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  1. Click on the author names to download. Red: Offline Yellow: WIP Blue: of questionable quality / unplayable IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you download from any of the Kamen Rider Production Wiki Uploader, please check their update notes on the top of the page to refer to the correct files! CHARACTERS - GAME SPRITED SNES KAMEN RIDER RIDER #1 RIDER #2 IKADEVIL SHOCKERS GARAGARANDA Kamen Rider #1: Kifune / Andre Marquez Kamen Rider #2: Kifune Ikadevil: Muu Shocker Troopers: Unknown Author Garagaranda: Muu SNES KAMEN RIDER - EDITS SKYRIDER Skyrider: Kurokawa CHARACTERS - RESPRITED SHOWA ERA CHARACTERS KAMEN RIDER RIDER #1 GREAT LEADER Kamen Rider #1: Tetsuo9999 Shocker's Great Leader: Oki KAMEN RIDER X X Kamen Rider X: Shota2580 / Shota2580 + Metaljack333 KAMEN RIDER STRONGER STRONGER STRONGER Kamen Rider Stronger: 1st: Kurokawa / 2nd: Kurokawa & MaitoK KAMEN RIDER BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK Kamen Rider Black: 1st: Unknown Author / Knightblue777 / 2nd: Nijikaku / 3rd: Way-Oh KAMEN RIDER BLACK RX BLACK RX BLACK RX BLACK RX BLACK RX BLACK RX SHADOWMOON SHADOWMOON SHADOWMOON Kamen Rider Black RX : 1st: Joe / 2nd: Cutter / 3rd: Otot121020 / 4th: Watati / 5h: Nijikaku Century King Shadowmoon: 1st: Nijikaku / 2nd: Cutter / 3rd: Zektard KAMEN RIDER ZO ZO Kamen Rider ZO: Way-Oh HEISEI ERA CHARACTERS KAMEN RIDER KUUGA KUUGA KUUGA ULTIMATE KUUGA GO-BAADA-BAA GOURAM Kamen Rider Kuuga: 1st: Ruina & Azuma / Ruina & Azuma + Nipa3008 / 2nd: TheMura Kamen Rider Kuuga Ultimate Form: qzak Go-Baada-Baa: KEI166 Armor Machine Gouram: Unknown Author KAMEN RIDER AGITO AGITO ANOTHER AGITO G3 G3-X GILLS GILLS Kamen Rider Agito: qzak / Ruina & Azuma / Barbatos / Ennki / TheMura / aaa Another Agito: KEI166 Kamen Rider G3: Otot1210200 Kamen Rider G3- X: Miyaji Kamen Rider Gills:1st: qzak / Otot1210200 / 2nd: KEI166 KAMEN RIDER RYUKI RYUKI RYUGA KNIGHT OHJA OHJA SCISSORS ZOLDA ZOLDA TIGER DRAGREDER RAYDRAGOON Kamen Rider Ryuki: qzak / Nanabe / Zassou / Ninefreeman Kamen Rider Ryuga: Zassou / Nanabe Kamen Rider Knight: KEI166 Kamen Rider Ohja: 1st: Nanaka / 2nd: Tommy-Gun Kamen Rider Scissors: Iseebi Kamen Rider Zolda: 1st: Greenman / 2nd: Iseebi Kamen Rider Tiger: Fujiyama Unrivaled Dragon Dragreder: Unknown Author Raydragoon: Iseebi KAMEN RIDER 555 FAIZ FAIZ FAIZ KAIXA KAIXA DELTA PSYGA ORGA RIOTROOPERS Kamen Rider Faiz: 1st: qzak / ONess / Zassou / Ninefreeman / 2nd: Mokusen / 3rd: Nijikaku Kamen Rider Kaixa: 1st: Fuddyfunny / 2nd: Nijikaku Kamen Rider Delta: Guanghui Kamen Rider Psyga: P-Poke Kamen Rider Orga: KANPOD Riotroopers: P-Poke: Bonus Game / Playable KAMEN RIDER BLADE BLADE BLADE BLADE BLADE BLADE GARREN GARREN JUNICHI TAIYAKI MEIJIN CHALICE Kamen Rider Blade: 1st: qzak / Ninefreeman / 2nd: Amada / 3rd: A-Jin / 4th: Jaki Kamen Rider Blade King Form: Nanaka Kamen Rider Garren: 1st: Jaki / 2nd: Nijikaku Junichi and Glaive: Amada Taiyaki Meijin Ultimate Form: Fujiyama Kamen Rider Chalice: Jaki KAMEN RIDER HIBIKI HIBIKI HIBIKI HIBIKI Kamen Rider Hibiki: 1st: qzak / Ninefreeman / 2nd: Nekomaru3 / 3rd: Jaki KAMEN RIDER KABUTO KABUTO KABUTO D. KABUTO GATACK GATACK SASWORD SASWORD SASWORD DRAKE THEBEE HOPPERS NEGISHI SANAGI Kamen Rider Kabuto: 1st: Alf / Alf + ev133 / 2nd: qzak / Azuma Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto: Azuma Kamen Rider Gatack: 1st: Ashwolf / 2nd: Nekomaru3 Kamen Rider Sasword: 1st: Guanghui / 2nd: P-Poke / 3rd: Tetsuo9999 Kamen Rider Drake: Tetsuo9999 Kamen Rider TheBee: Tetsuo9999 Kick Hopper and Punch Hopper: Jaki / Otot1210200: K. Hopper / P. Hopper Negishi: Nanabe Sanagi: Nanabe KAMEN RIDER DEN-O DEN-O DEN-O AX DEN-O ROD ZERONOS NEGA DEN-O Kamen Rider Den-O: qzak: Normal - W/ Zeronos / Nipa3008 + Ninefreeman - StrikeFreedomGirl555's edit [for Ky-Shanxi's MUGEN 1.1 SSB Mod] / Otot1210200 Kamen Rider Den-O Ax Form: Guanghui Kamen Rider Den-O Rod Form: Fujiyama Kamen Rider Zeronos: Fujiyama Kamen Rider Nega Den-O: qzak + Nipa3008 KAMEN RIDER KIVA KIVA IXA SAGA Kamen Rider Kiva: Jaki / qzak Kamen Rider IXA: Iseebi Kamen Rider Saga: P-Poke KAMEN RIDER DCD DECADE DECADE DCD #1 DCD KUUGA DCD KIVA DIEND KUUGA DARK DECADE Kamen Rider Decade: 1st: qzak: Normal - W/ Double / Azuma / Ennki / Ninefreeman / 2nd: Takenowa Kamen Rider Decade #1: qzak Kamen Rider Decade Kuuga: qzak Kamen Rider Decade Kiva: qzak Kamen Rider Diend: Project Diend / Ninefreeman Kamen Rider Kuuga (Yuusuke Onodera): Nanabe Kamen Rider Dark Decade: Venom KAMEN RIDER W W W FANG JOKER W FANG JOKER JOKER JOKER ACCEL ACCEL ACCEL BIKE CYCLONE SKULL ETERNAL WEATHER DOPANT Kamen Rider W: qzak / Narumi Detective Agency / Zassou / Ninefreeman / Arumikan / Anomipolis (KOFM) Kamen Rider W FangJoker: 1st: Unknown Author / 2nd: Arumikan Kamen Rider Joker: 1st: Nipa3008 / Barbatos / Venom / 2nd: Arumikan Kamen Rider Accel: 1st: Otot1210200 / 2nd: Arumikan Kamen Rider Accel Bike Form: Ruina & Azuma Kamen Rider Cyclone: Nyakky Kamen Rider Skull: Heal The World Kamen Rider Eternal: Guanghui Weather Dopant: Heal The World KAMEN RIDER OOO OOO OOO ANKH BIRTH Kamen Rider OOO: qzak - New Version / Ninefreeman / Anomipolis (KOFM) Kamen Rider OOO Purple Eyes: Ninefreeman Ankh: Unknown Author Kamen Rider Birth: Otot1210200 KAMEN RIDER FOURZE FOURZE FOURZE GENTAROU METEOR Kamen Rider Fourze: 1st: Kamen Rider Club / Kamen Rider Club + Nipa3008 / Otot1210200 / 2nd: Jaki Gentarou & Fourze: Takenowa Kamen Rider Meteor: Otot1210200 KAMEN RIDER WIZARD WIZARD MAGE Kamen Rider Wizard: Omokagedou / Omokagedou + Nipa3008 / Otot1210200 Kamen Rider Mage: Nanabe KAMEN RIDER GAIM GAIM GAIM GAIM RYUGEN DUKE BUJIN GAIM Kamen Rider Gaim: 1st: Team Gaim / 2nd: Guanghui / 3rd: Guanghui Kamen Rider Ryugen: Nanabe Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim: Team Gaim + Nipa3008 / Kamen Rider Production Wiki Kamen Rider Duke: Miyaji KAMEN RIDER DRIVE DRIVE PROTO DRIVE MACH TRIDORON Kamen Rider Drive: Team Drive Kamen Rider Proto Drive: Team Drive Kamen Rider Mach: Shota2580 Machine Tridoron: Shota2580 KAMEN RIDER GHOST GHOST YURUSEN DARK GHOST Kamen Rider Ghost: Tenkuuji Temple Yurusen: Miyaji Kamen Rider Dark Ghost: Nanabe KAMEN RIDER EX-AID EX-AID EX-AID GENM LAZER PARA-DX Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: 1st: Shota2580 / 2nd: Computer Rescuing Center Kamen Rider Genm: Shota2580 Kamen Rider Lazer: Jaki Kamen Rider Para-DX: Fujiyama KAMEN RIDER BUILD BUILD Kamen Rider Build: Cafe Nascita KAMEN RIDER Z-IO Z-IO Z-IO GEIZ Kamen Rider Zi-O: 1st: Tsukuyomi / 2nd: Axel Martin Kamen Rider Geiz: Tsukuyomi SPECIAL MOVIES KAMEN RIDER THE FIRST / THE NEXT RIDER #1 RIDER #2 Kamen Rider #1: Way-Oh Kamen Rider #2: Way-Oh SUPERHERO TAISEN GP: KAMEN RIDER #3 RIDER #3 Kamen Rider #3: qzak WEBSERIES KAMEN RIDER AMAZONS AMAZON ALPHA Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha: Shota2580 / Anomipolis FANMADE KAMEN RIDERS GAIDEN RUST SPARTAN Kamen Rider Gaiden: Kiske Otoko Kamen Rider Rust: Mothra67 Spartan Rider: Mothra67 STAGES SNES KAMEN RIDER Bio Plant Area / Skyway Area / Sand Area by OldGamer Rider Street by Ryoucchi & The Magic Toaster CUSTOM Team Gaim's Garage and CR Room Stage by Kamen Rider Production Wiki Various KR Stages by Fujiyama DenLiner and Nega DenLiner by StrikeFreedomGirl555 FULL GAME / COMPILATION Street Rider by Maskedo Rider Battle OOO by Nipa3008 Kamen Rider compiled by Unknown Kamen Rider Battle compiled by Unknown Kamen Rider Super Climax compiled by Unknown ADD-ONS Fix patch: Mura's Agito by Ennki Fix patch: Team Gaim's Gaim by qeg_mugeso AI patch: Makedo's Agito by Ouchi AI patch: Maskedo's Ryuki, Faiz, Hibiki, Den-O and Decade by No-Name AI patch: Maskedo's Kabuto by Marktwo AI patch: Kurokawa's Stronger by Medesu AI patch: Nipa3008's OOO, W and Diend by Anomipolis Voice patch: Maskedo's Decade and Decade Kiva by Five Various voice patch by かぢゅみ Intro patch: Alf's Kabuto by Jaki Kamen Rider Decade Intro by VeNoM Kamen Rider W Intro by TAW Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes Intro by VeNoM Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Lifebars by Ennki
  2. Click the link below images (do not click the image themselves) to get the desired version of the characters. Red text means a character is offline. Important: How to use UMA's characters in Mugen 1.0 and up. Open their common1.cns files and with notepad find and replace feature, replace "displaytoclipboard" with "null". Save it afterwards. CHARACTER SELECT - THE ULTRAS Ultraman: 1st: A-Jin / Bakisimu / 2nd: UMA / 3rd: Kuma 4th: Gorjeador || Ultraseven: 1st: Bakisimu / Gainer / 2nd: UMA / 3rd: Gorjeador Zoffy: Bakisimu || Ultraman Jack: Bakisimu / Gainer / LED / Sans-UA || Ultraman Ace: Bakisimu / Gainer / Max || Ultraman Taro: Bakisimu / Gainer || Ultraman Leo: Bakisimu / Gainer / LED / pinksheep_X || Ultraman King: Max || Ultraman Great: Bakisimu / LED / Lord Sinistro / Syquest Ultraman Tiga: Bakisimu / Fell || Ultraman Dyna: Bakisimu || Ultraman Gaia: Bakisimu / LED / pinksheep_x || Ultraman Agul: Bakisimu / LED / pinksheep_x || Ultraman Cosmos: pinksheep_X || Ultraman Nexus: Gainer || Ultraman Max: Bakisimu / Max Ultraman Mebius: Bakisimu || Ultraman Zero: A-Jin / Bakisimu || Ultraman Belial: Max || Ultraman Ginga: Sans-UA || Ultraman Ginga S: Gainer || Ultraman X: Bakisimu || Ultraman Orb: Gainer / Max / Sans-UA Ultraman Orb Origin: Max || Ultraman Geed: pinksheep_X CHARACTER SELECT - THE KAIJUUS AND SEIJINS ULTRA Q (1966) Pagos: Bakisimu || Sudar: Kirbey ULTRAMAN (1966) Bemular: A-Jin / Mothra67 / UMA || Alien Baltan: Sugio / UMA / julio.mendoza0105: II / III || Neronga: UMA || Antlar: Kirbey / UMA || Redking: 1st: Mothra67 / UMA / 2nd: Gorjeador || Pigmon: Bakisimu Gabora: Bakisimu || Bullton: UMA / Kakeypurai || Alien Zarab: Bakisimu || Aboras: Bakisimu || Kemular: Bakisimu || Jamila: Sugio / UMA || Telesdon: UMA Dorako: Kirbey || Gomora: Nadagetsu / UMA || Alien Mefilas: Nadagetsu / UMA || Gelonimon: UMA || Re-Telesdon: Kirbey || Alien Zetton: Kirbey || Zetton: UMA / Kakeypurai Re-Dorako: Zektard || Gavadon A: Kozeni || Zambolar: ToRaFuGu || Mummy Man: Kirbey ULTRASEVEN (1967) Eleking: GodzillaK90 / UMA || Alien Metron: UMA || Alien Chibull: GooGoo64 || King Joe: UMA || Gyeron: Mature4Evr / by UMA || Alien Bado: Zagisan || Alien Borg: UMA Dinosaur Tank: Bakisimu / julio.mendoza0105 [Snow Dinotank] || Darii: UMA || Alien Guts: UMA || Robot Ultraseven: Bakisimu || Pandon: Bakisimu || Reconstructed Pandon: UMA || Gandar: A-Jin / UMA Alien Icarus: Bakisimu || Capsule Monsters: UMA || Windom: julio.mendoza0105 || Rigger: Kirbey || Alien Pegassa: Kirbey || Alien Pega: Kirbey || Iron Rocks: Kozeni THE RETURN OF ULTRAMAN (1971) Detton*: Zektard & Muu || Zetton II: Bakisimu || Muruchi: Zektard || Black King: Bakisimu / julio.mendoza0105: Symbiote Black King / Black King.exe || Twin Tail: Bakisimu *filename is Telesdon but it is actually Detton ULTRAMAN ACE (1972) Ace Killer: 1st: Bakisimu / 2nd: Kirbey || Baraba: Kirbey || Verokron: ToRaFuGu || Vakishim: Bakisimu / julio.mendoza0105 [ Symbiote Vakishim] || Doragory: Bakisimu ULTRAMAN TARO (1973) Astromons: Varioto || Re-Eleking: Kirbey || Tyrant: Bakisimu ULTRAMAN LEO (1974) Sevenger: Kirbey || Black End: Kirbey || Silver Bloome: Bakisimu ULTRAMAN 80 (1980) Dark Seven: Kirbey || Baltan VI: Bakisimu || Redking III: Kirbey || Gomora II: Kirbey || Salamandra: Bakisimu / Zektard || Gymaira: Zektard / Varioto || Robofo: Kirbey ULTRAMAN: TOWARDS THE FUTURE (1990) Majaba: Mature4Evr || Gudis: Bakisimu || Barrangas: Bakisimu / Mature4Evr || Degola: Bakisimu || Bogun: Bakisimu || Kodalar: UMA || Shiralee: UMA / Kakeypurai Gerukadon: Varioto ULTRAMAN: THE ULTIMATE HERO (1993) Powered Baltan: M78 ULTRAMAN TIGA (1996) Melba: M78 || Golza: Kirbey || Gatanothor: Bakisimu || Gagi: Zektard - Snowwolf's Edit ULTRAMAN DYNA (1997) Reigubas: Bakisimu ULTRAMAN NEXUS (2004) Megaflash: Zagisan || Lafleya: Zagisan || Kutuura: First Lt. Smith || Nosferu: First Lt. Smith ULTRAMAN MAX (2005) Dark Baltan: Tokuiten ULTRAMAN MEBIUS (2006) EX Zetton: Tokuiten ULTRA GALAXY NEO (2008) EX Redking: GooGoo64 ULTRAMAN SAGA (2012) Alien Bat: ToRaFuGu || Imago Hyper Zetton: Max ULTRAMAN GINGA (2013) Thunder Darambia: ToRaFuGu ULTRAMAN GINGA S (2014) Five King: Max KAIJUU GIRLS: ULTRA KAIJUU PERSONIFICATION PROJECT Zetton-san: UMA + Amiba CHARACTER SELECT - THE EARTH DEFENSE TEAMS S.S.S.P. Member: Saoet || VTOL Jet: Saoet || Pelicider: Saoet || Space Pendragon: Saoet STAGE SELECT ULTRAMAN (SFC) Stages by 徐庶元直: Four Dimensional Space / Japanese Alps / S.S.S.P. Base / Convention Center / Midnight City / Lake Ryugamori / Chain of Mountains / Osaka Castle / Rocky Mountains ULTRASEVEN (SFC) Stages by Kozeni: Mt. Kumagatake / Inside Kaori's Body / Lake Agatsuma / Showdown at 140o Below Zero / Izumigaoka / Midnight Graveyard / Mountain / Cape Irago / Kobe Harbor / Kitagawa Town / Point 580 ULTRAMAN CLUB: KAIJUU DAI KESSEN!! (SNES) Stages by Kirbey ULTRAMAN: TOWARDS THE FUTURE (SNES) Stages by HeeJun184: Bogun's Stage / Degola's Stage / Gudis' Stage / Super Gudis' Stage / Shiralee's Stage / Kodalar's Stage / Zebokon's Stage || Stages by Mature4Evr: Gudis' Stage / Majaba's Stage / Ultraman Great's Stage ULTRAMAN CHOU TOUSHI GEKIDEN (GBA) Stages by Kirbey OTHER STUFF SELECT Ultraman Powered 3D0 Sprites and Sound Rips by Dxwho
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    Touhou Project

    UPDATE - Mr. Giang's edit of Ricepigeon's Gensokyo Reloaded Reimu - Incident Zero Tenshi by Ricepigeon
  4. Click each author names below the characters for download! Some characters linked to their author website, if the website down please tell me and i'll provide a mirror. Tips: use CTRL+F to make your search easier. Feel free to help us growing this thread! Ask me for assistance if you need any help when browsing some confusing Japanese author site. Please check another database, since this collection might be a bit irrelevant. See also MFG Database, Seravy's Database, Xenomic's Database. and Electrocaid's Mugen Museum. Thank you very much to these following people for helping this thread grow. Hell, I am nothing without all your help. Slyphoria for posting the original thread. The Magic Toaster for providing info regarding updates/recent WIPs and mirror links. Anime2013Freak for providing rare edit characters, as well as the source websites/blogs. V-Nix, Phantom Blood, Mr. KOtik, electrocaid and horrorship for providing offline characters. Ryon, RicePigeon, Margatroid, Night, Seravy, and Xenomic for allowing their works posted here. And of course, all of other authors that had their works posted here, even though we didn't have their permission (lol). Dark Spirit, Magio T. Margatroid, Thekillnator, Sylar, Leon Tekashi, Gyporth, Dark Ruler, Blizzard Buffalo, Merdecake, Mounitorirn, Jado7, Aya Shameimaru, Starrz, Gamer251, Gusano2314, Don Ravioli and others for misc. help and contributions, either in the older thread or this one. Yellow: WIP / Unfinished character Red: Offline Asterisks: Appeared in the source games IMPORTANT: Could not find what you need here? Please refer to 2nd and 3rd post. Still could not find it? Please remind us and we will add it here. CHARACTER SELECT Tasofro-styled Sprites Touhou 1 | 東方靈異伝~ Highly Responsive to Prayers Reimu Hakurei*: Gu / Kurogane / LJH [STG Style] / Nadeshiko / Nachel / NNS / ABAB [C3 Reimu / Melty Blood + Custom] / Basara-kun [Fighting Reimu / Custom] / DennisRemake [MKvsSF] / GAB [Fureimu / Custom] / Kirisameshow [MBAA] / Otto [Chain Combo Reimu / Custom] / Rimu [Pseudo-Rumble Fish] / Ricepigeon: Gensokyo Reloaded Styled [Custom] (Mr. Giang's edit) - Incident Zero Styled [Custom] / ROCK Marisa [TOUGH Reimu / HNK + Custom] / RoySquadRocks [Custom] / Ryun [KOFXIII] / Seravy [Custom] / Zero-Sennin [Custom] / 1/8192 [Tales of Series Director Cut] Konngara: Nachel and Sunakuzira / Nagi Mima: Barai & Harudi / Ricepigeon: RP-Styled [Custom] - Gensokyo Reloaded Styled [Custom] / Seravy - RP-Styled [Custom] Kikuri: Acari Touhou 2 | 東方封魔録 ~ The Story of Eastern Wonderland Marisa Kirisame*: Frule / Gu / by Mikage: SWR - Soku / Toma / Toma + Mugenload / Otto [STG Style] / Kazami [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] / Kirisameshow [MBAA] / Kohaku: Old Version [Custom] - New Version [Custom] / TBM [SSB] / Rellua [UMVC3] / Ricepigeon: Gensokyo Reloaded Styled [Custom] - Incident Zero Styled [Custom] / Seravy [Custom] / Zero-Sennin [Custom] Touhou 3 | 東方夢時空 ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream Yumemi Okazaki: .DAT Touhou 4 | 東方幻想郷 ~ Lotus Land Story Yuuka Kazami: 1st: Moiky / Ricepigeon [Gensokyo Reloaded Styled / Custom] / 2nd: Oga: Normal - Ryona Version [NSFW] Mugetsu: Acari / Shiroto Gengetsu: Pre-To Touhou 5 | 東方怪綺談 ~ Mystic Square Alice Margatroid*: Atusi / Gu / Mikage: SWR - Soku / Nenmin [Alice Dolls] / Sai Jack / Souki / SUI / Tadanokakashi [STG Style] / Ricepigeon [Gensokyo Reloaded Styled / Custom] Shinki: 1st: Kurogane / 2nd: Teruru / Netamidoku Yuki: Acari / Shiroto [KOF] Yumeko: 1st: Karasumasubaru / 2nd: Doudou [pass: yumeko] Touhou 6 | 東方紅魔郷 ~ The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Rumia: Nenmin Daiyousei: 1st: Arima / NNS / 2nd: BK Cirno *: 1st: Frule / Seravy [Custom] / Ricepigeon [Gensokyo Reloaded Styled / Custom] / 2nd: Kokekoko / Yoshimune / Karakuyakumi [Saikyo Cirno / Custom] / Moiky [Saikyo Cirno / Custom] / Moiky [Sugoi Cirno / Custom] / MichaelArmaros [Custom] / Midori Margatroid / RGM [Custom + Megaman-Inspired] Hong Meiling*: Aotsuki / Barai / Frule / Krn / Mikage [SWR] / Tuki / Daiya [Custom] / Deoxgigas [Rainbow Meiling / Custom] / GAB [Chaborin / Custom] / GATT [Chu-Goku / Custom] / Hato + Chu-nin [Kang Fu Meirin / Custom] / Kohaku [Custom] / Hetare [Master China / Custom] / IDKLED [En-Eins Perfektewelt] / Kuroneko [Custom] / MichaelArmaros [Custom] / Ricepigeon: RP-Styled [Custom] - Gensokyo Reloaded Styled [Custom] / SSSB-Inspired Sakuya Izayoi*: Aotsuki / ENAP / Gu (Two Versions) / Nukenashi / 迾攷茛瑯玸FXNULL [Maple Story] / GATT [Sakuya OS / Custom] / Kohaku [Custom]) / Kisaragiryuto [Melty Blood] / MichaelArmaros [Custom] / Ricepigeon: Gensokyo Reloaded Styled [Custom] - Incident Zero Styled [Custom] / Seravy [Custom] Sakuya Izayoi: 2nd: Barai / Deretun / Felicity [Final Fight] / Ryun [KOFXIII] / U9 [Custom] Patchouli Knowledge*: Akakedama / Gu (Two Versions) / Kurogane / Souki / Toma / Dylanius9000 [Fighting is Magic] / Hiroyuki [Custom] / Unknown [MBAA] / Ricepigeon [Gensokyo Reloaded Styled / Custom] / Seravy [Custom] Koakuma: SomuE [SWR / Soku] / Midori Margatroid [RP-Styled / Custom] /MichaelArmaros [Custom] Remilia Scarlet*: Akakedama / Gu / ENAP / Kuri / Mikage: SWR - Soku / Nachel / Ni-San / Yoshimune / Felicity [Darkstalkers] / GAB [LOMRIA / Custom] / Huihui [Gemilia / Kaiser Knuckle] / Kohaku [Custom] / Kirisameshow [MBAA / MichaelArmaros [Custom] / Mif [Destiny Remilia / Gundam Battle Assault] / Seravy [Custom] Flandre Scarlet: 1st: Kurogane / Daniel9999999 [Custom] / Ricepigeon: RP-Styled [Custom] - Gensokyo Reloaded Styled [Custom] / Seravy [RP-Styled / Custom] / 2nd: Koma / 3rd: Koma Touhou 7 | 東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom Yukari Yakumo*: Gu / Kurogane / NNS / Daiya [Custom / MegaMari-Inspired] / Fhqwhqads7 (IWBTG) / Not_Ricepigeon [SSB] / Ricepigeon: RP-Styled [Custom] - Gensokyo Reloaded Styled [Custom] - Incident Zero Styled [Custom] / Seravy: Seravy-Styled [Custom] - RP-Styled [Custom] / Shiroto [Melty Blood] Ran Yakumo: 1st: Omoti / 2nd: Barai / Ricepigeon [Unreleased] / Midori Margatroid / 3rd: Otto [STG Style] Chen: Gomashio / Karakuyakumi [Tiger Chen / AOF] OUTDATED / Ricepigeon [Gensokyo Relaoded Styled / Custom] Shanghai Doll: Gu / IF / RoySquadRocks / Souki Yuyuko Saigyouji*: Akakedama / Barai / Deretun / Kurogane / Kuri / Souki / Otto [Chain Combo Yuyuko / Custom] / Rellua [UMVC3] /Ricepigeon: RP-Styled [Custom] - Gensokyo Reloaded Styled [Custom] / Seravy: Seravy-Styled [Custom] - RP-Styled [Custom] / Shiroto [Melty Blood] Youmu Konpaku*: Barai / Black-Air / Deretun / FAY418 / Karakuyakumi / Kurogane / Mikage: SWR - Soku / Rouge Noir / Ryu / Vein / しらんな。[SnKoS Youmu / Custom] / Ali [SS3] / Dala & Ildanaf [Last Blade] / GAB [Chabo Youmu / Custom] / Kohaku [Custom] / Pinko [Samurai Spirits] / Rellua [UMVC3] / Ricepigeon [Gensokyo Reloaded Styled / Custom] / Ryun [KOFXIII] / Sai Jack [Melty Blood] / Seravy [Custom] / Suigin [SS6] / Togami: Guilty Gear - Sengoku Basara X / Zero-Sennin [Custom] Lunasa Prismriver: Minoo / Space Mouse Lily White & Lily Black: Hetyo Letty Whiterock: 1st: Nenmin / 2nd: (゚∇゚) Touhou 7.5 | 東 方萃夢想 ~ Immaterial and Missing Power Suika Ibuki: Aotsuki / Ibukah / Ina / Mikage [SWR] / Nachel [Giant Suika] / Nachel + Eldaidcat [Giant Suika] / NNS / BF [Gudea-Suika / Super Robot Wars] / Otto [Fullmoon Suika / Melty Blood] / Rellua [UMVC3] / Ricepigeon [Gensokyo Reloaded Styled / Custom] / Seravy [Custom] / SLKMugen [Custom] / Tamago Kanten [Suika-Pon / Joy Mech Fight] / Togami [Guilty Gear] / Veanko [Alice (Bootleg Suika) / Custom] Touhou 8 | 東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night Wriggle Nightbug: 1st: Minoo / Waribashi / 2nd: Kibokura Mystia Lorelei: Minoo Keine Kamishirasawa: Minoo EX Keine: G-Sho: New / Old Fujiwara no Mokou: 1st: Isu / Ricepigeon [Gensokyo Reloaded Styled / Custom] / 2nd: Minoo / Space Mouse / Ricepigeon [RP-Styled / Custom] Reisen Udongein Inaba*: 1st: Akakedama / Atusi / Gu / Dolein / Mikage: SWR - Soku / RGM [Custom] / Sekt [Custom] / Shiroto [Melty Blood] / 2nd: Reddosukato (turn off AI) / Ricepigeon [Gensokyo Reloaded Styled / Custom] / 3rd: Deretun / 4th: Ju Tewi Inaba: 1st: KON / NNS / HAL [Last Blade] / 2nd: Pikapon: Normal (Non-NSFW edit) - Kung Fu Rabbit Eirin Yagokoro: 1st: KON / Ricepigeon [Gensokyo Reloaded Syled / Custom] Eirin Yagokoro: 2nd: Yasiro / 3rd: KON / Shiroto / Minoo / Gyuki [Ultimate Pretty Eirin] Kaguya Houraisan: G-Sho / Yasai / Seravy [Custom] Touhou 9 | 東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View Aya Shameimaru*: Aotsuki / Atusi / Barai / ENAP / EST / Mikage: SWR - Soku / Frule [Eternal Fighter Zero] / Kohaku: Old Version [Custom] - New Version [Custom] / Kirisameshow [MBAA] / Rellua [UMVC3] / Zero-Sennin [Custom] Medicine Melancholy: Cabbage Komachi Onozuka*: Dobio / Miikage: SWR - Soku / Ali [SS3] / En [Melty Blood] / Felicity [Samurai Spirits] / Ricepigeon: RP-Styled [Custom] - Gensokyo Reloaded Styled [Custom] - SSSB-Inspired / Suigin [SS6] / Zero-Sennin [Custom] Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu: 1st: Korogiya / 2nd: Nenmin / 3rd: PoL-09 [Judgment Eiki / Guilty Gear] Touhou 10 | 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith Sanae Kochiya*: 1st: Akakedama / Dolein / Frule / N-Fox / Deer [MBAA] / GAB [Sanaeclair / Custom] / Kohaku: Old Version [Custom] - New Version [Custom] / Raven [Custom + Armored Core] [pass: sanae] /Ricepigeon: RP-Styled [Custom] - Gensokyo Reloaded Styled [Custom] (Boomer's AI patch) / RP + Daniel9999999 [Custom] / Tamago Kanten [UMVC3] / 2nd: Gomashio / 3rd: Nenmin / 4th: Huihui Kanako Yasaka: 1st: Cabbage / 2nd: Shiroto / Ricepigeon: RP-Styled [Custom] - Gensokyo Reloaded Styled [Custom] Suwako Moriya*: Mikage: SWR - Soku / Veanko Suwako Moriya: 2nd: Deretun / 3rd: En [Melty Blood] / 4th: Seapon Minoriko Aki: Moiky Shizuha Aki: Stel2 Hina Kagiyama: Minoo / Ricepigeon [RP-Styled / Custom] Nitori Kawashiro: Minoo: Normal - Freedom (Gundam) / Space Mouse / RGM [Custom] / Seravy [Custom] Momiji Inubashiri: 1st: Minoo / Minoo + Almond / 2nd: Kurotsubame and Felicity [UMVC3] Touhou 10.5 | 東 方緋想天 ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Iku Nagae*: Kurogane / NNS / Tomottuxi / Himojoe [Fullmoon Iku / Melty Blood] / IkuTronHD [Gensokyo Reloaded Styled / Custom] / Frule [Eternal Fighter Zero] / Ricepigeon [Incident Zero Styled / Custom] / Unknown Author [Melty Blood] Tenshi Hinanawi*: Gu / Heat / NNS / Amagami [Guilty Gear + Custom] / Deoxgigas [Aurora Tenshi / Custom] / Fragile [Custom] / IkuTronHD [Gensokyo Reloaded Styled / Custom] / Kohaku: Old Version [Custom] - New Version [Custom] / Otto [Melty Magic Tenko / Melty Blood] / Otto + Chu-Nin [Melty Magic Tenko / Melty Blood] / Ryun [KOFXIII] / Seravy [Custom] / Sekt [Custom] / Togami [Guilty Gear] / Unknown Author ["POTS Style"] / Zlc32 [Tenko_L / Custom] / Zlc32 [Tenshi_V / Custom] Touhou 11 | 東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism Satori Komeiji: 1st: Hetyo / Seravy [Custom] / 2nd: Hetyo + Unknown Author / 3rd: Waribashi / 4th: Yoru Koishi Komeiji: 1st: Chiguma / 2nd: BIYO / Ricepigeon [Gensokyo Reloaded Styled / Custom] Utsuho Reiuji*: Fhqwhqads7 / Deoxgigas [Stardust Utsuho / Custom] / Kohaku: Old Version [Custom] - New Version [Custom] / Ricepigeon [Gensokyo Reloaded Styled / Custom] / Rufuto [Megaman + Custom] Utsuho Reiuji: 2nd: Aonashi / Cabbage / 3rd: BIYO / Etoile [Akatsuki Blitzkampf] / 4th: BIYO Rin Kaenbyou: 1st: Sukuemon / 2nd: Hetyo / 3rd: BIYO / 4th: Orin Project Yuugi Hoshiguma: Minoo / Ricepigeon [RP-Styled / Custom] Parsee Mizuhashi: Hetyo Yamame Kurodani: .DAT Kisume: Kita Touhou 12 | 東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object Byakuren Hijiri: 1st: Gomashio / Ricepigeon [Gensokyo Reloaded Styled / Custom] / Seravy [Custom] / 2nd: Pre-To Nue Houjuu: 1st: Suneo / 2nd: Saru / 3rd: Saru / Wariboshi Murasa Minamitsu: Minoo / Space Mouse Kogasa Tatara: Minoo Ichirin Kumoi: 1st: Koma / 2nd: Acari / 3rd: KON / Ricepigeon [Gensokyo Reloaded Styled / Custom] Shou Toramaru: Minoo / Space Mouse Nazrin: .DAT Touhou 12.3 | 東方非想天則 ~ Hisoutensoku Unnamed Giant Catfish*: Frule Goliath Doll*: IF / Otto / Soruzin Touhou 12.5 | 東方文花帖 ~ Double Spoiler Hatate Himekaidou: Nenmin Touhou 12.8 | 東方三月精 ~ Great Fairy Wars Sunny Milk: Hetyo Touhou 13 | 東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires Soga no Tojiko: Hetyo / Etoile [Akatsuki Blitzkampf] Mamizou Futatsuiwa: 1st: Minoo / Space Mouse / 2nd: Etoile [Akatsuki Blitzkampf] / Ricepigeon [Gensokyo Reloaded Styled / Custom] Kyouko Kasodani: Minoo Seiga Kaku: Moiky Yoshika Miyako: Moiky Touhou 13.5 | 東方心綺楼 ~ Hopeless Masquerade Hata no Kokoro: Hetyo Touhou 14 | 東方輝針城 ~ Double Dealing Character Wakasagihime: Pikapon Sekibanki: 1st: 迾攷茛瑯玸FXNULL / Etoile / 2nd: Isu Kagerou Imaizumi: Minoo Touhou 15 | 東方紺珠伝 ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom Sagume Kishin: Minoo Touhou Printwork | 東方香霖堂 ~ Curiosities of Lotus Asia Rinnosuke Morichika: KON Tokiko: 1st: Hetyo / 2nd: Siocha [STG Style] Touhou Printwork | 東方儚月抄 ~ Silent Sinner in Blue Watatsuki no Toyohime: Minoo / Minoo + LJH / Space Mouse / Shiroto [Melty Blood] Watatsuki no Yorihime: Minoo / Shiroto [Melty Blood] Reisen: Minoo / Minoo + Felicity [Custom] / Minoo + Mario Moon Rabbit: Minoo Touhou Printwork | 東方茨歌仙 ~ Wild and Horned Hermit Kasen Ibaraki: Hetyo Touhou Printwork | 東方求聞史紀 ~ Perfect Memento in Strict Sense Hieda no Akyuu: Neneco / Nep Heart Other Characters Kedama: by Krn Unused Characters Touhou 6 | 東方紅魔郷 ~ The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Rin Satsuki: Hetyo Fan-made Characters Fan Games Touhou Rekkaden | 東方烈華伝 ~ Rift in a Friendship Game Lie Meiling: Ricepigeon: RP-Styled - Gensokyo Reloaded Styled - Darkflare's Edit Web Videos Cookie ☆ | 魔理沙とアリスのクッキーKiss RIM: kamaboko_saiha SNE: kamaboko_saiha Magical Maid☆Sakuya-Chan vs Miracle Sanae-chan Magical Maid☆Sakuya-Chan: Suneo Other Fan-made Characters Meimu: Ricepigeon [Gensokyo Reloaded Styled / Custom] / Darkflare [Custom] Sendai Hakurei no Miko: Pre-To Mitori Kawashiro: 355: First Version - Second Version / Etoile Tenma: Pre-To Fire Cirno: Frule Alternate Outfits Yuukarin: ADI / Moiky: Normal - Ryona Version [NSFW] / NS Sexy Dynamite: Ni-San Seifuku Sakuya: Suneo God Reisen: Minoo Tag Team Characters Team Rei-Mi-Sen: Txpot Yuyuko & Youmu: Daiya Special Versions / Edits They deserve their own section. Megamari: ROCK Marisa [HNK / MVC / Custom] Hong Miling: Daniel9999999 [Custom] Patoelietoe: Daniel9999999 [Custom] Clone Koakuma: Daniel9999999 [DKC / Custom] Retro Suika: RoySquadRocks [Retro Games / Custom] Nazrin Deluxe: .DAT + Space Mouse New Tasofro-styled Sprites (HM / ULiL / AoCF) Reimu Hakurei*: Ibukah [1.1 Only] / Ryon / Barbatos [Custom] Marisa Kirisame*: ShangW Mystia Lorelei: Nenmin Fujiwara no Mokou*: Barbatos [Cthugha / Custom] / U9 [Custom] Sanae Kochiya: Akakedama + ガレオ Koishi Komeiji*: 迾攷茛瑯玸FXNULL Ichirin Kumoi*: NNS Toyosatomimi no Miko*: Barbatos Byakuren Hijiri*: Deoxgigas [Flash Byakuren / Custom] / Boomer [pass: Byakuren] Mononobe no Futo*: Gudine Hata no Kokoro*: Nenmin / M3 / Shey [1.1 Only] Kasen Ibaraki*: Deoxgigas [Zen Kasen Ibaraki / Custom] Sendai Hakurei no Miko: Daniel9999999 / Pre-to & Hato Shinmyoumaru Sukuna*: Nomucoke [1.1 Only] Sumireko Usami*: BlackCurl / Gudine Junko: Pre-to & Hato Reisen Udongein Inaba*: Gondwana Tenshi Hinanawi*:M3 Doremy Sweet: Shey [1.1 Only] Touhou Shooter Sprites Touhou PC-98 Era | 東方PC-98の時代 Reimu Hakurei TH01*: Soruzin Reimu Hakurei TH02*: Soruzin Yuugenmagan*: Kurogane Ellis*: GS Mima*: Soruzin Five Magic Stones*: Soruzin Fan Games Sprites Koumajou Densetsu | 紅魔城伝説 Reimu Hakurei*: Unknown Author / Nomucoke Sakuya Izayoi*: IF Hong Meiling*: Nomucoke Cirno*: Nomucoke Alice Margatroid*: Nomucoke Remilia Scarlet*: IF [KD II Mini Game] [password: remi] / Below273 MegaMari | MegaMari ● 魔理沙の野望 Reimu Hakurei & Yukari Yakumo*: SUI Marisa Kirisame*:IF Cirno*: Nenmin Patchouli Knowledge*: IF Yukari Yakumo*: Sumin2393 [SSB] Reisen Udongein Inaba*: Sumin2393 [SSB] Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu*: IF Copy Marisa*: Daiya Mecha Patchouli*: Humi Missing: Suika by IF, Meiling by SUI Mystical Chain | ミスティカルチェーン Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu*: IF Youmu Konpaku*: Kohaku / Amaiba1 Sunflower Fairy*: Dark Ruler Missing: Kaguya & Mokou by IF Super Marisa Land | スーパーマリサランド 2 Head Proportions Alice: SUI New Super Marisa Land | 魔理沙と6つのキノコ Reimu Hakurei: Zlc32 Alice Margatroid*: Zlc32 Flandre Scarlet: Zlc32 Tenshi Cosplay Marisa*: Zlc32 Okuu*: Margatroid Shin Touhou Musou | 真・東方†無双 Nazrin*: Space Mouse Urobura: Act Cazensa Uro Marisa*: Ouchi NES-styled Sprites NES Meiling: Fu-Lin / Mario Super Deformed-styled Sprites Ukareimu: GATT Chirnyo: Minaduki Nekomeirin: 箱猫 Inusakuya: Averse / Geese [STG Style] Patchusagi: Sukuemon Reminya: Averse Kokoa: CSNkz Shanghoi-San: Youkan266 Myongitune: 箱猫 Chibi Suika: Ika / Ohgaki [Last Blade] Mokowolf: 箱猫 Chibi Momiji: Ika Momimomi: Wizard Unyuho: Ohgaki SD Miko: Hirohiro Normal-styled Sprites Low Resolution Sprites Touhou 1 | 東方靈異伝~ Highly Responsive to Prayer Reimu Hakurei: Nyoibou Touhou 2 | 東方封魔録 ~ The Story of Eastern Wonderland Marisa Kirisame: Hoe2 - Duracelleur's Edit [KOFA] - Zadkiel's Edit [KOFXIUM] Meira: Waribashi Touhou 4 | 東方幻想郷 ~ Lotus Land Story Yuuka Kazami: 1st:Waribashi / 2nd: Mikoshi Nyuudou Elly: Waribashi Kurumi: Mikoshi Nyuudou Touhou 6 | 東方紅魔郷 ~ The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Ex-Rumia: Sol003 & HerashiNanaya444 Hong Meiling: 1st: Bosouvy [KOF] - Duracelleur's Edit [KOFA] - KamranBernstein's Edit [KOF] / 2nd: Bravo + Unknown Author Patchouli Knowledge: Hoe2 - Daniel9999999's Edit [Patoelietoe Two] Flandre Scarlet: Ricepigeon + Unknown Author Touhou 8 | 東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night Fujiwara no Mokou: HM / Kohaku Eirin Yagokoro: Nyorori Kaguya Houraisan: HM Touhou 9 | 東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View Aya Shameimaru: Amzak [KOF] - Verstecken's Edit [HNK] Touhou 10 | 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith Sanae Kochiya: Smachu: Old Versions [KOFXIII] - New Version Shizuha Aki: Agata / Aomura Hina Kagiyama: Mikoshi Nyuudou Touhou 10.5 | 東 方緋想天 ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Tenshi Hinanawi: Ka2obushi [KOF] Touhou 11 | 東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism Satori Komeiji: Waribashi Rin Kaenbyou: Waribashi Yuugi Hoshiguma: Shin: Old - New Parsee Mizuhashi: Shin Touhou 12 | 東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object Nue Houjuu: Rien / Maten Shou Toramaru: Rien / Maten Touhou Printwork | 東方香霖堂 ~ Curiosities of Lotus Asia Rinnosuke Morichika / Villager (?): Yano Ushiki Yoshotaka's Advent Cirno | アドベントチルノ Advent Cirno: Pre-to Advent Letty: Pre-To Pre-To's Job Change Series | ジョブチェンジシリーズ J-Change Cirno: Pre-To J-Change Flandre: Pre-To J-Change Marisa: Pre-To J-Change Tenshi: Pre-To J-Change Yukari: Pre-To / Papitto Other Fan-made Characters Hybrid: Cycbeam [MVC] Head swaps Mokou Rugal: Yamakan Ol' Style Reimu: POTS + Unknown Double Res Sprites Reimu Hakurei: Hatiue / Jurica Daiyousei: G2 Cirno: Yuureisou Hong Meiling: 1st: Furikake / 2nd: Maitake Alice Margatroid: aka65535 Chen: Yuureisou Suwako Moriya: Robo Nitori Kawashiro: Ria-Coarst Tenshi Hinanawi: Dager: Playable - Punching Bag Kana-chan: Miyabi / DHQ Papillonage Matchouli: Miyabi Sendai Hakurei no Miko: Hinnnyuha Hakurou Tengu: Ria-Coarst / DHQ MMD Sprites Sakuya Izayoi: Qysurg Hong Meiling: 1st: Qysurg / 2nd: SAIKEI & 酷斯査 波里諾 Double Blade Youmu: Third Hina-san: Ameri Reu / RU: Etoile [SFIV] Hisui / HSI: Barai Rurima / RRM: kamaboko_saiha ※Suzu / SZ: RUsans Digitized Sprites Shingyoku (Male Form): GS MS Paint Sprites Hong Meiling: GS Other-styled Sprites Yuuka Kazami: 1st: Arya / 2nd: Arya Koakuma: 0-Saft [STG Style] Joke Characters Yukkuri and other related characters D4 Reimu: Maitake Yukkureimu: I.M.R.F Yukkuri Reimu: Otto Tank Reimu: Otto Yukkurisa: I.M.R.F Chibi Yukkuris: I.M.R.F Yukkuri Marisa: Otto: Version One - Version Two Nouka: GS So Nanoka: Ria-Coarst Cirnoff: Pre-To Yukkuri Cirno: I.M.R.F Yukkuflan:I.M.R.F Remirya: Ika / Ika + Unknown Author / DHQ Kimelemaru: Morinonaka Kimelemaru: Satosi Yukkuri Yukari: Satosi Pateriko: Rien Shizupa: Rien Misc. Game Parody Kirby Series Yuby: Kita Gradius Series Dual Koa: 0-Saft Final Fantasy Series Myomega: Ct. Rucky Joy Mech Fight Sekiponki: Hohei Melty Blood Neco-Tewi: Ria-Coarst Giant Suika Nightmare: Moiky Misc. 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STAGE SELECT Touhou Fighting Games Touhou 7.5 | 東 方萃夢想 ~ Immaterial and Missing Power Forest of Dolls by Choiyer, by DABA, by Fernandinho_FM, by Lightoss, by Night, by Squirtle Gensokyo by Choiyer, by DABA, by Kurogane, by Night Hakugyokurou by Choiyer, by DABA, by Fernandinho_FM, by Night Hakurei Shrine by Choiyer, by DABA, by Fernandinho_FM, by Lightoss, by Night, by Nike [1.1 Only], by Squirtle Hakurei Shrine Boundary by Choiyer, by DABA, by Night Kirisame Magic Shop by Choiyer, by DABA, by Fernandinho_FM, by Lightoss, by Night Netherworld by Choiyer, by DABA, by Fernandinho_FM, by Lightoss, by Kohaku, by Night Scarlet Devil Mansion Clock Tower by Choiyer, by DABA, by Fernandinho_FM, by Lightoss, by Night, by Squirtle, by Syncro Scarlet Devil Mansion Foyer by Choiyer, by DABA, by Exshadow, by Lightoss, by Margatroid [3D], by Night Scarlet Devil Mansion Library by Choiyer, by DABA, by Fernandinho_FM, by GarchompMatt, by Lightoss, by Night, by Nike [1.1 Only]) Touhou 10.5 | 東 方緋想天 ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Bamboo Forest of The Lost by Lightoss, by Night, by Ouchi, by Squirtle Bhava-Agra by Kurogane, by Ouchi, by Night Collapsed Hakurei Shrine by Fernandinho_FM, by Kanbei, by Night, by Ouchi, by Squirtle Creek of Genbu by Master Yoda, by Night, by Ouchi Forest of Magic by Night, by Ouchi, by Squirtle Hakugyokurou Snowy Garden by Kurogane, by Night, by Ouchi Hisouten by DAREKA, by Ouchi, by Night Mysterious Sea of Clouds by DAREKA, by Kurogane, by Night, by Ouchi Youkai Mountain by Kurogane, by Night, by Ouchi Touhou 12.3 | 東方非想天則 ~ Hisoutensoku Catwalk in Geyser by DAREKA, by Night, by Ouchi Fusion Reactor Core by DAREKA, by Night, by Ouchi Moriya Shrine by Lightoss, by Night, by Ouchi Mouth of Geyser by Dark Spirit, by Night, by Ouchi Scarlet Devil Mansion Clock Tower (Asleep) by Night, by Ouchi Scarlet Devil Mansion Clock Tower (Subconscious) by Night, by Ouchi Scarlet Devil Mansion Field (Dream) by Dark Spirit, by Night, by Ouchi Shore of Misty Lake by Night, by Ouchi Touhou 13.5 | 東方心綺楼 ~ Hopeless Masquerade Divine Spirit Mausoleum by Boomer, by Ryoucchi & Toaster Dream Mausoleum by Margatroid [1.1 Only] Hakurei Shrine by Boomer Human Village by Boomer, by Ryoucchi & Toaster Human Village ~ Night by Boomer, by Ryoucchi & Toaster Palace of Earth Spirit by Boomer, by Margatroid [1.1 Only], by Ryoucchi & Toaster Tanuki Youkai Forest by Boomer, by Ryoucchi & Toaster Tanuki Youkai Forest ~ Night by Boomer, by Ryoucchi & Toaster, by IkuTronHD Treasure Ship Above The Clouds by Boomer, by Ryoucchi & Toaster Touhou 14.5 | 東方深秘録 ~ Urban Legend in Limbo Hakurei Shrine by Margatroid [1.1 Only] Bamboo Forest of The Lost by Margatroid [1.1 Only] All stages by Nomu Touhou 15.5 | 東方憑依華 ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers Dream World by Nomucoke, by GarchompMatt Edits Bamboo Forest of The Lost Bamboo Forest of The Lost EX by DAREKA Creek of Genbu Fantasy Falls by ExShadow Hakurei Shrine Hakurei Shrine ~ Burning by GASE Hakurei Shrine ~ Corrupted Moon in the Sky by Lightoss Hakurei Shrine ~ Snowy by Nike Yami Miko Jinja by BAL Scarlet Devil Mansion Clock Tower Scarlet Devil Mansion Clock Tower ~ Lunatic by Unknown Scarlet Devil Mansion Clock Tower ~ Glowing by Nike Scarlet Devil Mansion Foyer Remilia's Room Has Cleaned Now! by Minaduki Youkai Mountain Youkai Mountain ~ New Year Eve by Nike Others Gensoukyou Kuuchuu Kamisen by DAREKA Hakurei Gensou by Rouge Noir Fangames Higurashi vs Touhou Universe | ひぐらしVS東方UNIVERSE Hakurei Shrine by Ouchi Hakurei Shrine Front Gate by Ouchi Magic Forest by Ouchi Magic Forest ~ Evening by Ouchi Moriya Shrine by Ouchi Mystia's Forest by Ouchi Palace of Earth Spirit by Ouchi Scarlet Devil Mansion Corridor by Ouchi Scarlet Devil Mansion Throne Room by Ouchi Youkai Mountain by Ouchi Youkai Mountain ~ Evening by Ouchi MegaMari | MegaMari ● 魔理沙の野望 All stages by Night Mystical Chain | ミスティカルチェーン Kaguya vs Mokou's Stage by Re5t Shikieiki's Stage by Re5t Touhou Haou | 東方覇王 Aya's Stage by Ouchi Marisa's Stage by Ouchi Reimu's Stage by Ouchi Sakuya's Stage by Ouchi Flappy Touhou Flappy Touhou Stage by Ryoucchi [1.1 Ony] Custom Stages Touhou 1 | 東方靈異伝 ~ Highly Responsive to Prayers Silent Temple by Luneth Touhou 3 | 東方夢時空 ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream Probability Space Hypervessel by Luneth Touhou 4 | 東方幻想郷 ~ Lotus Land Story Mugenkan by Luneth Touhou 6 | 東方紅魔郷 ~The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Front of Koumakan Gate by Luneth Touhou 7 | 東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom Hakugyokurou by Margatroid [1.1 Only] Touhou 8 | 東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night Bamboo Forest of The Lost by Pikapon House of Eternity by Luneth House of Eternity by Pikapon Touhou 9 | 東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View Garden of The Sun by Luneth Muenzuka by Luneth Touhou 10 | 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith Untrodden Valley by Luneth The Waterfall of Nine Heaven by Luneth Touhou 11 | 東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism Chireiden by Luneth Yumedono Taishi Temple by Luneth Touhou 12 | 東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object Palanquin Ship by Nenmin Inside The Palanquin Ship by Nenmin Print works Kourindou by Luneth Human Village by Ouchi Mare Frigoris ~ Sea of Cold by Shiroto Mare Tranquillitatis by IkuTronHD Suwa Lake by Ouchi The Far Side of The Moon by Shiroto Other Original Stages Bad Apple! by ExShadow Cemetery of Onbashira by Ricepigeon Dark EX Zone by Night Dream World by IkuTronHD Endless Tewi-ma Park by Ryon Gensou Air Field by Ryoucchi One Life, No Continues by Night Retro Colored Moriya Shrine by Ryoucchi Sanae Kochiya あいうえお by Unknown Scarlet Agony by Night Seirensen Hokkai by Unknown Touhou - Rainy Bus Stop by Hsexdev Touhou Casino Night by Krizalid Touhou Casino World Warrior by Krizalid Touhou Kinema-Kan by Margatroid Win Era vs Dos Era by GS Yukari's Dimension by DAREKA Youkai Mountain Gameboy Style by TBM Shooter Based Stages PC-98 Era TH01 Mima's Stage by DAREKA TH02 Stage 4 by DAREKA TH03 Kana Anaberal's Stage by DAREKA TH03 Marisa's Stage by DAREKA TH03 Yumemi's Stage by DAREKA TH04 Marisa's Stage by DAREKA TH04 Yuuka's Stage by DAREKA TH05 Alice's Stage by DAREKA TH05 Shinki's Stage by DAREKA Windows Era TH06 Flandre's Stage by DAREKA TH06 Flandre's Stage by Himuro TH07 Stage 6 by DAREKA TH07 Yuyuko's Stage by DAREKA EoSD 3D You Shall not Pass by Night SCREENPACK SELECT Touhou Shooter Touhou 9 | 東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View Touhou 9 Screenpack by IkuTronHD [1.0 / 640x480] Touhou Fighting Games Touhou 7.5 | 東 方萃夢想 ~ Immaterial and Missing Power 7.5 Screenpack by Kurogane [1.0 / 640x480] 7.5 Screenpack by Kurogane [Win+ / 320x240] Touhou 10.5 | 東 方緋想天 ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody 10.5 Screenpack by Kurogane [1.0 / 640x480] 10.5 Screenpack by Kurogane [Win+ / 320x240] Touhou 12.3 | 東方非想天則 ~ Hisoutensoku 12.3 Screenpack by Kurogane [1.0 / 640x480] 12.3 Screenpack by Kurogane [Win+ / 320x240] 12.3 Screenpack by nxpc129 [1.0 / 640x480] Touhou 13.5 | 東方心綺楼 ~ Hopeless Masquerade Hopeless Masquerade Screenpack by IkuTronHD [1.0 / 1280x720] Fangames Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony | 紅魔城伝説 緋色の交響曲 Touhouvania Screenpack by Zion [1.0 / 640x480] Custom Marvel vs Touhou Screenpack by Ryoucchi [1.0 / 640x480] Touhou Infinity Screenpack by JDPlayer [1.0 / 640x480] LIFEBARS SELECT Touhou Shooter PC-98 Era TH01 Lifebar by Soruzin [Win+ / 320x240] Touhou 7.5 | 東 方萃夢想 ~ Immaterial and Missing Power Original IaMP Lifebar by DABA [Win+ / 320x240] Edited IaMP Lifebar by Seravy [1.0 / 640x480] Edited IaMP Lifebar by Seravy [1.0 / 1280x720] Touhou 10.5 | 東 方緋想天 ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody SWR Arranged Lifebar by Kohaku [1.0 / 640x480] 10.5 Lifebar by Kurogane [1.0 / 640x480] Touhou 12.3 | 東方非想天則 ~ Hisoutensoku UNL Arranged Lifebar by Kohaku [Win+ / 320x240] 12.3 Lifebar by Kurogane [Win+ / 320x240] Edited 12.3 Lifebar by Aya Shameimaru [1.0 / 640x480] Touhou 14.5 | 東方深秘録 ~ Urban Legend in Limbo ULiL Lifebars by Gudine [1.0 / 640x480] ADD-ONS SELECT Voice Patches Female voice patch for ABAB's Hong Krizalid by Night Female voice patch for BK's Orochi Yuyuko by Night Japanese voice patch for Darkflare's Meimu by Sonikun Japanese voice patch for Ricepigeon's Reimu by Sonikun Various Touhou character voice patches by Choiyer Voice patch for Nyoibou's Wakimiko by Kohaku Voice patch for Cabbage's Utsuho by ABAB Voice patch for Kurogane's Flandre and Iku by Shey Voice patch for Rellua's UMVC3 Mighty Myon by Rellua Labrys voice patch for Ricepigeon's Marisa by Garchompmatt Heavy Weapons Guy voice patch for Ricepigeon's Utsuho by Garchompmatt Plutia voice patch for Ricepigeon's Koishi by Garchompmatt Wesker voice patch for Rellua's UMVC3 Aya: EN - JAP by Rellua Sprites Patches Hi-res sprite patch for Nachel's Reimu by Mo_Mo Gothic Lolita outfit patch for Third's 3D Youmu by Third TH08 outfit patch for Shiroto's Reisen by Xetty Various Midnight Bliss patches by Xenomic Portraits Alphes-style Touhou portraits by Various People Renren Touhou portraits by Garchompmatt Custom portraits for MBAA SP by Kohaku Custom portraits for Touhou Infinity SP by Ryoucchi Custom portraits for UNL Lifebars by Gamer251 Hisoutensoku normal portraits by FAY418 TH 06 and TH 07 portraits by Emamon Various small portraits by Lt. Hades Intros Various intros by Bouhu Palettes Various palettes by Astralhie Various palettes by Night AI Patches Various AI patches by ABAB Various AI patches by Akakedama Various AI patches by Ambasa Various AI patches by KELN Various AI patches by Sekt Various AI patches by Netyzh Various AI patches by NNS Various AI patches by SomuE Various AI patches by 李凯 Various AI patches by なしクマ屋 Resources Sprite rips from The Spriters Resource Hopeless Masquerade stage rips by Aya Shameimaru FULL GAME SELECT Touhou: Gensokyo Reloaded by Traweezie & Ricepigeon Touhou All-stars Compilation by Gamer251
  5. well, you know i can't add things i'm unable to download UPDATE added Nosferu and Gerukadon to their respective sections
  6. Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline. Most of these characters are taken from a certain MUGEN full game. CHARACTER SELECT Kenshiro: Team HNK / HELL [KOFM] - StrikeFreedomGirl555 edit [for Ky-Shanxi's MUGEN 1.1 SSB Mod] / HELL + Duracelleur [KOFA] || Shin: Team HNK || Jagi: Team HNK / Team HNK + Duracelleur [KOFA] || Soria: Team HNK Souther: Team HNK || Falco: Team HNK / Team HNK + Fino || Raoh: Team HNK / Team HNK + Duracelleur [KOFA] || Rei: Team HNK + Duracelleur [KOFA] Jukei: ROB & FIGHI / Team HNK || Borz: Doko EDITED CHARACTERS Kenshiro [HNK Abridged]: Sookie STAGE AND OTHER STUFF SELECT Stage Pack + BGM Full Game [Winmugen+]
  7. Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline. CHARACTER ☆ SELECT Nanoha Takamachi: Finir / Seravy || Vita: 1st: IF / 2nd: Finir / Seravy || Subaru Nakajima: Marktwo - StrikeFreedomGirl555's edit [for Ky-Shanxi Mugen 1.1 SSB Mod] Signum: Misogi || Fate Testarossa Harlaown: Minaduki || Hayate Yagami: Omega / Omega + Mijukuzamurai || Stern / Material-S: Nipa3008 EDITS Project-F: Minaduki || Fate Flare Type-B: Ken Ken Tan || Fate Flare Type-C: Ken Ken Tan STAGE ☆ SELECT Rooftop of Midchilda by StrikeFreedomGirl555 Outside the Saint's Cradle by StrikeFreedomGirl555 ADD ONS ☆ SELECT Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Screenpack by StrikeFreedomGirl555 Palettes by StrikeFreedomGirl555: Minaduki's Fate Testarossa (Blaze Form) / Minaduki's Fate Testarossa ("True Series/Accurate") / Marktwo's Subaru Nakajima
  8. it's already in the collection
  9. Midnight Train Encounter What's new: darker sprites and overlay to make it feel more like a midnight stage Download Deep Forest Rumble What's new: New falling leaves animation. Download Winmugen+ and 1.0 compatible. More updates coming soon!
  10. Ryou

    Touhou Project

    i too am not sure on what it was supposed to be tbh... thanks for the re-upload, though
  11. UPDATE the links to Gainer's (previously referred to as "Project Ultra") now lead to his Onedrive (except for Ultraman Ace) - Ultraseven - Ultraman Jack - Ultraman Taro - Ultraman Nexus - Ultraman Ginga S - Ultraman Orb these items have also been added: - Ultraman Max by Bakisimu - Mummy Man (Ultraman) by Kirbey - Robofo (Ultraman 80) by Kirbey - Ultraman Club: Kaijuu Dai Kessen!! (SNES) Stages by Kirbey - Ultraman Chou Toushi Gekiden (GBA) Stages by Kirbey now about these two: every time i click on the download button this pop up shows any ideas getting around this?
  12. Click on the author names to download. Red: Offline Yellow: WIP Note: Not including most edits like the Nanaya / Shiki edits, etc. CHARACTER SELECT - MB/MBRA/MBAC/MBAA/MBAACC Akiha Tohno by Daba || by Nana || by [email protected] || by [email protected] + Nana || by Tukemon || by Tukemon + HAL || by Qwerty || by Anomipolis [Arrange] || by Bluishcat [Custom] || by Michaelarmaros [Custom] Seifuku Akiha by ⑨: MBAACC || by Chikuchikugonzales || by IQS: Old - New Akiha Vermillion by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA || by Sion_Love: MBAC - MBRA [pass: mugen] || by Kohaku [CVS + Custom] Aoko Aozaki by ⑨: MBAC / AI Only - MBAACC] || by BD || by Ex-Inferis || by Huton || by IQS: Old - EX - New || by Shadow Skye || by Raien Makoto ||by Wakuwaku || by エス [Aoko-IF / Custom] || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] || by Totoria [NGBC] || Zero-Sennin [Custom] Arcueid Brunestud by 586 [Dark Arcueid] || by Asuka-Masaki / A-Jin || by Chotto Komaru: MBRA - Custom || by IQS: Old - New || by Kuro & ⑨ [MBAC] || by Shiroto [Akaitsuki] || by Sion_Love: MBRA - Muscle Bomber [pass: mugen] || by M3: Arc_VP [Vampire Savior] / Arc_OR2 [Custom] || by Menes [JJBA] || by MichaelArmaros [Custom] || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] Red Arcueid / Warcueid by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA - MBAACC || by Sumi || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass: mugen] || by Toma || by Toma + Raien Makoto || by Qwerty || by Rellua [UMVC3] || by Ryun [KOFXIII] Archetype:Earth by 41: 1.0 - 1.1 || by IQS || by Ina [Arrange]: Site Link - Mirror || by Ryun [KOFXIII] Ciel by IQS: Old - EX || by Sumi || by Shiroto || by Qwerty || by Bluishcat [Psycho Ciel / Custom] || by Drowin [Arcana Heart] || by Sion_Love [MVC] [pass: mugen] Powerd Ciel by Doburoku || by Deer || by IQS || by SxVector || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass: mugen] || by TENE: MBRA - MBAACC || by Ryun [KOFXIII] Hisui by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA - MBAACC || by IQS || by R-R || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass: mugen] || by Toma || by Sennou-Room [CVS]: Old - New Mech-Hisui by BD || by Ex-Inferis || by IQS || by Kannaduki + Tokinokuni-Kei + Ibukah || by Kuro || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass: mugen] || by Ururyun || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] || by Sennou-Room [Mech Hisui 404 / CVS + Custom] Kohaku by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA - MBAACC || by IQS: Old - EX || by Mucc || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass: mugen] || by Toshi || by Ina [Arrange]: Site Link - Mirror || by Kohaku [CVS + Custom] || by M3 [Vampire Savior] || by M3: UNiB - Kohaku_OR2 / Custom || by Sudara13 [UMVC3] Kouma Kishima by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA - MBAACC || by Drowin || by IQS || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass: mugen] by HM [MOTW] || by Ryun [KOFXIII] || by Zero-Sennin [Custom] Len by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA - MBAACC || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass: mugen] || by ミマァ [D4 Filter] || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] White Len by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA || by Juke Kisaragi || by Kisaragiryuto [Absolute White Len] || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass: mugen] || by Kohaku [CVS + Custom] || by M3: WLen_Force [Custom] / WLen_OR2 [Custom] || by MichaelArmaros [Custom] Michael Roa Valdamjong by ⑨: MBAA - MBAACC || by HM [MOTW] || by Kamekaze [Custom] || Rajaa [CVS + Custom] Miyako Arima by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA - MBAACC || by Alice || by IQS: Old - New || by Juke Kisaragi || by Kisaragiryuto [COH] || by R-R || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass: mugen] || by Tokinokuni-Kei || by Xiaolongbao || by Aohige [Miyako Rock-Style / KOF] || by Deretun [Yaminabe Miyako / SBX] || by Drowin [Arcana Heart] || by MichaelArmaros [Custom] || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] || by Ruri [KOF] Neco-Arc by Doburoku || by Otto || by Shimori || by TENE || by Toma || by MichaelArmaros [Custom] Neco-Arc Chaos by Doburoku: Old - Damien Armies || by Otto: Old - Abyss || by TENE Nrvnqsr Chaos by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA - MBAACC || by BD || by Ex-Inferis || by Kamikaze || by Tuki no Turugi || by BahamianKing100 [CVS] || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] Riesbyfe Stridberg by ⑨: MBAA - MBAACC] || by IQS: Old - EX - New || by Sion_Love: MBRA - Eclipse Style - KOF2K2UM - MVC [pass: mugen] || by Aki [KOF + Custom] || by Ikaruga [Chaos Breaker] || by Kn [MOTW] || by Kira [Arrange] || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] || by Ryun: KOFXIII - Fortress Riesbyfe / Custom] Satsuki Yumizuka by ⑨: MBAC - MBRA - MBAA - MBAACC || by IQS: Old - EX - New || by Kisaragiryuto [Vampire Satsuki] || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass: mugen] || by Anomipolis [Arrange] || by Drowin [Arcana Heart] || by M3: Vampire Savior - Satsuki_OR2 / Custom || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] Shiki Ryougi by 41: 1.0 - 1.1 || by 無名 [pass: 37564] - Alternate Link || by IQS: Old - EX - New || by Karin-to || by Youngkirei & Take K.: MBAA - MBAACC || by Kira [Ryougi EXVS / Custom] || by Kohaku [CVS + Custom] || by M3: Vampire Savior - Ryougi_OR / Custom - Ryougi_OR2 / Custom || by MichaelArmaros [Custom] Shiki Nanaya by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA - MBAACC || by Burst || by Chanmoo || by Glacies || by Ibukah || by IQS: Old - EX - New || by Kisaragiryuto || by K-K || by Kamikaze || by Sennou-Room || by Toma || by Toma + Raien Makoto || by Anomipolis [Arrange] || by Ina [Arrange]: Site Link - Mirror || by Kn [MOTW] || by Kohaku [CVS + Custom] || by Zero-Sennin [Custom] || by ZZZ Shiki Tohno by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA - MBAACC || by BD || by Daba || by Ibukah || by Ina: Site Link - Mirror || by IQS: Old - EX - New || by Kisaragiryuto [Vampire Shiki] || by Micatuki ||by Rouge Noir || by Tuki no Turugi || by Zecruss || by 1% [Grappler Shiki / Custom] || by Dino [KOF2K2UM] ||by Gyrax [Street Fighter] || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] || by Zero-Sennin [Custom] Sion Eltnam Atlasia by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA || by IQS: Old - EX - New || by Kisaragiryuto [COH] || by Makoto || by Shiroto || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] || by Sion_Love: Arrange - Alien Challenge - HNK: Old - New - KOF2K2UM - KOFXIII - MVC - Muscle Bomber - 3 Count Bout - "Magical" - "NESTS" [pass: mugen] || by Totoria [KOF] Sion TATARI by ⑨: MBAACC || by Chotto Komaru || by Drowin || by IQS: Old - EX - New || by Wraith || by Shiroto || by Sion_Love: Arrange: TATARI - Vampire - KOF2K2UM [pass: mugen] || by Ina [Arrange]: Site Link - Mirror Dust of Osiris by Shiroto The Night of Wallachia by ⑨: MBAC - MBAA - MBAACC || by 1024byte || by 586 ||by Meka || by Sion_Love [MBRA] [pass:mugen] || by Wraith || by Wraith + Doro no Tsume || by Toma || by Rajaa [CVS + Custom] Neco Black Chaos G666 by Doburoku G-Akiha by Doburoku [G-Akiha Nightmare] || Drowin || by Syacho || by TENE || by YoungKirei & Take.K CHARACTERS - TAG TEAM Arcueid Brunestud & Red Arcueid : Qwerty || Len & White Len : Kn || Shiki Tohno & Shiki Nanaya: Qwerty || Kohaku & Hisui: R-R [MB] / R-R [MBAC] Mech-Hisui & Neco-Arc: Mucc || White Len & Shiki Nanaya: KANNDUME CHARACTERS - MBAC HACK Satsuki Yumizuka: Y [MBAC Hack / NSFW?] CHARACTERS - SPECIAL VERSIONS Amber Dragon: Nadagetsu *appeared in Kohaku's Last Arc Akiha EX: Syacho || Another Akiha: Scarlet Moon || Satsuki EX: Syacho / LJH Swimsuit Miyako: Unknown [NSFW] || Swimsuit Len: Unknown [NSFW] China Kohaku: Incurable / MANUELL213XP || Catgirl Kohaku: Konton no Kotowari || Female Shiki: Fennes, ChiyurI & エス Neco-Arc Z: SUI CHARACTERS - RESPRITED Shiki Ryougi: Ouchi CHARACTERS - GIANT VARIANTS Giant Len: Unsigned || Giant Mech-Hisui: SUI CHARACTERS - BATTLE MOON WARS OVERWORLD Kohaku: Sumin2393 || Shiki Nanaya: Sumin2393 || Shiki Tohno: Sumin2393 || Akiha Tohno: Sumin2393 BATTLE Len: Humi || Kohaku: Mu CHARACTERS - OTHER GAME STYLED Maximum Cute Hisui: MAITAKE For more edit character, check the [EDITS] section and the Len Edit Collection STAGES Stages by Dissidia || Stages by Doburoku || Stages by EXShadow || Stages by Ex-Inferis || Stages by Kung Fu Man || Stages by Konbu || Stages by Lightoss || Stages by MEKA || Stages by Ouchi || Stages by Raien Makoto || Stages by Saiyajin-Mui || Stages by TENE || Stages by T.J. || Stages by Type-Wild || Stages by Wargame-Kun || Stages by XTRM SCREENPACKS Melty Blood Screenpack by Kannazuki [320x240/Winmugen+] Melty Blood Act Cadenza Screenpack by Raien Makoto [320x240/Winmugen+] Melty Blood Re:ACT Screenpack by Kannazuki [320x240/Winmugen+] Melty Blood Actress Again Screenpack by Kohaku [320x240/Winmugen+] Melty Blood EVO Screenpack by Kohaku [320x240/Winmugen+] Melty Blood EVO Screenpack by Kohaku, Converted by OldGamer [640x480/Mugen 1.0 & 1.1] Melty Blood Fusion Screenpack by Basterman [640x480/Mugen 1.0] TYPE-MOON Unlimited Screenpack by Shiki Nanaya [320x240/Winmugen+] LIFEBARS Melty Blood Re:ACT Lifebar by Kurisu [320x240/Winmugen+] Melty Blood Re:ACT Lifebar by Kurisu, Converted by Daniel9999999 [640x480/Mugen 1.0] Melty Blood Act Cadenza Lifebar by Kurisu [320x240/Winmugen+] Melty Blood Act Cadenza PS 2 Lifebar by Kurisu [320x240/Winmugen+] Melty Blood Actress Again Lifebar by Kohaku [320x240/Winmugen+] Melty Blood Actress Again Lifebar by Dissidia [640x480/Mugen 1.0] Melty Blood Actress Again Lifebars by Kohaku, Converted by Anthem [640x480/Mugen 1.0] Melty Blood Actress Again Lifebars by Kohaku, Converted by Anthem [1280x720/Mugen 1.0] TYPE-MOON Unlimited Lifebars by Shiki Nanaya [320x240/Winmugen+] ADD-ONS AI Patches for ⑨'s MBAC Characters by Hutuno AI Patches for ⑨'s MBAA Characters by Hutuno AI Patches for ⑨'s MBAA & MBAACC Characters by Unknown Author AI Patch for Kohaku's MB Characters by Jadeeye Portraits for Kohaku's MBAA Lifebars by Ultimecia Portraits for Kurisu's MBAC Lifebars by Raien Makoto Voice Patch for Shiroto's Arcueid & Relua''s Red Arcueid by Sion_Love High-Res Melty Blood Portrait Pack by Saikoro SEE ALSO Len Edits Collection Fate Series Collection Urobura: Act Cazensa Collection
  13. Ryou

    Touhou Project

    UPDATE ADDED - Incident Zero Reimu and Sakuya by Ricepigeon - Hieda no Akyuu by Nep Heart - Doremy Sweet by Shey - KD Remilia by Below273 RE-UPLOADED - Night's stages (courtesy of PlasmoidThunder) - MegaMari Yukari by Sumin (courtesy of Devils) MISC - All links to Kurogane's and Aotsuki's creations are now redded-out until somebody finds out the whereabouts of their new website (if such does exist)
  14. Both have been added to the first post
  15. Click on author names to download. CHARACTER SELECT Dong Dong: Xiami || Violent Dong Dong: Xiami || Ken: Kamekaze || Gouki: Xiami || Sheng Hua Nan: Xiami || Tuo Lei: Deathlazer Mian Hua Tang: Sakuraka || Yinyin: Sakuraka || Jie Mei Hua: Sakuraka || Sun Wu Kong: MelvanaInChains || Feifei: Sakuraka || Terminator: Xiami EXTRA Car Bonus: Xiami / Mabskmk STAGE SELECT An Hui: Mabskmk || Fu Jian: Dorgol || Guang Dong II: Ryoucchi & The Magic Toaster || Guang Xi: Dr. Kelexo || He Nan: Dorgol || Hu Bei: Mabskmk || Hu Nan: GUN0TRADIO Huo Chai Ren: Mabskmk / MaxBeta - Whiplash's edit || Jiang Xi II: Mabskmk || Nei Men Gu (Airplane): Dorgol || Nei Men Gu (Hills): Hyde223 Qing Hai: Dorgol || Tai Wan: Dr. Kelexo / E.B.U. || Xin Jiang: Dorgol || Yun Nan: Hyde223 || Elevator to Space: Valgallah RESOURCE SELECT Sprite Rips from The Spriters Resource
  16. UPDATE: ADDED - Kamen Rider #1 by Tetsuo9999 - Raydragoon by Iseebi - Kamen Rider Gatack by Nekomaru3 - Kamen Rider Skull by Heal The World - Kamen Rider Ryugen by Nanabe - Kamen Rider Dark Ghost by Nanabe - Kamen Rider Para-DX by Fujiyama - Kamen Rider Zi-O and Geiz by "Tsukuyomi" - Kamen Rider Zi-O by Axel Martin REUPLOADED - Kamen Rider Hibiki by Nekomaru3
  17. Click on the author name to download. Red: Offline CHARACTER SELECT - JUS STYLED Izuku Midoriya: 1st: TrafalgarLawzz - MYTHOS's edit || Katsuki Bakugo: TrafalgarLawzz - MYTHOS's edit / Nestor98 - Romano45's edit || Tsuyu Asui: Epicdaman || Shoto Todoroki: TrafalgarLawzz CHARACTER SELECT - ORIGINAL STYLED PRO HEROES All Might: Son Bra Is Good || Gran Torino: Son Bra Is Good || Mt. Lady: Son Bra Is Good U.A. HIGH SCHOOL Class 1-A Ochaco Uraraka: Son Bra Is Good || Denki Kaminari: Son Bra Is Good || Eijiro Kirishima: Son Bra Is Good || Fumikage Toyokami: Son Bra Is Good || Tooru Hagakure: Son Bra Is Good || Momo Yaoyorozu: Son Bra Is Good Class 1-H Mei Hatsume: Son Bra Is Good VILLAINS Tomura Shigaraki: Son Bra Is Good || Himiko Toga: Son Bra Is Good || Nomu: Son Bra Is Good || Stain: Son Bra Is Good
  18. does this happen to be the one you're looking for if so, have a link
  19. unknown.png

    does anyone else get this message upon accessing ma?



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      That means your IP is "banned" for no reason. I get that same message as well but luckily, you can bypass it via VPNs.

    3. Ricepigeon


      Wow. Talk about ambiguous.

    4. Ryou


      if i was banned wouldn't i be unable to view the site at all even unlogged?


      also tried vpn to no avail


  20. Re-posting for the sake of better previews. Click the author names to get the desired version of a characters! Feel free to post any missing stuffs. This collection't wont include any of the cheap Grief Syndrome edits. CHARACTERS - RESPRITED MAGICAL GIRLS Madoka Kaname: 1st: Waribashi - Nipa3008's Edit / Brergsart: Homura Did [Interpretation] Wrong / Time Loop Madoka / 2nd: おりりん (Oririn) - Nipa3008'S Edit || Homura Akemi: Cycbeam / Kohaku || Homura Akemi & Friends: Cycbeam Mami Tomoe: 1st: Geros: Mirror1 / Mirror2 / 2nd: Fuddyfunny || Sayaka Miki: 1st: Fuddyfunny / Nep Heart / 2nd: Annri || Kyouko Sakura: 1st: Waribashi / 2nd: Nyancha QB / INCUBATOR QB: 1st: YAN / 2nd: Musimu / Ryusei WITCHES Gertrud: Ninnniku || Charlotte: MRCLMNDKS || Elsa Maria: Noeru || Walpurgisnacht: 1st: Marktwo / 2nd: Ninnniku CHARACTERS - GRIEF SYNDROME Madoka Kaname: HAL || Homura Akemi: ZLC32 || Mami Tomoe: HAL || Sayaka Miki: Not Converted || Kyouko Sakura: HAL / TM || QB: HAL || Oktavia von Seckendorff: Ouchi / Margatroid CHARACTERS - PARODIES Sayaka M. Kischine: ‚Í‚µ‚Ô‚Æ‚ª‚ç‚· || VH Mami: Oyaji || Megamami: Fu-Lin || Kung Fu QB Man: Arumikan || Homura Umaiboshoujo: Arumikan STAGES Stages by Margatroid || Stages by Yameteoke || Front of Homura House by Ouchi || Rebellion Fight by Emanuel667 ADD-ONS Madoka Magica Screenpack by Unknown Author [WinMUGEN+ / 320x240] Madoka Magica Screenpack by Oliviasan [MUGEN 1.0 / 640x480] BONUS AI Patch for おりりん's Madoka AI Patch + Voice Patch for Waribashi's Kyouko AI Patch for Nyancha's Kyouko by DS12 Productions
  21. added chances are otz-kai/fuddyfunny/whatchamacallit will be moving to a new host anyway so i'd say we wait