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  1. Dissidia

    Doki Doki Literature Club!

    Why the hell is this even on the list? Not only it's disgusting to even have the time to create a character out of an actual deceased person, but also having nothing to do with the series, aside from the incident. Delete this shit.
  2. Dissidia

    2B by Betalille released (4/15/18)

    So releasing a character without its original voice is a problem now? You've got jokes.
  3. Dissidia

    Knuckle Fighter X/Alpha

    Are you sure you're not running it on lower framerate. All of the sprites were used for my characters, including your precious "panty shots".
  4. Keep it blacklisted.
  5. Dissidia

    Herajika by barai released (5/20/2018)

    Yay. More KemoFre characters!
  6. Dissidia

    Courage the Cowardly Dog (95% BETA)

    - Simultaneously spamming both MP and HP triggers an infinite. - That range for his LK (air) is going to be problematic. - His aerial tongue attack also triggers an infinite. - I've noticed that most of the sprites still need cleaning. There's still green pixels left on there.
  7. Dissidia

    Screenshots Mffa Style

  8. Dissidia

    Carlos & Riggs from SHADOW war of succession

    Definitely going to try these out!
  9. Dissidia

    Rem by Manny Lingle released (1.1 Only)

    So there's an issue when fighting against Barai's Ibis. If Rem is launched up in the air, her Tenshou Ranki becomes nulled, only to be replaced by her now freely use Burst trigger. https://streamable.com/90081
  10. Dissidia

    Command Help

    Make sure to check your statetypes.
  11. Dissidia

    Rem by Manny Lingle released (1.1 Only)

    Why does this play like barai's Ibis? EDIT: Oh I see why. REEDIT: Yikes, this character has so many issues already going on.
  12. Dissidia

    8 Marbles (Eight Secret Stones) [NSFW]

  13. And it looks like MFFA is back!

    1. Oliver As Latias

      Oliver As Latias

      I'm finally glad that it's back up again. I was wondering what happened to it.

    2. AstroInkling45


      So do I. What the hell happened to it?

  14. Dissidia

    Screenshots Mffa Style