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  1. Welcome to ようこそジャパリパーク! Click the author names to download. \すーごいー!/ PLAYABLE FRIENDS Serval: Michibata JOKE FRIENDS Japari Bus: 2580shota || Arai-san: Michibata || Serval: Kozeni Password for Arai-san: mugen. \たーのしー!/ PARK AREAS Japari Park: Unknown || Japari Park Kouzan Chiho: Unknown || Savanna: Manny Lingle || Kemono Friends Fight! Stages: Dissidia: Savanna / Plains / Library MORE FRIENDS ARE COMING! Kemono Friends Fight! sprite and sound rips by Dissidia
  2. Click author names to download. Red: Oflline HEROES SELECT Subutai / Zhao Yun / Chou Un: Summon Night / Sphinxe / V-Nix || Kadan / Huang Zhong / Kou Chuu: Enjuo || Kassar / Zhang Fei / Chou Hi: Envymask666 ENEMIES SELECT Akjin / Yang, Akov / Ji, and Basl / Li: NotAGoodName BOSS SELECT Temujin-Khan / Lu Bu / Ryo Fu: Envymask666 STAGE SELECT Help wanted.
  3. Click author names to download. Red: Oflline HEROES SELECT Arthur: Dcelso || Lancelot: Krakena ENEMIES SELECT Scorn: Joey Faust || Muramasa: Joey Faust || Garibaldi: Joey Faust || Balbar: Joey Faust || Bird Man: Zephyr STAGE SELECT Stages by ELECTR0
  4. Added Owlbear and Beholder
  5. Fixed.
  6. The guy's probably updating them, so i'll wait before i could re-upload. Added.
  7. Added Nao Yuuki by Kunekune
  8. Added Kisarah by Kunekune
  9. Added Kisarah by Kunekune
  10. Added Alice Carrol by Kunekune
  11. Fixed images. Thanks a lot, Photobucket. May you rest in piss.
  12. Update: - Mizoguchi by DarkSideJoe - All versions of SNK Mizoguchi - All versions of SNK Ray McDougal - Karnov's Revenge Lifebars by Leonheart
  13. sure
  14. Okay...okay. all issues are fixed
  15. fixed