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  1. Variable Elevator & An Old Warehouse at Night Been searching for them like forever please can someone share these stages for me?
  2. I tried to search for the download of this old pack but unfortunately I didn't find it I even made a request I believe 3 days ago?
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AF2ET_2kI2E Coruscation I wanna know how to make small slots that fits the screen like 1000 or more chars ( I wanna make like on the video exactly if it's possible to make) can someone teach me or guide me please?
  4. the links are dead can someone please upload all of his chars?
  5. I saw many people requested for the patch and here it is Warusaki's: http://www.4shared.com/rar/Eow6UMUO/warusaki3_groove_bar_removal_p.html?sop=true H: http://www.4shared.com/rar/xILPKAkM/hs_groove_bar_removal_patch_20.html better save it and upload it in your mediafire account or else it will be deleted someday that's my advice. Cheers!
  6. I really wanted someone to teach me on how to edit the select screen resolution I've wanted to finish it and to make it 1280x720 to add Blaze and blues lifebar
  7. Even if I used another char as well the Error comes along
  8. Well it does because in Mugen 1.0 you can't add the Zoom-in and Zoom-Out camera feature. Plus it looks better in 1.
  9. Trying to make this awesome screenpack to 1.1 in to add the stage zoom-in and zoom-out compatibility for this screenpack because it deserves it in many ways but i had problems with it When I select a char an error message comes along
  10. I searched for it and it seems it's been deleted :(
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