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  1. ♫ Simba's stuck, Simba's stuck, Simba's stuck on the wall, 'the fuck? ♫

  2. Apologies for the error some of you have witnessed. It should be resolved now.

  3. I agree. I have the same exact mindset when it comes to forums and other services. In most cases, I never want to be apart of their communities. That's why MC was created with my own mindset in mind, thinking others might have the same. Downloads were open to anyone, even if you were banned.
  4. I don't know what you've said to them, but it's probably more than just that. I've been at MFG for years, read a lot of different threads, and seen a bunch of people get banned. Some even came here and got banned for the same reason(s), and we don't like banning people here. I can't say for your case because I really don't know. Can you post here or PM me what exactly got you banned over there; a thread, post, something?
  5. Ballsy l'Cies falsely following fal'Cie Focuses barring fallacies.


    Seriously, what's up with these names? Who came up with the term "l'Cie" and thought it was cool? It's unique I guess.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Алексей


      Ah, good to know. I own all three, and will slog through each of them because... well, I'm still asking myself that question, lol.

    3. Ryon


      the same person who spells there name with none english letters, while living in a english country. Ya jerk!

    4. Алексей


      I didn't make it up, lol. Dat's all FFXIII, meng.

  6. That's really his problem and no one else's. No one is requiring nor demanding the site to exist. It was the owner's choice and thus deals with the consequence. How is that proof? I could question it right now to Iced in PM or in that thread and not get banned. Why? Because I don't make a big deal of things usually over there or annoy people on a constant basis. Those who get banned are usually in that category. You sound like you are speaking from experience over there. Did they tell you why you got banned? What was the last thing you said over there before you got banned? (Assuming you got banned and are speaking from experience)
  7. And you know this to be true because...?
  8. It's been discussed, but overall rejected.
  9. I understand completely.
  10. That's insanely ironic, lol.
  11. There are plenty of members over there who care about playing the game. Sure they have off-topic threads, but so do most forums. Is that such a crime? I've been there for years and the most controversial topics that end up in drama are in the off-topic sections. I think you're focusing on a few cases and not the bigger picture. Furthermore, it's natural for people to criticize the things they enjoy. For example, I have a standard of character that I used to make and always tried to make that standard higher. There are a lot of creators who have standards much lower than mine and I'd expect the same as mine or better. So then let's say a character is released that I was really looking forward to, but then the quality suffered greatly, I'm liable to be saying something about it and helping them to improve. It might not sound nice to the reader, but it's just criticism. As for drama, you can't avoid it. It's everywhere, even here. In all my time being an admin here I've seen my fair share of drama here. Some behind closed doors and some in the public. If drama bothers you, simply don't partake in it. Take a break because making false claims about other forums won't get you very far. You're allowed to have your opinion, but you're pretty much spouting it like you know it's fact.
  12. Lol, wooow. You are delusional if you truly believe that. Just because you don't like that doesn't mean they're going to crash and burn. It's a thriving forum that will keep going on for as long as mugen exists I'm sure. Also, we have a unspoken rule about forum bashing, so keep it to a minimum please.
  13. Hey some of my characters were 2MB, lol XD. It would about 586 GB with 15 MB average. It's a lot of space, but why would 2 dedicated servers be needed? If they're paying for too much, then there's nothing I can do about that. I'm pretty sure I could get a stable setup for less. Hell, I could pay for a CDN and pay less. There are other options. I can't see why they'd need two dedicated servers, but whatever, I'm not gonna be their financial advisor. That's all up to them. Still, they could have ads on the site and not use adfly. If I host a character for free, then see it on mugenarchive behind an adfly link, it would mean they're making profits off of my work. Now what if this work was completely original; my own IP? Now it just poses a moral dilemma.
  14. If you don't even know how much they pay, how could you make such a statement? You're just assuming at this point. 40,000 files isn't that large given most mugen characters are about 2MB on average. That's 79GB of files which a shared host could handle. Even if we bumped the average to 4MB per character, the required space would only be 156GB or so. Shared hosts can also handle the bandwidth required. MugenCoder scaled with what it needed and was affordable for me. I'm not rich, nor very rich. Anyone with a decent job could have afforded it. We were looking at maybe $300 at the end of the year. My point remains that its the site admin's choice to make the user experience worse with ads or just deal with the costs. This doesn't come down to whether or not your rich or "normal," but how selfish you are. It seems MugenArchive is hosted by JustHost.com (according to their WHOIS), in which the plans are very cheap. Barring domain registration, that's $15/mo. for shared and $100~$200/mo. for dedicated. I have no way of telling what plan they pay for, but considering the best shared plan there is marked as "Unmetered" for both Bandwidth and Storage, I'd say they could have easily chosen that. If not, the dedicated plan isn't terribly bad either.
  15. There's only one thing I'd like to point out after reading all this because I think it's relevant. Jirobou has made the official statement that there isn't a site out there that allowed downloading for free with no ads and no revenue-gaining tactics whatsoever, when this is just false. Anyone who knows me from my mugen days knows that I hosted the mugen content of myself and a select group of other authors for absolute free, on a website called MugenCoder that was built from scratch. There were no ads and the only features that were locked behind an account (also free) were commenting and user profile features. Downloading was completely open to the public for free. MFG sites also do the same thing. These were just acts of generosity for a community we're apart of. So, depending on how you go about things, your financial status, and your attitude about things, it's quite possible. Usually one or more of these key items is out of line with those who choose to plaster ads all of their sites. It's a choice, not a requirement.