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  1. As someone who enjoys drawing, I relate so much to this:



  2. The title says all. I enjoy these songs enough to want to sing together, but the language barrier impedes me. I wonder if some English native speaker who can help me with the lyrics of these songs. And there's this next one, which I had to upload in Youtube as an unlisted video, because it can't be found at any video streaming site, and I risk facing a strike from Youtube. It's in Japanese, which makes identifying the lyrics 500x harder. Junko Ohashi - Arabian Night ( 大橋純子 - アラビアン・ナイト ) My listening comprehension only took me as far as the 1st line: アラブの 町へ 旅する 魔法の 絨毯 飛び立つ ARABU no machi he tabisuru, mahou no juutan tobitatsu (Flying on a magic carpet, going to an Arabian city) I appreciate any help. Sorry if I'm posting on the wrong section.
  3. One just can't argue with this logic:



    1. Darkflare


      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    2. sonikun



    3. Ricepigeon


      and then their night of passionate "breeding" gets interrupted by Nebby escaping from the bag for the Nth time.

  4. Yes. Kemono Friends is as good as people say. The art is indeed clumsy, the cast consists of nothing but animals anthropomorphized into cute girls and this might turn people off as it did to me initially.


    But the way the story was told, and the way the interactions between the characters were portrayed, were somehing totally different from any anime I watched before.


    It doesn't appeal to meaningless violence or  sexualization (there are the penguin girls, who are sexualized and their design clash a little with the other girls, but they are as well-characterized as everybody else, so I give them a pass).


    It also receives props for the fact that I didn't find any of the characters dislikable.


    I could write a lot about how refreshing my experience with the anime was, but I don't have the skills to point all the qualities the show displayed.


    It takes a little to get used to, but I recommend it, if you're curious about what the fuss is about (like I was).

    1. Pluscross


      I'll pass. Will take your word, but...


      Unless the fighter will be a platform or arena fighter. Wait, nevermind...

    2. DuckMannnn


      Haven't seen it yet but their hentai is nice

  5. Ow, my stick. Ow, my claw.
  6. Samurai Shodown 5 says hello.
  7. Kool & The Gang + chillhop beat = Nujabes vibe. Been listening to this all day long.
  8. Another Kobayashi fanart. A wedding dress for Saikawa.


    Still incomplete, though. Gonna work more on it when I feel more inspiration:



  9. As an enthusiast of the Japanese language, I really find interesting their point of view about foreign cultures, and how they wish for things that are common in other cultures (things as simple like hugs), but rare or inexistant in their society.



    A video about why Japanese (and south-Koreans, who suffer a similar problem) are well known for being terrible at English.


    The reason is why their teachers themselves aren't prepared to teach English. Their society as a whole still doesn't see a need of globalizing, hence they don't train people to use English language in a practical way.



    Advantages and disadvantages of speaking English in their opinion.




    "What do Japanese envy about foreigners?"


    Things like:

    "Foreign babies look like little angels, Japanese babies look like little sumo fighters." Really.


    1. Rimu


      Remember to turn on the "Closed Caption" option in order to understand the last video.

    2. Galvatron


      Cool.. :-)

    3. DuckMannnn


      I'm actually glad I learned English from proper English teachers from all around the world during my early age. The foreign language education in Vietnam is terrible, then recently they started forcing kids to learn Japanese, Mandarin and Russian too. I bet the teachers don't even know how to communicate in those languages... 

      You see, 60% of the population can't speak English, and 30% doesn't speak really well, they can only say things like "Hello, how are you, I'm fine thanks" and etc, sometimes weird stuffs like "mother dog bitch" lol. Luckily I currently study in a French school so the education is much more logical and better, I also managed to learn French and a bit of Spanish. Plus weeaboo vocabulary from the internet.

  10. I just noticed... Chloe from We Bare Bears and Otako from Oshiete Galko-chan look so much like each other it's hard to believe that it's just a coincidence :whaaat2:







  11. This is the first time that talking about depression made me actually laugh:



    I wonder how an RPG character would be cured from these status, though.

    1. Galvatron


      LOL! XD

      that is funny if you think about it...

  12. Google Translate never ceases amusing us. お年玉 (otoshidama) should mean "New Year's Gift".


    Google Translate version:



    Otaku Ball.

    1. Galvatron


      LOL! oh wow!..... XD


      ..seriously Google need to fixed their translator...

    2. Rimu


      It's not like I actually use Google Translate to translating purposes.


      I just happen to type the text in the field so that I can use Rikaichan (a Firefox extension that shows translations of Japanese words just by hovering the mouse over them), which always gives the correct translation.


      Rikaichan only works inside Firefox, though. Hence the need of typing the text somewhere online.

  13. This is the Hall of Mirrors, not the Island of ruin. This is the correct stage. http://www.mediafire.com/file/hxdrjtf8b35ccp6/ardy_island.zip
  14. Why not? It has young boys playing and having fun all day long. It's fun for all family
  15. I find Christmas annoying. You know, Santa Claus with Coca-Cola flavor. Actually, I find all holidays boring, too