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  1. https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=01d3db8178d72d7a&id=1D3DB8178D72D7A!109&ithint=folder,.zip&lor=shortUrl
  2. my old laptop died some times ago along with the hard drive in which copies of those files were stored, so yeah.
  3. did i miss something here? edit: nevermind, found it out
  4. Ryou

    Touhou Project

    double posting to announce that all of nomucoke's works has been re-uploaded to my MEGA account (inb4 someone points out that he has a new site cuz that's how it always goes every time lmao)
  5. Ryou

    Touhou Project

    Update: RE-UPLOADED - Shinki by Kurogane - Fujiwara no Mokou by U9 - nomucoke's stuff Sukuna Shinmyoumaru KD Cirno, Reimu, Meiling and Alice Hakurei Shrine Boundary Dream World KD Stages (still in the process of re-uploading as we speak, my net isn't exactly the fastest) Antinomy of Common Flowers Lifebars ADDED - Incident Zero Yuuka and Iku by Ricepigeon - Yukari Yakumo and Koishi Komeiji by Akakedama - Yorigami Sisters by MOJACK
  6. Ryou

    Granblue Fantasy

    not gonna lie, this has me wanting to see big bad vryn as the final boss of gbf versus
  7. https://ux.getuploader.com/MOJACK/
  8. Ryou

    Granblue Fantasy

    lmao it's a small thing i put together in less than two hours..but i do hope it makes up for the severe lack of content in this collection
  9. do yourself a favor and never look this game up now with more awkward sprite edits! credits: - Cygames for making Granblue Fantasy - SkyLights, GohanSSM2, Tetra Vega and Genesis for all the resources used
  10. sorry i think the direction was wrong

    https://pan.baidu.com/s/1pMax0gV#list/path=%2F公開%2F人物%2FTatsuya Shiba

  11. Hello, i don't know how to send private message, the site don't allow me but i want to ask if you know how can i download from here this tatsuya, i want to post on dengeki collection


    1. Ryou


      believe me when i say this, but that's exactly what i've been wondering for a while now



  12. update 2/23 - made few small tweaks concerning animations
  13. sounds interesting. now i shall dust off the good ol' mugen engine and see how he plays lik- OH MY GOD WHAT IN THE NAME OF HERESY IS THAT
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