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  1. Sorry but Shop file appears to be offline
  2. such interestign projects mate, good luck on this, Pope hits me as a boss character
  3. at last the original cast is all mugenized one, thank you for the release, do you plan on working any other PR characters?
  4. Try his My Mugen Stuff link in his comments
  5. So cool we can have a version of Ahau Kin, hope the casst of more 64 games such as Mace: the Dark Ages and War Gods get a chance to be converted
  6. hi my friend, the chars site its down
  7. awesome, finally an arm joe character! thank you for this
  8. hey great aportation, did you retraced em? the look handdrawn instead of the original CG-Clay look
  9. please dont forget an Altered Beast representative
  10. nice add, i remember there was an abandoned kage project wip somewhere in the interwebs sometime ago.
  11. thank you so much, very cool material
  12. robert garcia
  13. Tatsumaki, the original character is not a shoto, her name means hurricane, she is an wind powered fairy for anyone interested, even got an AI patch in the drive
  14. the new art loks fantastic, kudos on the improvement
  15. first character by him this year to my knowledge