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  1. They're low resolution sprites. What did you expect? Applying a filter wouldn't change anything, other than making it worse in my personal opinion, but if you like, try ReShade.
  2. Forgot I even had this years ago. (Thanks Kai!) I believe I showcased this edit once when MiggsKirby released it a few hours ago on his YouTube channel before going inactive. DOWNLOAD
  3. Thought I'd share these since you can't find these anywhere else. DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
  4. Taken from "site shall not be named". DOWNLOAD
  5. Surprisingly, this is actually not a bad version of Peppa.
  6. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5d7Faasyfs NOTE: File heavy, and extremely cheap! DOWNLOAD
  7. Koshty released a Momoka, though she feels very much unfinished.
  8. Not really. MFFA was down last night for a few minutes. Haven't had problems since. Also, how long did that take you to edit all that?
  9. GUMI Megpoid (VOCALOID) released (11/13/2018)
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