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  1. I brought this topic up on MFG, but it didn't really get answered, perhaps due to how I worded it. I've been a big fan of MUGEN for a while, if not a true MUGEN player. I like characters with good AI and I'm a sucker for female and genderbent characters in general, which is why I really like KFG, Kyoko, Zeroko, etc. The other day, I was musing how much it costs to commission someone to create a MUGEN character, what's too expensive, what's worth it, what it goes to and the relation between being paid for work and if by doing that, it violates the very idea of MUGEN that keeps it safe from being given a Cease and Desist, that it's non-profit. For those who do commissions, would you tell me what your prices are, what you're interested in and what kind of characters you also DON'T want to make? As it's all very well paying for a character to be made, but if the creator has no enthusiasm for it or care then it won't get finished nor will the creator necessarily wish to. Second, ethically, how do you all feel this relates to MUGEN and whether this is a good or bad idea?
  2. Thanks, Ryu.
  3. It's alright. I meant for anyone who can spare the time to upload it, it's no biggie.
  4. Ah, I see. Well, if anyone does make an alt link, even if Sendspace or something, I'd be grateful as this stage is just what I was looking for.
  5. ? Firefox, but it's never let me down with stuff like this before. And as I say, it works the majority of the time.
  6. If I honestly knew, I'd tell you. But sometimes, as Laharl knows, it just... doesn't work. At all. And that's very weird, I have a signed up account, I download regurely but it'll work sometimes and it won't others. I don't mean to inconvenience but I'd like these things and I just don't think it'd be a problem.
  7. Could I request a 4shared link? This one's being odd.
  8. So, having gotten out my old N64 and completed Mumbo's Mountain on Banjo Kazooie, I saved and quit and headed to the next world. When I turned the console on again, it, uh... had not saved. Is that normal? My other games saves seem intact...
  9. Mine to my memory was derived from a deviation of the female name I'd wanted as in many ways, the person I am online and offline try to be two very different personalities if at least maintaining some similarities. In truth, I'm not sure why I added the 'r' in the 'Olivria' part but I like it. It makes it rather distinct from the usual name. The Noel was thought of as it was I think a name one of my parents would've used for a female child if we'd had another sibling.
  10. I really have tried retry and refresh and no, it doesn't work. If it does, then don't worry, I only ask links for things I really can't access.
  11. I dunno what it is, Laharl, but sometimes, Mediafire links for me work and then, some just... don't. They take me to a screen with the download number and it tells me that the page couldn't load. I dunno why so I've decided to put up request topics with alts.
  12. Thanks, Kaze, appreciated. Oddly, those MF links work.
  13. My apologies, the links seem to once again not be working for me. Does anyone have a 4Shared Download?
  14. Thanks. Sorry, my computer has incredibly odd issues with Mediafire.
  15. The mediafire link for me hasn't been working. Can someone upload an alt link? Or a 4shared link?