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  1. I now have Discord!

    But first, you must tell me why you want to chat with me on discord, and then I'll send you my Discord name via message.

    1. AstroInkling45


      Because you're an awesome friend to have! I even like your Greninja!

  2. TBM Text Log - September 15, 2017



    And I survived Hurricane Irma!

    1. AstroInkling45


      Congratulations, dude! :D

    2. NootNoot64


      Thank god, i'm so glad that you survived the hurricane :onion_yay_by_7anime7drawer7:

    3. Xiristatos


      Not the least bit surprised

  4. Hurricane Irma is coming to hit Florida. I hope you all to wish me luck.

    1. AstroInkling45
    2. NootNoot64


      Good luck, my inkiling boy

    3. TMC55


      I wish you luck man, as someone who grew up in Florida I'm sad to hear about the news. I have family down there as well. Hope you make it through safe.

  5. I'm back. and I'm going to have an appointment tomorrow.

  6. I going to be off to my aunt's house at Fort Lauderdale.

    I'll be back in 2 days.
    (I still be here on my mobile.)

    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Sweet, enjoy that beautiful Florida weather!

    2. VTH223


      I land in fort Lauderdale for my next plane to Colombia.... well good luck :)

  7. Yo! Roy!



    Look at this!


    1. RoySquadRocks


      NO FUCKING WAY!!!! :omg:

    2. thebestmlTBM


      Yup. A trailer for Shantae in Super Smash Bros. Crusade.

      Just to show, they're not dead.

  8. I'm happy to announce that the Kuki Sanban Sprite Sheet for MUGEN is finished.


    All thanks to the following contributors




    Shimmering Brony (AKA ToonAlexSora007)

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    2. thebestmlTBM


      I'll do that when  jengra is finished with the coding of her.

      (If he's worthy enough that is.)

    3. WlanmaniaX


      There's some sprites that need to be added:


      -Upwards G.U.M.Z.O.O.K.A (like you did with T.H.U.M.P.E.R)

      -Special Intros against any dogs and Numbuh One (hopefully)

      -Hit sprites for both Butterfly Suit and Fire Demon hypers

      -Babylity compatible sprites (for Juano16's any Mortal Kombat charactaers)

      -Pac-man compatible sprites (for altoiddealer's Jailbot)

    4. NootNoot64


      Cool thebestmlTBM

      BTW did you saw my hi message?

  9. FireworksHAPPY 4TH OF JULY!Fireworks


    1. OxyontheWolf


      what's left to say but this?

  10. A Boss Battle against Master Hand!


    1. Lucariofan1999


      Link for master hand?. I didn't know someone made him for mugen,

    2. thebestmlTBM


      You can find him by type searching "n64mario mugen"

    3. Lucariofan1999


      thanks man. i will search it

  11. Made 2 videos if you haven't seen them...



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    2. thebestmlTBM


      Maybe, if a guy name "NoMoreHeroes2012" can make a CPS2 Original theme of her. I already commissioned him it with dA Points.

      (Yes! deviantArt Points! the greatest back-up since PayPal.)

    3. WlanmaniaX


      Good point, but just let me know once what you think of my characters after I send new updates of Zim, DIb or Rocko foryou?

    4. thebestmlTBM


      Thanks, but I think I'll pass.

  12. Greetings folks, just want to say that I'm at my sister's trailer for a sleepover and I'm on a mobile phone, cause I'm going to have 2 birthday celebrations about me (June 10th) and my sister's birthday (June 12th) so I will be back on the 13th.

    1. wicloud


      enjoy the cake dude! we'll miss ya 'til then.

    2. WlanmaniaX


      Good luck on that and just as you know, I have sent a message about a bit more stuff you are doing on Numbuh 3.

    3. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      Welp see you on June 13th TBM.

  13. Another new Melty Blood Mugen Video



  14. I've finally reached 1.4K Subscribers on YouTube!

    And here's a Video Special for it.



  15. As promised to myself, here's me as Sparkster!

    1. wicloud


      nice dude ya mowed her down XD

  16. A New Melty Blood Mugen Video is here!




    Might be thinking about doing a next match with Sparkster to play as.

  18. A Long Awaited Mugen Video is here!

    And it's a Boss Battle!


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    2. thebestmlTBM


      Because of the clickbaits on YouTube, especially the CPS2/3 Themes Clickbaits.

    3. MLGPoliwhirl


      dude it's not clickbait, the whole point of April Fools is to play pranks

    4. thebestmlTBM


      Well I'm sorry, but I think it's not funny IMO.




  21. ab8712dcac40fba848429b5b3dfb4e6b-dazcxjf

    "I apologize for yesterday, I tried dual booting TrueOS. but instead deletes everything off my Hard disk (Including Every MUGEN Characters and CS X TBM Project), I had a huge accident on my Hard drive, so I'm stuck with ubuntu for life."


    I told him that he must keep going as I got some backups for him. So please let all root for him to keep on moving!


    -WIP Characters I saved for him-
    CS-X-TBM Yoko
    CS-X-TBM Ami
    CS-X-TBM Yumi
    CS-X-TBM Julie
    CS-X-TBM Chuck



    1. DuckMannnn


      Can't he use Recuva or something

      I tried using it when I accidentally deleted around 5gb worth of music and succesfully got all of them back without any problem

  22. First Video of 2017! WOOT!

    Sorry that I took so long for this after the hiatus I had.

  23. I'm back!

    1. Galvatron


      welcome back man! :-)

    2. Solid Snivy

      Solid Snivy

      Welcome back, dude!

    3. Paul999


      Wellcome back now!

  24. Welp, I will be going to babysit my nephew.

    Will be gone for 4 or 5 days.

    1. Galvatron


      Its cool man! Family comes first.. :-)


      take care!

  25. Did you guys miss me?


    I'm back from the dead! And I'm very sorry for a delay, My family was trying their best to get the Gateway laptop all fixed up so after thats fixed I'm give it to my Mom since we swap Computers, Her HP TouchSmart 520 PC for my Gateway Laptop, So in case I'm REALLY getting my gaming laptop (which is Christmas 2017) I'm giving it back to her so that I continue on with something completely diffrent. But that dosen't mean that I have to quit MUGEN!


    Speaking of which, I'm about to have some MUGEN Video, And the Melty Blood Rolecall featuring Miyako Arima will be coming soon if I have time that is.

    1. Galvatron


      Awesome! welcome back man! :goodmood: