushzer Extra: Last Blade 2 screenpack by Matmut, works for 1.0 Last Blade 2 screenpack by Matmut, converted to 1.1 by gui0007 (link in description) May add edits later/some other time.
  5. Characters Sanada Yukimura by Syouga Date Masamune by Neat Unsou Katakura Kojuro by Neat Unsou, by Neat Unsou + Chu-nin Maeda Keiji by Ahuron, Tukisuna, Syouga, Rei Uesugi Kenshin by Syouga Mouri Motonari by Neat Unsou Takenaka Hanbei by 五右衛門, Tukisuna Toyotomi Hideyoshi by Rei, Kuri Honda Tadakatsu by Rei Oda Nobunaga by 五右衛門, Rei Oichi by Unknown Creator (Calls himself Elecbyte), Rei Chosokabe Motochika by Gal129 Stages Anegawa (Oichi's stage) by Rockzouh,Wargame Hasedo no Tatakai (Katakura Kojuro's stage) by Neat Unsou Honnouji (Oda Nobunaga's stage) by Jam, Kung Fu Man, Excahm Itsukushima (Mouri Motonari's stage) by Alfred, Jam, Excahm Inabayamajo (Takenaka Hanbei's stage) by Excahm, Jam Kawanakajima (Uesugi Kenshin's stage) by Wargame, Jam Kyoto Hanamichi (Maeda Keiji's stage) by Wargame, Jam Nagashino (Sanada Yukimura's stage) by Wargame, Jam Osakajo (Toyotomi Hideyoshi's stage) by Excahm, Jam Sekigahara no Tatakai (Honda Tadakatsu's stage) by Wargame Shikoku (Chosokabe Motochika's stage) by Excahm, Jam Suiragehara (Date Masamune's stage) by Wargame, Jam Sekigahara no Tatakai - The Last Party (Sengoku Basara: The Last Party) by Neat Unsou Extra AI patches for Sanada Yukimura by Syouga and Date Masamune by Chu-Nin
  6. Attempted Revival?

  7. Attempted Revival?

  8. I think @Ryoucchi needs some help. He's been pretty depressed lately and I feel like I can't help him on my own.

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    2. ShinzakiK


      That's what I'm wondering too. I want to let him know that we're all there for him somehow though.

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    4. Sinjik


      It would be easier to know what he is depressed about but if you dont know, that alright.  But i think we should give words of encouragment or maybe a community made message.

  9. Attempted Revival?

    Older ones I forgot about
  10. I should talk more, but socializing is hard.

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    2. Darkflare


      The first step is actually being alive.

    3. ShinzakiK


      What's the second step?

    4. Darkflare



  11. Caaawww

    1. soul390


      hark is that a bird I hear or no? Oh wait Sir ShinzakiK blessed his fellow mffa'ers with his presence.

  12. What's good.

    1. Darkflare


      You plan on staying alive for once.

    2. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Why yes it is.

    3. soul390


      Hello i am just a ghost was gone for a while. It is nice to meet you all. Greetings to you Mr.ShinzakiK  and hope you have a good day Sir.

  13. admin, please look into this

    Letting this thread die, it shall. Oh by the way, I don't know where you're getting at with telling him to shut up if you keep talking nonsense.
  14. isn't the moderation a bit biased?

    I'm locking this before it becomes even more of a shitshow. Discussion over.
  15. isn't the moderation a bit biased?

    Information that no one really cares about. And where's your proof that they are these so called "brainwashed lackeys of guild"? Also Guild isn't full of bad people like you claim. But how would I know when you consistently spew out crap no one really cares about while not considering others' opinions?
  16. No worries, I fixed that for you.
  17. I'm not dead yet.

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      Zio the Phantom


    2. Zio the Phantom

      Zio the Phantom


  18. We don't talk much lately, but happy birthday man.

  19. Happy Birthday, my best friend.

  20. I did a thing, but why did I do it?


  21. So the Umineko fighter is getting localized apparently.


    1. Laharl


      manga gamer localizing a fighting game? is there hentai in this version?

  22. Got it back, but now I need to add peeps again.

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      That's great, mate.

    2. gui0007


      Phew, good to know that bruh. :)

  23. Guess whose Steam account got possibly hacked!

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    2. Niitris


      Again? Have you scanned your cpu, could be some hidden key-logger or something.

    3. ShinzakiK


      I'm scanning my cpu as we speak. It's just taking a while.

    4. Laharl


      do you guys not have the security option to not allow other pc's to login to your account?