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  1. Strider Series

    Added Hiryu by Divinewolf.
  2. Star Wars Franchise

    Added stuffs i've found in MA.
  3. Resident Evil Series

    Added William Birkin by Armin_Iuf.
  4. Melty Blood Series

  5. The Eye of Typhoon

    Sorry dude. But as per the rule, you're not allowed to use an ad referral. and in turn, the link leads to mugenarchive which also using ad referral. So yeah. That's a double no-no.
  6. The Simpsons

    Added Marge Simpson and changed all links to Warner's creations to the updated ones.
  7. The Last Blade / The Last Blade 2

    Do you have any link then
  8. Dose anyone have Luka Megurine by Annri?

    why would you want a kfm with a different stance animation?
  9. New system about react point

    I think it could be one of several features that is currently disabled while the admins are working on fixing the forum bugs. i could be wrong.
  10. The Simpsons

    Update: Merged the Arcade collection here due to dead images and ma links.
  11. MFFAWN #19 (Aug 20-26, 2017) - Drunk & Disorderly

    i think its funny. basically the clerk thought that the nurses trying to feed him soup through his ass.
  12. Shirou Yusa by aka65535 [7/4/2017]

    Not really. Direct link from the nicovideo page still works. https://box.yahoo.co.jp/guest/viewer?sid=box-l-j5umjnu4lsmfopjx3vkhqn2a6a-1001&uniqid=3fa3aafb-e679-448b-8139-5375f7e6ce8c&viewtype=detail
  13. Touhou Project

    Can't seem to edit this topic, keeps getting timeout error. guess because the first post is too crowded. edit: moved the stages and add-ons sections to the second post.
  14. Lilly [Alpha] by CSNkz [9/2/2017] From Himegari Dungeon Master https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AJZJYFjAaEO7J8g&id=A30DEE33B105E54!382&cid=0A30DEE33B105E54
  15. Harumi Yua & The Man Killer Mari by Sakuraka [8/31/2017] From 男対女2 (Man vs Woman 2) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0kFlizfo0b5UEYyN3dGOXVoUVE/view https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0kFlizfo0b5OERhOUV3OF9QTVk/view?usp=sharing