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  1. Huge thanks to sonikun and his twin for sending over the purchased version of the game. Without them, I wouldn't be able to rip the rest of the character sprites. Enjoy! *NOTE* There are unused sprites from other StudioS games that contain NSFW material, so please, be aware. DOWNLOAD
  2. Two more stages added to the list!
  3. Ripped from the trial version of Kemono Friends Fight. :3 I've managed to rip both Serval and Kaban's sprites but hopefully when I find the full version of the game, I'll be able to rip the rest of them. JAPARI PARK - SAVANNA DOWNLOAD JAPARI PARK - PLAINS DOWNLOAD JAPARI PARK - JAPARI LIBRARY DOWNLOAD
  4. - No readme. What is it with authors not taking the time to create a readme before releasing a character these days? - Infinites. A ridiculous amount of infinites! - Priorities, and lots of them. Holy hell, those collision and hitboxes... - Although the author considered Mario to be SSB style, it plays nothing like it. - No required palettes to be mapped, which creates debug flood. - Missing required sprites. - Most of Mario's hypers give back power. - Mario has no clsn during his whirlwind hyper. - DBZ sounds? Why? It's not one of the worst Marios I've seen, but it still needs a lot of effort to be put into to be quite honest...
  5. Character of the Month material right there.
  6. Restarting Azukina again. Hopefully I can finally finish her.



  7. Oh wow. I'm a huge fan of your nonsense stage packs that you released 10 years ago! It's nice to see you back again Mulambo.
  8. Welcome aboard.
  9. Wow, the new MUGEN movie is looking great!



  10. Learning the fact that there are cringy fandoms out there.
  11. Welcome aboard. I know it's nice to see new Mugen users, but playing it for 24 hours is pretty unhealthy.
  12. I won't deny that the Archer sprites look genuinely amazing, but some of them look really weird.
  13. Welcome.
  14. So the only differences I've noticed are as follows: an extra SND file, which is English, and extra AI patches. Everything else is exactly the same from AKITO's unauthorized release last year.