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  1. bushinryujunkie

    Koldskool's Edits (1.0 only) (updated 11-27-2012)

    Links seem to be dead please re-upload if your willing to.
  2. bushinryujunkie

    CVS Spriting Work Shop (CVS Lucia Spriting Now)

    What are the chances this project is still being worked on?
  3. bushinryujunkie

    stage BBBR - Occult Clubroom by TENE

    stage BBBR - Occult Clubroom by TENE Looking for this stage the link on BBB collection not working, I would very much appreciate it if someone might send it my way.
  4. bushinryujunkie

    Final Fight - Series

    My goodness I get no love here....... I made two stages do I not deserve any love?
  5. bushinryujunkie

    Blitz Stadium [Mugen 1.1]

    It is indeed 1.1 only! Yes you could like clothesline the opponents which I thought was the greatest thing in the world.
  6. bushinryujunkie

    Blitz Stadium [Mugen 1.1]

    I know the comunity has missed me profoundly so I decided to post a stage for the masses. This stage more than anything represnts one of the only Sports Games I have ever enjoyed NFL Blitz back when Midway owned it God rest there souls. Stay tuned for a match after the brief stage preview [email protected] characters are my favorite :) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ozpmc2kfv7a48sl/NFL%20Blitz.rar?dl=0
  7. Works with 1.1 only on DirectX not openGL! Change under CFG IF YOU DARE!!!! Feel the rush of experincing an accuate scale 100 METER TALL GODZILLA BE AMAZED AT HIS OVERWHELMING POWAH!!!! http://www.4shared.com/rar/A8OabeC6ba/Godzilla_ultra_big.html
  8. bushinryujunkie

    White by Rin & Bat

    Bro your like the Guru of mugen characters my hats goes off to you bro! I was recntely thrilled to find out my guitarist go readers choice as the best metal guitarist recently. http://www.gusgofficial.com/news/gp2012.jpg I met that dude once. Its a shame they tour mostly in europe. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v455/Edmanr2003/026.jpg
  9. bushinryujunkie

    White by Rin & Bat

    The mugen community has a never ending cycle of mugen websites going down and characters going offline someday this madness will have to come to an end.
  10. bushinryujunkie

    Sodom EDIT by Mr. Infinite

    Much appreciated!
  11. bushinryujunkie

    Metro City Arena (Final Fight Characters) by LightFlare

    psst.............. bro I like your stage :-)
  12. bushinryujunkie

    Sodom EDIT by Mr. Infinite

    Nahhh its cool bro just glad someone is trying to locate it.
  13. bushinryujunkie

    Sodom EDIT by Mr. Infinite

    I followed the link on the page and it gave me a stage Infinites Sodom's Truckstop stage.
  14. bushinryujunkie

    Sodom EDIT by Mr. Infinite

    To see Sodom skip to 1:18 seconds in to video! It seems as if another of Final Fight character by [email protected] and Infinite are actually missing there was a page but now its down. Rolento and Hugo were also on the page that went down makes me sad face.
  15. bushinryujunkie

    Send your opponent up high!

    Figured I would share my video of a goofy stage edit I did.