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  1. Meh... What a "lovely" day today. 

  2. I could possibly volunteer for the GM position. I'm one of the few admins of the MUGEN Database and I have chat mod experience under my belt. But to be fair, I think there are plenty of qualified souls that would do.
  3. Meh. Finally back after being a lazy person. 

  4. Hm... They redesigned MFFA's interface. It seems nice. xD

  5. *Insert witty or unwitty statement here.*

  6. Well then.... I don't really have any words for this....

  7. I'm back... I think.

  8. Thunder Horse, Thunder Horse, Thunder Horse!

  9. AHNULD! Why did you do this?! D:

    1. Cayne


      let me guess... terminator genesis right, because the story already didn't make any fucking sense