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  1. [Preview] [youtube][youtube/] [Download] Megane: [Comment] Just a simple character I ported over from KFX to get back into the swing of coding now with me having some free time on my hand. Hope you folks you enjoy and the credits are in the read me.
  2. [Preview] [Download] [Comment] Just a character that took a bit too long to make but thanks to some friends its finally finished. It was a old wip that MelvanaInchains had originally planned to make but never got around to it so I decided to try and make him myself. Hes originally from KoF 98(I think that's what the engine was called? Not from the actual KoF 98 mind you) and i thought it'd be good to give him a kind of early fighting game vibe. Sort of like a title from the same time around SF2. Anyways, I hope you enjoy all the hard work me and my friends put into this!
  3. [Preview] [Download] ZD2Eve: [Comment] Just a little thing I wanted to try and attempt doing with my partner Ryoucchi to try and get back into making stages from PS1 games. Not everything in the stage is particularly accurate to the source but as accurate as it can be. Theres still a few things missing which will come in later updates such as: -Pillars on left and right side of the stage -Vertical lights in the sky like the source -Clouds from the source game
  4. My votes. JJBA Lilith by YamoriX - 3 Kamen Rider Duke by Miyaji - 2
  5. I know theres some programs that let you batch index sprites but i tend to forget its name but anyways to answer your question, yes you gotta index each and every sprite.
  6. Hey man, the link of Unber is broken, fix it please

    1. Ryoucchi


      Since i had access to his release folder, here it is

    2. Xx_MasterIlluminati_xX
  7. Previews of a little side project im doing while im thinking up ideas for my main one.
  8. Oh hey Tem(A) nice to see ya here. I had a feelin' you were gonna make somethin' like that since ya made that Lara awhile ago :V. Anyways welcome.
  9. It hits for multiple times it just the matter that the first hit mus connect in order for the other hits to connect. So, what exactly is your issue here?
  10. Did some important updates for Gardener. ---UPDATE LOG---- ---4/03/2016--- -Fixed CUCUMBER hyper spawning clones
  11. Some more fixes. ---KNOWN ISSUES---- -Team changes ever round(not sure whats causing it) -Team shrinking when they're anaimation changes(Probably a reuslt of angeldraw) ---UPDATE LOG---- --4/03/2016--- -Increased hittimes on all arial attacks -Fixed projectiles spawning clones of god-o-mite -Reduced size of COME FORTH MY STAND's projectile hitbox(hopefully fixes issues iwht opponets getting pulled in)
  12. Fixed up a couple of bugs i missed and that folks over at MFG told me. ---KNOWN ISSUES---- -Team changes ever round(not sure whats causing it) ---UPDATE LOG---- ---4/2/2016--- -Fixed round not ending properlly -Fixed p2 not facing foward correctly in "Big Boy Asswhoopin" & "IM NOT FUCKING AROUND ANYMORE"
  13. [Preview] [Download] God-O-Mite: [Comment] Because this was a completely necessary. Because the male version of K' hurt my feelings. Alright, April Fools day is over. So this little fellow was created as a result of a MKP fullgame that they tried to make online and had a empty slot and decide to toss in a random Brotherhood of Shadow member to fill it. Its rather dumb so it seemed fitting for a joke so here it ends with this little semi-serious character complete with team function. I Hope you folks enjoyed it.
  14. Thanks Gui. Also Updates! ---KNOWN ISSUES---- -Supers dont detect edges correctly and will make p2 phase though the wall(Still looking into this) ---UPDATE LOG---- ---3/26/2016--- -CUCUMBERS Hyper no longer produces a clone upon contact -CUCUMBERS Hyper no longer gives back power
  15. Check it again i reuploaded it.