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  1. Macro management makes eating sooooo much worse. Want that slice of bread? Nope, too many carbs. Some bacon in my omelette? Nope, too much fat. Need exactly 33g of carbs more for the day? Time for 3 rice cakes. Fuck.


    (Okay, okay. Rice cakes are decent with the different flavors, but still...)

    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      lol welcome to my life.  Odd bit of trivia but I'm actually a trained and certified (not licensed or practicing) nutrition counselor, aside from being a chef and kitchen manager of 20+ years.  
      My career, up until relatively recently, has been centered around bridging healthy eating and tasty eating.  So as an open ended offer, if you Ever want to talk food I'd be all about it :)

    2. Алексей


      That's awesome to know. I might take you up on that offer. ;)

    3. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Cool.  Seriously, any time.

  2. "Well on the floor there's a long wooden table. On the table there's an open book. On the page there's a detailed drawing and on the drawing is the name I took."

    1. DuckMannnn



  3. Happy b-day sensei sama!

    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      (slightly belated, apologies)

    2. Алексей


      Haha, no worries. Thanks man!

  4. Happy Alexei Day! :D

  5. This is your problem. You keep bringing up MFG and these theories that no one here cares about. Furthermore, it's irrelevant. If you have a vendetta with MFG, then maybe you should take it up with them. Ricepigeon's actions are justified and discussed before taken. The whole staff has a say in what we do with admins having the final words. If Rice was doing anything against our guidelines or going rogue, we'd know before hand and take action from there. Enough of this nonsense. I don't want to see anymore posts regarding this topic of MFG from you (or anyone else) anymore. Surely you can find something better to talk about. There's a great community of people here who "shoot the shit" about plenty of other topics. I'm sure you could find something that interests you.
  6. What is the purpose of this exactly? While you're not technically doing anything wrong, the segregation will most likely end up in backlash from people. Just take it as a verbal warning.
  7. Your thread only STARTED somewhat tame by asking for help for something MA-related, but then you started bashing MFG saying they were a bunch of old assholes and whatnot. How is that informative exactly?
  8. I specifically mentioned to you in that thread to knock off the "FORUM" bashing. You did not, so the thread was locked. It was as simple as that. Had you been bashing MMV or MA instead, it would have received the same treatment.
  9. ♫ Simba's stuck, Simba's stuck, Simba's stuck on the wall, 'the fuck? ♫

  10. Apologies for the error some of you have witnessed. It should be resolved now.

  11. I agree. I have the same exact mindset when it comes to forums and other services. In most cases, I never want to be apart of their communities. That's why MC was created with my own mindset in mind, thinking others might have the same. Downloads were open to anyone, even if you were banned.
  12. I don't know what you've said to them, but it's probably more than just that. I've been at MFG for years, read a lot of different threads, and seen a bunch of people get banned. Some even came here and got banned for the same reason(s), and we don't like banning people here. I can't say for your case because I really don't know. Can you post here or PM me what exactly got you banned over there; a thread, post, something?
  13. Ballsy l'Cies falsely following fal'Cie Focuses barring fallacies.


    Seriously, what's up with these names? Who came up with the term "l'Cie" and thought it was cool? It's unique I guess.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Алексей


      Ah, good to know. I own all three, and will slog through each of them because... well, I'm still asking myself that question, lol.

    3. Ryon


      the same person who spells there name with none english letters, while living in a english country. Ya jerk!

    4. Алексей


      I didn't make it up, lol. Dat's all FFXIII, meng.

  14. That's really his problem and no one else's. No one is requiring nor demanding the site to exist. It was the owner's choice and thus deals with the consequence. How is that proof? I could question it right now to Iced in PM or in that thread and not get banned. Why? Because I don't make a big deal of things usually over there or annoy people on a constant basis. Those who get banned are usually in that category. You sound like you are speaking from experience over there. Did they tell you why you got banned? What was the last thing you said over there before you got banned? (Assuming you got banned and are speaking from experience)
  15. And you know this to be true because...?